Descenders is extreme downhill mountain biking for the modern era!



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Descenders is a unique simulation that covers the extreme sport of bicycle downhill freeriding. Built from the ground up RageSquid and published on the PC platform by No More Robots, this unique simulation game that takes full advantage of modern procedural map generation algorithms enables players to immerse themselves into a fast-paced racing game that is easy to pick up but difficult to master.

Descenders are focused on single-player bike riding in stunning environments, but it also features an online PvP mode against worldwide competition or online friends.

The extreme sport of Downhill mountain biking surfaced in the late 1970s and has since grown into an international pastime for an incredible number of drivers all around the world. Utilizing heavier mountain bikes than those for casual city driving, this sport has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon with races, official leagues, and global competitions where sportsmen compete for the title of fastest or more daring rider. In the digital world, Descenders manages to recreate this sport by offering players the ability to drive a wide variety of bikes across mountainous terrain filled with dangerous sections such as jumps, hard curves, unpredictable elevation, environments filled with rocks and trees, and much more.

Players are encouraged to get accustomed to freestyle bike controls quickly by mastering every subtle movement of their bike and learning how to take advantage of the advanced physics system that the game features. The tracks are set in a stunning environment where the game can generate completely random tracks that fit the currently selected difficulty scale or active “mutator” effects that can be earned or cleared during gameplay itself. Tricks are a core part of Descenders' gameplay, providing fans of popular skating games with an alternative sport where they can perform wild jumps and tricks at every part of the track.

In addition to the solo campaign and wide array of challenges (with an option to join one of the three in-game teams Enemy, Arboreal, and Kinetic), Descenders also features a fully featured online reputation system that can showcase to the entire world the talent of each player, his successes and accolades. The game promotes fast action and a fun feel with the presence of the officially licensed soundtrack that is filled with many famous songs that perfectly accompany downhill races in stunning mountainous environments.

System Requirements

Descenders is a premium title that requires modest PC gaming hardware – a quadcore i5 CPU, at least 4GB of RAM, and an entry-level dedicated GPU card. The game is also fully optimized for Steam Deck handheld PC devices.

  • Freestyle bike controls
  • Rogue-Bike mutators
  • Online reputation system
  • Fully licensed soundtrack
  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited solo campaign depth
  • Requires moderate PC specs