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Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire

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    Classic Solitaire 2.7.1 LATEST

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    Jack Taylor

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    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Alexey Garbuzenko / External Link

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    Classic Solitaire (Free) Installer.exe

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Classic Solitaire is a free version of the popular tabletop card game that can now be enjoyed by all PC users running Windows 10 and Windows 11. Fully optimized for touch interactions on tablets and laptops that feature touchscreens, this can fully emulate this fun, challenging, and addictive game without the need to manually handle physical cards on your table.

Instead, users can simply leave the job of managing the card deck and neatly organizing of play area surface to this lightweight, fast and stable application that is always fully observing the ruleset of “Klondike Solitaire”, the basic and the most popular version of the Solitaire game in the world.

Since it is based on the most basic version of this card game, Classic Solitaire presents the players with the 28 cards randomly dealt into 7 columns, presenting a nice challenge of sorting all the cards on the 4 piles of cards separated by suits. Slowly by surely, users can eliminate cards one by one, re-organize stacks of cards to unveil hidden cards, and by the end eliminate the entire deck. This simple and easy-to-understand formula has made solitaire one of the most popular tabletop card games in the world for solo players who want to challenge themselves without the need for an opponent.

The user interface of Classic Solitaire is as simple as it gets. The playing field is presented as the green table surface on which cards are neatly organized, and all the players have to do is drag and drop cards into available positions. The only other tools that are available are the undo and restart buttons on the bottom left, and the simple move and time counter on the bottom right corners of the screen. There are no additional settings beyond the option to draw single or three cards from the main deck.

The installation procedure of this app on any Windows 11/Windows 10 desktop, laptop, or tablet PC is handled automatically by the Microsoft Store. Users simply have to go to the game’s official page and click on the “Get” button. The app is only 22 MB in size, it has built-in support for four international languages (English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian).

Classic Solitaire is 100% FREE and can be enjoyed on all Windows 10 or Windows 11 devices without limitations. The app features unobtrusive built-in ads that cannot be removed.

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