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Dream11 is a popular fantasy sports app that allows Windows PC users of all ages to create their own virtual teams and compete against each other in various sports like cricket, soccer, American football, basketball, hockey, handball, volleyball, rugby, and others.

Originally released to the Indian public in 2008, Dream11 for PC quickly become one of the largest fantasy sports platforms in the world, attracting over 160 million users in India alone. Today, with its reach covering all four corners of the world, Dream11 is regarded as one of the most valuable Indian online companies of all time.

Select A Match
Choose an upcoming match that you want to play.

Create Team
Use your skills to pick the right players.

Join Contests
Choose between different contests and compete.

Main Features

Dream11 allows sports fans to manage teams and chose a wide variety of player options, which allows them to create unique and diverse teams that reflect their own preferences and strategies. Users are empowered to take participation in many official competitions and leagues and monitor the success rate of their teams and players using an incredible variety of statistics and results. Dream11 platform also organizes its own competitions and leagues with varying levels of fees and prize pools, enabling its large community of players to become even more invested in their fantasy sports management skills.

The user interface of Dream11 is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate, with all the important information and features easily accessible from the home screen. The app also offers a range of helpful features, such as player stats, live scores, and news updates, which can help users make informed decisions when selecting their teams and strategies.

The amount of sporting and historical information available inside the app is especially useful for knowledgeable sports fans who can use this wealth of information to make highly effective decisions and dominate the sports leagues they enter. This may make Dream11 a little difficult for new players, who will have to directly compete against seasoned users who have learned every historical fact about their favorite teams and sports players.

While this app has received some critics for its gambling-like approach to earning money, the developers of Dream11 strive to make this platform easily accessible and fair.


In addition to a web app that is accessible from any modern browser, Dream11 can also be used on modern iOS and Android devices. While the iOS app can be downloaded directly from App Store, the Android app installation package must be downloaded from the official Dream 11 and installed via sideload procedure.

  • User-Friendly Desktop App Interface
  • Free Practice Contests
  • Real Money Winnings
  • Wide Range of Global and Indian Sports Featured
  • Lack of Play-by-Play Animation or Match Highlights
  • Steep Learning Curve

Dream11 is a great game app for sports fans who want to engage with their favorite sports in a more interactive and immersive way. With its wide variety of customization options, contests, and helpful features, the app offers a compelling and exciting experience that is sure to keep users coming back for more.