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Decentraland is an innovative virtual reality platform game that is powered by decentralized server technology, the ability to permanently own digital assets and virtual plots of land, enabling its users to engage with the VR community, create, experience, and monetize their content and applications.

Also, you can Download the Decentraland desktop app (BETA) today.

The digital ownership of these assets is managed by Ethereum blockchain technology, which is responsible for the management of non-fungible digital assets for individual items and MANA - Decentraland’s cryptocurrency token that is used for purchasing land inside the VR worlds.
  • Lose yourself in an amazing, evolving world
  • Test the limits of your imagination
  • The virtual destination for digital assets
  • Determine the future of the virtual world
Users of Decentraland for Windows PC can step into the VR world and purchase parcels where they can fully control their environments and applications, build them from scratch, and offer unique experiences to anyone who is visiting. The parcels are grouped in themed communities called Districts, enabling users to create vibrant and active communities that share common interests and users. All the content and is hosted by the Decentraland metaverse game is hosted and distributed via the secure decentralized network, while the digital ownership management is built on top of Ethereum blockchain verification technology.

Decentralad is fully powered by cloud technology and is accessible only from inside the web browser (it is therefore especially important to make sure hardware acceleration is activated in both browser and Windows OS settings).

This means that not only the users can experience innovative VR worlds, apps, and services from inside the browser, but also the developers and designers of those worlds do not need any additional standalone desktop apps. The development of new VR worlds can be done in two ways – via the simple drag and drop editor “Builder” that does not require users to know how to code, and Decentraland SDK that unleashes the full power of creativity and freedom. The platform offers a wide array of tutorials, sample scenes, in-depth documentation, and access to community services.

The final area of Decentraland metaverse that every user eventually visits is its thriving Marketplace module that allows all of its users to buy, sell and transfer items, digital wearables, unique names, estates, and parcels that are all marked as unique with the help of MANA tokens. The marketplace also has built-in tools for exploring the map of Decentraland to see what items and creations are present in the VR world, manage your estate and items, grant permissions for sharing, and much more.

The game is a cloud and chain-powered VR destination where innovation strives to empower creators from all around the world. Decentraland can run flawlessly on any modern Windows 11 or Windows 10 with the help of Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers.

Also Available: Download Decentraland for Mac

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