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DeepBrain AI is a cutting-edge web service that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide users with a streamlined way to generate unique presentation videos with nothing more than text input and a desired AI avatar.

In just 5 minutes, businesses can create an eye-catching and informative video for marketing, onboarding, training, and many other use cases without the need for physical filming of actors on set.

With a large library of over 100 fully licensed AI avatars ready to present in over 55 international languages, this service can reduce production times and costs by up to 80%, enabling businesses to reach customers, train employees, and promote their products and services much more easily.

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As an added bonus, large businesses that pick the most expensive subscription tier can also invest in the streamlined creation of their own custom AI avatar that best fits their brand and marketing style.

Key Features
  • Natural Language Processing – Provided text is automatically transformed into realistic on-screen presenter performance.
  • Built-in Translation Service – Produce multiple language versions of every presentation project.
  • Large offering of AI avatars – Pick any of the offered fully licensed presenters.
  • Create a custom AI avatar – Make presentations unique with a presenter that perfectly fits the company’s brand or message.
  • Professional templates – Accelerate video production with a large offering of premade templates for training, marketing, explainer, news, and other types of videos.
  • Streamlined video editor – Take full control over the final project with built-in video editing tools.
How to Use

This cloud-powered video production app allows companies and teams to create brand new video presentation videos with realistic AI presenters and voiceovers without the need to hire actors, manage filming space, waste resources and time on expensive real-world reshoots, or even have extensive video editing knowledge.

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Users are simply required to input a desired text, pick an avatar, provide background media if they have one, and a basic template for video production. In just 5 minutes of processing time, users will receive a finished video with an attractive presenter reading the desired text.

From this point, videos can immediately be shared online or used in projects of all sizes, or they can be quickly tweaked with the built-in editing tools. All in all, this streamlined process dramatically accelerated daily video making workflow, enabling businesses of all sizes to quickly deploy a large number of videos for their employees, customers, and general online audience.

User Interface

DeepBrain AI for PC boasts a user-friendly interface that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.  Users can quickly learn to navigate its main dashboard where they can control all aspects of video production.

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However, with this app, they won’t need to film presenters on real-world sets. The app generates that part of the production automatically, leaving users to think about smaller details such as the position of the presenter on-screen, background image elements, text overlays, and similar effects.

Video production can be easily accelerated with the loading of professionally made presets, and users are also empowered to save their own presets to quickly create other videos in their preferred style and with built-in company branding.


What is DeepBrain AI?
It is a powerful web video creation service that leverages artificial intelligence to provide users with a way to automatically generate eye-catching and appealing video presentations with AI actors using nothing more than text inputs.

Is it safe?
Yes, since this app is fully hosted in the cloud it enables all its users to take full advantage of advanced data security and robust measures for the protection of user information.

What types of AI Avatars does this video generation service use?
The service hosts over 100 fully licensed AI avatars of all genres and adult age groups, separated into 6 main categories – Global, South Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Virtual, and 3D Characters.

Does DeepBrain AI offer a free demo plan or a free trial version?
It does not offer a free demo/trial plan, for now.

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This is a premium online service that offers users access to three distinct monthly subscription tiers – “starter” for 10 minutes of generated videos per month, “Pro” for 90 minutes of generated videos per month, and “Enterprise” which removes all restrictions and allows the creation of custom AI Avatars.

System Requirements

This is a web-based service that eliminates the need for specific system requirements. Users can access the web app from any internet-connected device and a modern web browser.

  • Powerful AI capabilities for video generation.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Quick and accurate results.
  • Flexible pricing plans.
  • Large offering of fully licensed AI avatars.
  • Ability to create custom AI avatars.
  • Strong time restrictions in the entry subscription plan.
  • The custom Avatar feature is offered only in the most expensive plan.
  • No free plan.

DeepBrain AI is a remarkable video generation web service that empowers users with the capabilities of artificial intelligence and helps them to dramatically accelerate video production. In just 5 minutes, anyone can create an appealing and informative video presentation with an AI actor that will convey their message to the employees, clients, and worldwide audience.

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