Mount cloud storage as local drive on Windows computers!


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Download CloudMounter 2.2.1824


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  • Latest Version:

    CloudMounter 2.2.1824 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Eltima Software / External Link

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CloudMounter for Windows is of great help to the owners of laptops with low-capacity SSDs. You can outsource your files and documents to the most popular cloud services and mount cloud drive accounts to your PC without having to save cloud files on your computer. At the same time with the help of CloudMounter, you can easily work with all online files the very same way you would work with local ones. Manage one of your Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive accounts for free!

Mount cloud drive with CloudMounter for PC right on your computer and work with it just the way you would with a local drive. Easily connect to Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive in Explorer. Reach for the clouds easily with the app! You can mount several Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive accounts at a time and one of each of them for free! There is no need to save any of the online files to your computer, while still working with them as if they were saved locally.

Features and Highlights

Dropbox client
Dropbox connects - mount cloud storage as a drive without having to install it on the computer and saving files locally. With the tool, you can upload files to Dropbox in the same way you usually move around local files in Explorer.

Mount Google Drive
The software is an excellent Google Drive client as it allows you to map cloud drive as a network drive so you can work with sheets and docs as if they were stored on your computer. You can mount as many Google Drive accounts as needed and work with them is if they were stored locally, only you don't have to save them on your computer.

Microsoft OneDrive
Connect to OneDrive and upload files to OneDrive as easily as you copy and move files around your hard drive. Mount this cloud storage as drive and work with it effortlessly and fast. No need to save online files to your computer in order to manage them.

Regular updates
The app team always works on new ideas and implements them in regular new versions. The tech team is always happy to answer your questions.

Integration with Explorer
The tool offers sleek integration with Explorer, which makes the app even easier to deploy and use.

Add more space to your Windows HDD
With Cloud Mounter you get instant access to the cloud files without the need to store them on the hard drive. By mounting Dropbox (2GB), Google Drive (15GB), and Microsoft OneDrive (30GB) you can save space on your HDD.

Note: 14 days trial version. Upon the expiry date, you will be able to use the first mounted accounts of Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive without any limitations.

Also Available: Download CloudMounter for Mac

  • CloudMounter 2.2.1824 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

CloudMounter 2.2.1824
- multipart upload support on S3 connections
- support for Dropbox Business
- support for Google Shared Drives (Team Drives)
- OpenSSH key format support for SFTP servers
- context menu items in File Explorer for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3

- Improved: error handling when connecting to Amazon S3
- Fixed: issues with editing and saving files on online drives
- Fixed: issues with connecting to some SFTP servers
- Many other fixes and improvements

CloudMounter 2.1.1783
- Added: support for FTP/FTPS/FTPES
- Added: support for SFTP
- Improved: bucket name input in Amazon S3 connection settings
- Fixed: errors when connecting to Amazon S3 connections
- Many other fixes and improvements

CloudMounter 2.0.1783
- Added: support for FTP/FTPS/FTPES
- Added: support for SFTP
- Improved: bucket name input in Amazon S3 connection settings
- Fixed: errors when connecting to Amazon S3 connections
- Many other fixes and improvements

CloudMounter 2.0.1704
- support for WebDAV
- the display of the file status and progress of ongoing uploads
- information about free and used space in OneDrive settings
- the ability to manually enter bucket name on Amazon S3 connections

- updated interface and connection icons
- installation without the need to reboot the computer
- work with OneDrive connections

- errors when mounting OneDrive connections
- an issue with displaying files in some buckets on Amazon S3 connections
- an issue with changing the case of the letters in the file name when copying to the Dropbox connections
- errors when copying large files from online connections to local disk
- errors when encrypting folders
- an issue with the file modification date displaying on OneDrive connections
- A lot of other minor fixes and improvements

CloudMounter 1.8.1621
- an issue with re-linking Dropbox connections
- errors when working with Dropbox connections

CloudMounter 1.7.1593
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

CloudMounter 1.6.1497
- Improved: file name encryption
- IMPORTANT: files encrypted with name encryption in version 1.6 can be accessed only with CloudMounter 3.9 and later, CloudMounnter for Windows 1.6 and later, Commander One 3.2 and later

CloudMounter 1.5.1494
- an issue with login to Dropbox accounts
- an issue with “Shared with me” directory disappearance on Google Drive
- an issue with files deleting from Amazon S3 accounts
- the icon in the systray shows the correct network activity

CloudMounter 1.5.1475
- open drive in Explorer by double-clicking on it in drives list

- show decrypted file name in progress dialog while decrypting
- correctly handle ‘Rate Limit Exceeded’ error on Dropbox
- issue with file name completion in Windows command line

- file cache cleanup
- unmounting speed
- handling of temporary files unsupported by Dropbox
- new Dokan library is being used

CloudMounter 1.5.1420
- mounting virtual drives in RDP session
- an issue when the app can’t be run in a full-featured mode under multiple user accounts
- the display of the app’s icon in Notification Area when some themes are applied
- an issue when context menu can’t be closed when clicking outside the menu
- an issue with “Library not registered” error

- the app checks the system for necessary components and installs them itself if needed

CloudMounter 1.5.1105
- cloud storage encryption
- support for Amazon S3
- support for Wasabi
- menu to manage debug logs

- speed of copying a large number of files from the mounted drive
- handling of Google Drive rate limit
- the process of authentication for OneDrive

- an issue with a free space calculation on G Suite accounts
- support for OneDrive for Business
- crash on update
- other minor bugs

CloudMounter 1.0.790
- new demo version limitation allowing full support to the first drive of each cloud type while the others are mounted in read only mode

- an issue with saving not-synced-yet files when users log out or reboot the PC
- the possible “Exception ...” error message when quitting the app
- crash when clicking ‘Show in Explorer’ for not mounted drive
- an issue with automatic updates
- an issue with uploading large files to OneDrive

CloudMounter 1.0.680
- Fixed an issue with MS Office files saving
- Fixed an issue with “empty file” when redirecting to file from command line / batch files
- Fixed an issue with “empty file” when renaming files on Google Drive
- Fixed an issue with possible data loss when quitting application before file is synced with cloud
- Fixed an issue with saving preferred (selected) drive letter for unmounted clouds

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