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What's new in this version:

- Change log not available for this version

- [Bug] Default settings forced at installation, and changes not stored
- [Feature Request] Visual Appearence: Update to Alphaskin 14
- [Bug] Remember the last opened folder doesn't work for "Burn an already converted project"

- Subtitles from BD source always appear in an opaque box

- [Bug] Produced video/audio has glitches, encoding stop before the end

- [Bug] Add missing DLLs for localisation tool
- [Feature Request] Add import option for menu templates
- [Bug] A period appears after the Title (wesson)
- [Bug] Exception when entring empty chain in menu editor
- [Bug] BD subtitles rendered empty

- [Bug] Subtitles missing from Blu-ray sources - resolved

- [Bug] naming of episodes not correct (felicia) - resolved
- [Bug] menu thumbnails are not always the same size (felicia) - resolved
- [Bug] conversion of dts mono channel to dts stereo - output plays without audio on some players (felicia) - resolved

- [Bug] Max simultaneous conversions not respected in some cases (felicia) - resolved
- [Bug] Text fit not applyed in title menu titleset titles in some legacy templates (felicia) - resolved

- [Feature Request] Add log in case of text fit fail (felicia) - resolved
- [Bug] selecting 'Do not prompt for updates' is ignored (wesson) - resolved

- [Bug] Improve interface theme color customization form
- [Bug] HTML display issue with some visual themes
- [Bug] project name/disk label in default settings is ignored
- [Bug] still cannot edit Project name

- [Bug] update menu text accordingly when audio output format is changed
- [Suggestion] template creator - when selecting button overlay with an image uncheck "use text as selector"
- [Information] improve speed of audio normalization
- [Bug] conversion fails with some audio streams with "convert dts to ac3" UN-checked
- [Feature Request] Open log form on launch if previously visible
- [Feature Request] Remember log form position & size
- [Feature Request] add quick link icon to display log

- [Bug] Can't write to ISO in working directory
- [Bug] with files merged and clicking on "edit menu" menu editor does not open
- [Bug] says "conversion failed" when canceling a conversion with audio normalization and cancel conversion during normalization
- [Bug] converting particular subtitle stream makes app crash
- [Bug] adjustment to subtitle positions cannot be change

- [Feature Request] Add setting to import file metadata
- [Bug] Source chapters always restored when loading project
- [Bug] Video stream discarded in favor of attached pict
- [Crash] Program freezes if minimized while burning ends
- [Suggestion] check writing rights when user selects output folder
- [Bug] Code page selector does not stay open
- [Bug] advanced subtitles window can open up in with odd display of settings stretched out
- [Bug] chapter names not saved in chapter list when saved
- [Bug] subtitles stay on screen until the next
- [Bug] Resolution dropdown cropped
- [Bug] Changes to video filters not visible if preview is on pause

- [Bug] Menu editor - some text customizations are not rememnbered
- [Feature Request] Menu editor: Add tip for resizing
- [Bug] Log window appears when closing template editor
- [Bug] Menu editor - Broken link between video and audio in movie & series templates
- [Bug] When closing app, cancelling project saving closes the program

- [Bug] Template Editor - Mask not autoloaded when loading frame
- [Bug] When both add chapters every X mins and use original chapter points are selected, both are added to video
- [Information] navigate using arrows in global settings does not update display in left panel
- [Bug] always get warning in log file "Encoding using a not Blu-ray/AVCHD compliant 23.98Fp ...." even if setting not checked

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