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    Juan Garcia

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    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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Element (formerly Riot) allows teams to communicate across a wide range of collaboration apps. If some team members use the software while others use IRC, Slack, or Gitter, the app will allow these team members to seamlessly work together. The tool offers the richest network of communication bridges. No one should control your communication and data but you. The program lets you run your own server and provides users and teams with the most advanced crypto ratchet technology available today for a decentralized secure Internet.
  • Own and control your data
  • Decentralised end-to-end encryption
  • Cross-signed verification
  • Open network
  • Messaging, voice and video
Element for PC is an entirely open source: all the code is published on GitHub (Apache License) for anyone to see and extend. This means teams can customize or contribute to the code and everyone can benefit from the speed of community innovation. Riot is built on top of the Matrix. Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication delivering a community of users, bridged networks, integrated bots, and applications plus full end-to-end encryption. No limits on features, group size, or usage for public rooms!

Features and Highlights

Born from IRC; built by developers for developers. Enjoy the integrations (Jira, Github), benefit from new ones from the Matrix community, or add your own!

Creative Agencies
Efficient. Clutter-free. The software knows how to go unnoticed. Free your mind, relax and let your creativity express itself. Integrations (coming soon) for Basecamp, Invision, Zeplin, and more bring updates right into your team room for easy tracking. Guest access, interoperability with Slack, and other networks let you easily reach your customers through one simple, elegant interface.

Small/Medium Businesses
We all know the communication problems you can find in even the smallest businesses. With the app, get everyone painlessly on the same page - without them having to give up their existing tools!

Adhoc Teams
Need to get a bunch of different people quickly on the same page? It might be a collaboration between teams, companies, families, clubs... The app's guest access and interoperability let them plug into their preferred tools and get up and running rapidly.

Note: Additional features available in the paid editions. For a fully managed service and the fastest messaging performance choose Element Matrix Services (EMS).

Also Available: Download Element for Mac

What's new in this version:

Element 1.11.71 (64-bit)
- Add Modernizr rule for Intl.Segmenter
- Add tabs to the right panel
- Promote new room header from labs to Beta
- Redesign room search interface
- Move language settings to 'preferences'
- New layout selector ui in user settings
- Prevent Element appearing in system media controls
- Move the account management button
- Disable profile controls if the HS doesn't allow them to be set
- New theme ui in user settings
- Adjust room header hover transition from 300ms to 200ms
- Split out email & phone number settings to separate components & move discovery to privacy tab

- Ensure we do not load matrix-react-sdk is a manner which can white-screen
- Fix incoming call toast crash due to audio refactor
- Improve new room header accessibility
- Fix closing all modals
- Fix close button on forgot password flow
- Don't consider textual characters to be emoji
- Clear autocomplete input on selection accept
- Fix Match system theme toggle

Element 1.11.70 (64-bit)
- Add SSO redirect option for login page
- Use stable endpoints for MSC3916
- Switch to Rust crypto stack for all logins
- Hide voip buttons in group rooms in environments with widgets disabled
- Minor tweaks to UserSettings dialog
- Hide voice call button when redundant
- Improve accessibility of the room summary card
- Show tooltips on narrow tabbed views
- Update gfm.css to github-markdown-css
- Cache e2eStatus to avoid concerning unencrypted flicker when changing rooms
- Tweak copy for user verification toast
- Support s tags for strikethrough for Matrix v1.10

- Fix "Unable to restore session" error
- Fix error when sending encrypted messages in large rooms
- Remove redundant copy in deactive uia modal
- Fix high contrast theme in settings
- Fix background on live location sharing footer
- Remove outdated iframe sandbox attribute
- Remove stray setState which caused encryption state shields to flicker
- Fix stray background colour on markdown body
- Fix widgets not being cleaned up correctly.
- Add in-progress view to display name EditInPlace
- Fix config override of other settings levels
- Don't show 'saved' on display name save error

Element 1.11.69 (64-bit)
- Change avatar setting component to use a menu
- New user profile UI in User Settings
- MSC4108 support OIDC QR code login

- Fix image upload preview size
- Fix screen sharing in recent Chrome
- Fix roving tab index crash compareDocumentPosition
- Keep dialog glass border on narrow screens
- Add missing a11y label to dismiss onboarding button in room list
- Add hover / active state on avatar setting upload button
- Fix EditInPlace button styles
- Fix incorrect assumptions about required fields in /search response
- Fix display of no avatar in avatar setting controls
- Element-R: pass pickleKey in as raw key for indexeddb encryption

Element 1.11.68 (64-bit)
- Tooltip: Improve accessibility for context menus
- Tooltip: Improve accessibility of space panel

- Close the release announcement when a dialog is opened
- Tooltip: close field tooltip when ESC is pressed
- Fix tabbedview breakpoint width
- Fix E2E icon display in room header
- Tooltip: Improve placement for space settings
- Fix deformed avatar in a call in a narrow timeline
- Shown own sent state indicator even when showReadReceipts is disabled
- Ensure we do not fire the verification mismatch modal multiple times
- Fix avatar in chat export
- Use * for italics as it doesn't break when used mid-word

Element 1.11.67 (64-bit)
- Tooltip: Improve the accessibility of the composer and the rich text editor
- Allow explicit configuration of OIDC dynamic registration metadata
- Tooltip: improve accessibility for messages
- Collapse UserSettings tabs to just icons on narrow screens
- Add room topic to right panel room info
- OIDC: pass id_token via id_token_hint on Manage Account interaction
- Tooltip: improve accessibility in room
- Tooltip: improve accessibility for call and voice messages
- Move the active tab in user settings to the dialog title
- Tooltip: improve accessibility of spaces
- Tooltip: improve accessibility of the right panel
- MSC3575 (Sliding Sync) add well-known proxy support

- Reuse single PlaybackWorker between Playback instances
- Fix well-known lookup for sliding sync labs check
- Fix element-desktop-ssoid being included in OIDC Authorization call
- Fix beta notifications reconciliation for intentional mentions push rules
- fix avatar stretched on 1:1 call
- Check native sliding sync support against an unstable feature flag
- Use OPTIONS for sliding sync detection poke
- TAC: hide tooltip when the release announcement is displayed

Element 1.11.66 (64-bit)
- Use a different error message for UTDs when you weren't in the room
- Take the Threads Activity Centre out of labs
- Expected UTDs: use a different message for UTDs sent before login
- Add Tooltip to AccessibleButton
- Add analytics to activity toggles
- Decrypt events in reverse order without copying the array
- Use new compound tooltip
- Expected UTDs: report a different Posthog code

- TAC: Fix accessibility issue when the Release announcement is displayed
- TAC: Close Release Announcement when TAC button is clicked
- MenuItem: fix caption usage
- Show the local echo in previews
- Fixed the drag and drop of X #27186
- Move the TAC to above the button
- Use the same logic in previews as the timeline to hide events that should be hidden
- Fix selector so maths support doesn't mangle divs

Element 1.11.65 (64-bit)
- Make empty state copy for TAC depend on the value of the setting
- Linkify User Interactive Authentication errors
- Add support for device dehydration v2
- Replace SecurityCustomisations with CryptoSetupExtension
- Add activity toggle for TAC
- Humanize spell check language labels
- Call Guest Access, give user the option to change the acces level so they can generate a call link.
- TAC: Release Announcement
- Show the call and share button if the user can create a guest link.
- Add analytics for mark all threads unread
- Add EventType.RoomEncryption to the auto approve capabilities of Element Call widgets

- Fix link modal not shown after access upgrade
- Fix thread navigation in timeline
- Fix inability to join a knock room via space hierarchy view
- Focus the thread panel when clicking on an item in the TAC
- Fix space hierarchy tile busy state being stuck after join error
- Fix room topic in-app links not being handled correctly on topic dialog

Element 1.11.64 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Element 1.11.63 (64-bit)
- Revert "Make EC widget theme reactive - Update widget url when the theme changes" (#12383) in order to fix widgets that require authentication.
- Update to hotfixed js-sdk to fix an issue where Element could try to set a push rule in a loop

Element 1.11.60 (64-bit)
- Refine styles of controls to match Compound
- Hide the archived section
- Add theme data to EC widget Url
- Update MSC2965 OIDC Discovery implementation
- Use green dot for activity notification in LegacyRoomHeader

- Fix requests for senders to submit auto-rageshakes
- fix automatic DM avatar with functional members
- Feeds event with relation to unknown to the widget
- Fix TAC opening with keyboard
- Allow screenshot update docker to run multiple test files
- Fix alignment of user menu avatar
- Fix buttons of widget in a room
- ModuleAPI: overwrite_login action was not stopping the existing client resulting in the action failing with rust-sdk

Element 1.11.59 (64-bit)
- Remove welcome bot welcome_user_id support

- Ignore activity in TAC
- Use browser's font size instead of hardcoded 16px as root font size
- Revert "Use Compound primary colors for most actions"
- Revert "Refine menu, toast, and popover colors"
- Fix Native OIDC for Element Desktop
- Improve client metadata used for OIDC dynamic registration
- Refine menu, toast, and popover colors
- Call the AsJson forms of import and exportRoomKeys
- Use Compound primary colors for most actions
- Enable redirected media by default
- Reduce TAC width by 16px
- Pop out of Threads Activity Centre
- Use new semantic tokens for username colors

- Fix the space panel getting bigger when gaining a scroll bar
- Fix gradients spacings on the space panel
- Remove hardcoded Element in tac labs description
- Fix branding in "migrating crypto" message
- Use h1 as first heading in dialogs
- Fix forced lowercase username in login/registration flows
- Update the TAC indicator on event decryption
- Fix OIDC delegated auth account url check
- New Header edgecase fixes: Close lobby button not shown, disable join button in various places, more...
- Fix TAC button alignment when expanded
- Fix tooltip behaviour in TAC

Element 1.11.58 (64-bit)
- The flag to enable the Rust crypto implementation is now set to true by default. This means that without any additional configuration every new login will use the new cryptography implementation.
- Add Element call related functionality to new room header
- Add labs flag for Threads Activity Centre
- Refactor element call lobby + skip lobby
- Hide the "Message" button in the sidebar if the CreateRooms components should not be shown
- Add notification dots to thread summary icons

- [Backport staging] Fix the StorageManger detecting a false positive consistency check when manually migrating to rust from labs
- Fix logout can take ages
- Fix Mark all as read in settings
- Fix default thread notification of the new RoomHeader
- Fix display of room notification debug info

Element 1.11.57 (64-bit)
- Deprecate welcome bot welcome_user_id support

- Expose apps/widgets
- Enable the rust-crypto labs button
- Show a progress bar while migrating from legacy crypto
- Update Twemoji to Jdecked v15.0.3
- Change Quick Settings icon
- Use Compound tooltips more widely

- Fix OIDC bugs due to amnesiac stores forgetting OIDC issuer & other data
- Fix account management link for delegated auth OIDC setups
- Fix Safari IME support
- Fix Stickerpicker layout crossing multiple CSS stacking contexts
- Fix Stickerpicker layout crossing multiple CSS stacking contexts
- Fix 1F97A and 1F979 in Twemoji COLR font

- Use jitsi-lobby in video channel (video rooms)

Element 1.11.55 (64-bit)
- Broaden support for matrix spec versions

- Fixed shield alignment on message Input

Element 1.11.54 (64-bit)
- Accessibility improvements around aria-labels and tooltips
- Add RoomKnocksBar to RoomHeader
- Adjust tooltip side for DecoratedRoomAvatar to not obscure room name
- Iterate landmarks around the app in order to improve a11y
- Update element call embedding UI
- Use Compound tooltips instead of homegrown in TextWithTooltip & InfoTooltip

- Fix CSS stacking context order determinism
- Fix regression around CSS stacking contexts and PIP widgets
- Fix Identity Server terms accepting not working as expected
- fix: microphone and camera dropdown doesn't work In legacy call
- Revert "Set up key backup using non-deprecated APIs
- Fix regression around read receipt animation from refs changes
- Added meaning full error message based on platform
- Fix editing event from search room view
- Fix timeline position when moving to a room and coming back
- Fix threaded reply playwright tests
- Element-R: fix repeated requests to enter 4S key during cross-signing reset
- Fix position of thumbnail in room timeline

Element 1.11.53 (64-bit)
- Fix a fresh login creating a new key backup

Element 1.11.52 (64-bit)
- Keep more recent rageshake logs

- Fix bug which prevented correct clean up of rageshake store
- Set up key backup using non-deprecated APIs
- Fix notifications appearing for old events
- Prevent phantom notifications from events not in a room's timeline

Element 1.11.51 (64-bit)
- Improve debian package and docs

- Remove Quote from MessageContextMenu as it is unsupported by WYSIWYG

- Always allow call.member events on new rooms
- Right panel: view third party invite info without clearing history
- Allow switching to system emoji font
- Update open in other tab message
- Add menu for legacy and element call in 1:1 rooms
- Add ringing for matrixRTC

- Keep device language when it has been previosuly set, after a successful delegated authentication flow that clears localStorage
- Fix misunderstanding of functional members
- Fix: Video Room Chat Header Button Removed
- Fix "not attempting encryption" warning

Element 1.11.50 (64-bit)
- Ship element-web as a debian package
- Update room summary card header
- Add feature flag for disabling encryption in Element Call
- Adapt the rendering of extra icons in the room header
- Implement new unreachable state and fix broken string ref
- Allow adding extra icons to the room header

- Room header: do not collapse avatar or facepile
- New right panel: fix button alignment in memberlist
- Use the correct video call icon variant
- fix broken warning icon
- Fix rightpanel hiding scrollbar
- Switch to updating presence via /sync calls instead of PUT /presence

Element 1.11.49 (64-bit)
- Ensure setUserCreator is called when a store is assigned

Element 1.11.48 (64-bit)
- Correctly fill window.matrixChat even when a Wrapper module is active
- Knock on a ask-to-join room if a module wants to join the room when navigating to a room
- Element-R: Include crypto info in sentry
- Element-R: Include crypto info in rageshake
- Element-R: Add current version of the rust-sdk and vodozemac
- Fix unfederated invite dialog
- New right panel visual language
- OIDC: add friendly errors

- Fix rightpanel hiding scrollbar
- Fix multi-tab session lock on Firefox not being cleared
- Deserialise spoilers back into slash command form
- Fix Incorrect message scaling for verification request
- Fix: Unable to restore a soft-logged-out session established via SSO
- Use configurable github issue links more consistently
- Fix io.element.late_event received_ts vs received_at
- Make invitation dialog scrollable when infos are too long
- Fix spoiler text-align
- Fix: Right panel keeps showing chat when unmaximizing widget
- Fix margin of invite to room button
- Update base64 import
- Set max size for Element logo in search warning
- Fix: emoji size in room header topic, remove obsolete emoji style
- Fix: Bubble layout design is broken

Element 1.11.47 (64-bit)
- Deprecate customisations in favour of Module API

- vector-im/element-x-ios/issues/1824 - Convert the apple-app-site-association file to a newer format…
- Iterate io.element.late_event decoration
- Render timeline separator for late event groups
- OIDC: revoke tokens on logout
- Show io.element.late_event in MessageTimestamp when known
- Show all labs flags if developerMode enabled
- Use Compound tooltips on MessageTimestamp to improve UX of date time discovery
- Consolidate 4s passphrase input fields and use stable IDs
- Disable upgraderoom command without developer mode enabled
- Avoid rendering app download buttons if disabled in config
- OIDC: refresh tokens
- OIDC: register
- Use stable get_login_token and remove unstable MSC3882 support

- Set max size for Element logo in search warning
- Avoid error when DMing oneself
- Fix: Message shield alignment is not right
- fix logging full event
- OIDC: use delegated auth account URL from OidcClientStore
- Fix: Members list shield alignment is not right
- Fix: HTML elements clickable area too wide
- Fix untranslated headings in the devtools dialog
- Fixes invite dialog alignment and pill color contrast
- Prevent select element in General settings overflowing in a room with very long room-id
- Fix: Clicking on members pile does nothing
- Fix: Wierd shadow below room avatar in dark mode
- Fix start_sso / start_cas URLs failing to redirect to a authentication prompt

Element 1.11.46 (64-bit)
- Use .well-known to discover a default rendezvous server for use with Sign in with QR
- Message layout will update according to the selected style
- Implement MSC4039: Add an MSC for a new Widget API action to upload files into the media repository
- Render space pills with square corners to match new avatar
- Linkify room topic
- Show knock rooms in the list

- Bump matrix-web-i18n dependency to 3.1.3
- Fix: Avatar shrinks with long names
- Update custom translations to support nested fields in structured JSON
- Fix: Edited message remove button is hard to reach
- Fix: Theme selector radio button not aligned in center with the text
- Fix: Unread notification dot aligned
- Fix: sync intentional mentions push rules with legacy rules
- Revert "Fix regression around FacePile with overflow
- Fix: Alignment Fixed
- Fix: onFinished added which closes the menu
- Don't start key backups when opening settings
- Fix add to space avatar text centering
- fix avatar styling in lightbox

Element 1.11.45 (64-bit)
- Fixed Emoji font on Safari 17

Element 1.11.44 (64-bit)
- Make video & voice call buttons pin conference widget if unpinned
- OIDC: persist refresh token
- ElementR: Cross user verification
- Default intentional mentions
- Notify users about denied access on ask-to-join rooms
- Allow setting knock room directory visibility

- Revert "Fix regression around FacePile with overflow
- Escape placeholder before injecting it into the style
- Move ViewUser action callback to RoomView
- Fix room timeline search toggling behaviour edge case
- Avoid rendering view-message link in RoomKnocksBar unnecessarily
- Use knock rooms sync to reflect the knock state
- Fix avatar in right panel not using the correct font
- Add waits in Spotlight Cypress tests, hoping this unflakes them
- Fix vertical alignment of default avatar font
- Fix avatars in public room & space search being flex shrunk
- Fix EventTile avatars being rendered with a size of 0 instead of hidden

Element 1.11.43 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Element 1.11.42 (64-bit)
- Update Compound to fix Firefox-specific avatar regression

Element 1.11.40 (64-bit)
- Hide account deactivation for externally managed accounts
- OIDC: Redirect to delegated auth provider when signing out
- Disable 3pid fields in settings when m.3pid_changes capability is disabled
- OIDC: disable multi session signout for OIDC-aware servers in session manager
- Implement updated open dialog method of the Module API
- Polish & delabs Exploring public spaces feature
- Treat lists with a single empty item as plain text, not Markdown.
- Allow managing room knocks
- Pin the action buttons to the bottom of the scrollable dialogs
- Support Matrix 1.1 (drop legacy r0 versions)

- Fix path separator for Windows based systems
- Fix instances of double translation and guard translation calls using typescript
- Fix export type "Current timeline" to match its behaviour to its name
- Fix Room Settings > Notifications file upload input being shown superfluously
- Simplify registration with email validation
- correct home server URL
- Include non-matching DMs in Spotlight recent conversations when the DM's userId is part of the search API results
- Fix useRoomMembers missing updates causing incorrect membership counts
- Show error when searching public rooms fails

Element 1.11.39 (64-bit)
- Deprecate camelCase config options
- Deprecate customisations in favour of Module API

- Update for knock rooms
- Package release builds of element-web in debs
- Allow knocking rooms
- Support adding space-restricted joins on rooms not members of those spaces
- Clear requiresClient and show pop-out if widget-api fails to ready
- Bump pagination sizes due to hidden events
- Remove display of key backup signatures from backup settings
- Use PassphraseFields in ExportE2eKeysDialog to enforce minimum passphrase complexity

- Fix "Export chat" not respecting configured time format in plain text mode
- Fix some missing 1-count pluralisations around event list summaries
- Fix create subspace dialog not working for public space creation
- Search for users on paste
- Fix AppTile context menu not always showing up when it has options
- Fix clicking on home all rooms space notification not working
- Fix joining a suggested room switching space away
- Fix home/all rooms context menu in space panel
- Make keyboard handling in and out of autocomplete completions consistent
- De-duplicate reactions by sender to account for faulty/malicious servers
- Fix disable_3pid_login being ignored for the email field
- Upgrade wysiwyg editor for ctrl+backspace windows fix
- Unhide the view source event toggle - it works well enough

Element 1.11.38 (64-bit)
- Package release builds of element-web in debs

- Revert to using the /presence API for presence

Element 1.11.37 (64-bit)
- Deprecate camelCase config options
- Deprecate customisations in favour of Module API

- Do not show "Forget room" button in Room View header for guest users
- Switch to updating presence via /sync calls instead of PUT /presence
- Fix blockquote colour contrast
- Don't hide room header buttons in video rooms and rooms with a call
- OIDC: Persist details in session storage, create store
- Allow setting room join rule to knock
- Retry joins on 524 (Cloudflare timeout) also
- Make sure users returned by the homeserver search API are displayed. Don't silently drop any.
- Offer to unban user during invite if inviter has sufficient permissions
- Split join and goto slash commands, the latter shouldn't auto_join
- Integration work for rich text editor 2.3.1
- Compound color pass
- Warn when demoting self via /op and /deop slash commands

- Correct Jitsi preferred_domain property
- Fix edge case with sent indicator being drawn when it shouldn't be
- Use correct translation function for WYSIWYG buttons
- Handle empty own profile
- Fix peeked rooms showing up in historical
- Ensure consistency when rendering the sent event indicator
- Prevent re-filtering user directory results in spotlight
- Fix GIF label on dark theme
- Fix issues around room notification settings flaking out
- Fix invite dialog showing the same user multiple times
- Don't show composer send button if user cannot send
- Restore color for sender in imageview
- Fix changelog dialog heading size
- Restore offline presence badge color
- Fix bubble message layout avatar overlap
- Fix voice call tile size
- Fix layout of sessions tab buttons
- Don't bother showing redundant tooltip on space menu
- Remove reply fallback from notifications
- Populate info.duration for audio & video file uploads
- Hide widget menu button if it there are no options available
- Fix colour regressions
- Fix room view not properly maintaining scroll position
- Prevent user from accidentally double clicking user info admin actions
- Fix missing metaspace notification badges
- Fix clicking MXID in timeline going to
- Restoring optional ligatures by resetting letter-spacing
- Allow emoji presentation selector to not break BigEmoji styling
- Make event highliht use primary content token
- Fix event info events size and color
- Fix color mapping for blockquote border
- Strip emoji variation when searching emoji by emoji

Element 1.11.36 (64-bit)
- Fixes for CVE-2023-37259

- Deprecate customisations in favour of Module API

- OIDC: store initial screen in session storage
- Allow default_server_config as a fallback config
- OIDC: remove auth params from url after login attempt
- feat(faq): remove keyboard shortcuts button
- GYU: Update banner
- Linkify mxc:// URLs as links to your media repo
- OIDC: Log in
- Handle all permitted url schemes in linkify
- Autoapprove Element Call oidc requests
- Allow creating knock rooms
- Expose and pre-populate thread ID in devtools dialog
- Hide URL preview if it will be empty
- Change wording from avatar to profile picture
- Quick and dirty devtool to explore state history
- Consider more user inputs when calculating zxcvbn score
- GYU: Account Notification Settings
- Compound Typography pass
- OIDC: navigate to authorization endpoint

- Fix read receipt sending behaviour around thread roots
- Fix missing metaspace notification badges
- Make checkboxes less rounded
- GYU: Fix issues with audible keywords without activated mentions
- PosthogAnalytics unwatch settings on logout
- Avoid trying to set room account data for pinned events as guest
- GYU: Disable sound for DMs checkbox when DM notifications are disabled
- force to allow calls without video and audio in embedded mode
- Fix room tile text clipping
- Handle newlines in user pills
- Limit width of user menu in space panel
- Add isLocation to ComposerEvent analytics events
- Fix: hide unsupported login elements
- Scope smaller font size to user info panel
- Apply i18n to strings in the html export
- Inhibit url previews on MXIDs containing slashes same as those without
- Make event info size consistent with state events
- Fix markdown content spacing
- Fix font-family definition for emojis
- Fix spurious error sending receipt in thread errors
- Consider the empty push rule actions array equiv to deprecated dont_notify
- Only trap escape key for cancel reply if there is a reply
- Update linkify to 4.1.1

Element 1.11.35 (64-bit)
- Remove feature_favourite_messages as it is has been abandoned for now

- Don't setup keys on login when encryption is force disabled
- OIDC: attempt dynamic client registration
- OIDC: Check static client registration and add login flow
- Improve message body output from plain text editor
- Disable encryption toggle in room settings when force disabled
- Add .well-known config option to force disable encryption on room creation
- Handle permalinks in room topic
- Add at room avatar for RTE
- Remove new room breadcrumbs
- Update rich text editor dependency and associated changes
- Implement new model, hooks and reconcilation code for new GYU notification settings
- Allow maintaining a different right panel width for thread panels
- Make AppPermission pane scrollable
- Integrate compound design tokens
- Don't warn about the effects of redacting state events when redacting non-state-events
- Allow specifying help URLs in config.json

- Fix error when generating error for polling for updates
- Fix spurious notifications on non-live events
- Prevent auto-translation within composer
- Fix caret jump when backspacing into empty line at beginning of editor
- Fix server picker not allowing you to switch from custom to default
- Consider the unthreaded read receipt for Unread dot state
- Increase RTE resilience
- Fix RoomView ignoring alias lookup errors due to them not knowing the roomId
- Fix style inconsistencies on SecureBackupPanel
- Remove unknown MXIDs from invite suggestions
- Reduce volume of ring sounds to normalised levels
- Fix slash commands not being enabled in certain cases
- Prevent escape in threads from sending focus to main timeline composer

Element 1.11.34 (64-bit)
- OIDC: add delegatedauthentication to validated server config
- Allow image pasting in plain mode in RTE
- Show room options menu if "UIComponent.roomOptionsMenu" is enabled
- Allow image pasting in rich text mode in RTE
- Update voice broadcast redaction to use MSC3912 with_rel_type instead of with_relations
- Add config to skip widget_build_url for DM rooms
- Inhibit interactions on forward dialog message previews
- Removed DecryptionFailureBar.tsx

- Fix translucent TextualEvent on search results panel
- Matrix matrix scheme permalink constructor not stripping query params
- Fix: "manually verify by text" does nothing
- Make group calls respect the ICE fallback setting
- Align list items on the tooltip to the start
- Clear thread panel event permalink when changing rooms
- Fix spinner placement on pinned widgets being reloaded

Element 1.11.33 (64-bit)
- Bump matrix-react-sdk to v3.73.1 for matrix-js-sdk v26.0.1

Element 1.11.32 (64-bit)
- Redirect to the SSO page if sso_redirect_options.on_welcome_page is enabled and the URL hash is empty
- Vector/index.html: Allow fetching blob urls
- When joining room in sub-space join the parents too
- Include thread replies in message previews
- Use semantic headings in space preferences
- Use semantic headings in user settings - Ignored users
- Use semantic headings in user settings - profile
- Use semantic headings in user settings - account
- Support Insert from iPhone or iPad in Safari
- Specify supportedStages for User Interactive Auth
- Pass device id to widgets
- Use semantic headings in user settings - discovery
- Use semantic headings in user settings - Notifications
- Use semantic headings in user settings - spellcheck and language
- Use semantic headings in user settings Appearance
- Use semantic heading in user settings Sidebar & Voip
- Use semantic headings in user settings Security
- Use semantic headings in user settings - integrations and account deletion
- Use semantic headings in user settings Preferences
- Use semantic headings in user settings Keyboard
- RTE plain text mentions as pills
- Allow welcome.html logo to be replaced by config
- Use semantic headings in user settings Labs
- Use semantic list elements for menu lists and tab lists
- Fix aria-required-children axe violation
- Enable pagination for overlay timelines
- Add tooltip to disabled invite button due to lack of permissions
- Respect configured auth_header_logo_url for default Welcome page
- Specify lazy loading for avatars
- Room and user mentions for plain text editor
- Add audible notifcation on broadcast error
- Fall back from server generated thumbnail to original image
- Use semantically correct elements for room sublist context menu
- Avoid calling prepareToEncrypt onKeyDown
- Allows search to recognize full room links
- "Show rooms with unread messages first" should not be on by default for new users
- Fix emitter handler leak in ThreadView
- Add better error for email invites without identity server
- Move reaction message previews out of labs
- Sort muted rooms to the bottom of their section of the room list
- Use semantic headings in user settings Help & About
- Use ExternalLink components for external links
- Use semantic headings in space settings
- Use semantic headings for room settings content

- Use consistent fonts for Japanese text
- Fix: server picker validates unselected option
- Fix room list notification badges going missing in compact layout
- Fix call to startSingleSignOn passing enum in place of idpId
- Remove hover effect from user name on a DM creation UI
- Fix layout regression in public space invite dialog
- Fix layout regression in session dropdown
- Fix spacing regression in user settings - roles & permissions
- Fall back to receipt timestamp if we have no event (react-sdk part)
- Fix: Room header 'view your device list' does not link to new session manager
- Fix display of devices without encryption support in Settings dialog
- Use aria descriptions instead of labels for TextWithTooltip
- Use grapheme-splitter instead of lodash for saving emoji from being ripped apart
- Fix: content overflow in settings subsection
- Make Privacy Notice external link on integration manager ToS clickable
- Ensure that open message context menus are updated when the event is sent
- Ensure that open sticker picker dialogs are updated when the widget configuration is updated
- Fix big emoji in replies
- Hide empty MessageActionBar on message edit history dialog
- Fix roving tab index getting confused after dragging space order
- Attempt a potential workaround for stuck notifs

Element 1.11.31 (64-bit)
- Improve Content-Security-Policy
- Add UIFeature.locationSharing to hide location sharing
- Memoize field validation results
- Commands for plain text editor
- Allow 16 lines of text in the rich text editors
- Bail out of RoomSettingsDialog when room is not found
- Element-R: Populate device list for right-panel
- Make existing and new issue URLs configurable
- Fix usages of ARIA tabpanel
- Element-R: Starting a DMs with a user
- ARIA Accessibility improvements
- ARIA Accessibility improvements
- Add arrow key controls to emoji and reaction pickers
- Translate credits in help about section

- Fix: reveal images when image previews are disabled
- Fix autocomplete not resetting properly on message send
- Fix start_sso not working with guests disabled
- Fix soft crash with Element call widgets
- Send correct receipt when marking a room as read
- Offload some more waveform processing onto a worker
- Consolidate login errors
- Fix all rooms search generating permalinks to wrong room id
- Posthog properly handle Analytics ID changing from under us
- Fix Clock being read as an absolute time rather than duration
- Properly translate errors in ChangePassword.tsx so they show up translated to the user but not in our logs
- Honour feature toggles in guest mode
- Fix default content in devtools event sender
- Fix a crash when a call ends while you're in it
- Fix lack of screen reader indication when triggering auto complete
- Fix typing tile duplicating users
- Fix wrong room topic tooltip position
- Fix create subspace dialog not working

Element 1.11.30 (64-bit)
- Fixes for CVE-2023-30609 / GHSA-xv83-x443-7rmw

- Pick sensible default option for phone country dropdown
- Relate field validation tooltip via aria-describedby
- Handle more completion types in rte autocomplete
- Show a tile for an unloaded predecessor room if it has via_servers
- Exclude message timestamps from aria live region
- Make composer format bar an aria toolbar
- Improve accessibility of font slider
- Fix file size display from kB to KB
- Handle /me in rte
- bind html with switch for manage extension setting option
- Handle command completions in
- Add room and user avatars to rte
- Support for MSC3882 revision 1
- Check profiles before starting a DM
- Quick settings: Change the copy / labels on the options
- Update rte autocomplete styling

- Fix create subspace dialog not working
- Fix multiple accessibility defects identified by
- Fix view source from edit history dialog always showing latest event
- Fix WebGL disabled error message
- Properly translate errors in AddThreepid.ts so they show up translated to the user but not in our logs
- Fix overflow on auth pages
- Fix incorrect avatar background colour when using a custom theme
- Remove dependency on org.matrix.e2e_cross_signing unstable feature
- Update setting description to match reality
- Fix no identity server in help & about settings
- Fix: Images no longer reserve their space in the timeline correctly
- Fix issues with inhibited accessible focus outlines
- Fix read receipts falling from sky
- Fix avatar text issue in rte
- Fix resizer only work with left mouse click
- Fix send two join requests when joining a room from spotlight search
- Highlight event when any version triggered a highlight
- Fix spacing of headings of integration manager on General settings tab

Element 1.11.29 (64-bit)
- Allow desktop app to expose recent rooms in UI integrations
- Add API params to mute audio and/or video in Jitsi calls by default
- Style mentions as pills in rich text editor
- Show room create icon if "UIComponent.roomCreation" is enabled
- Mentions as links rte
- Better error handling in jump to date
- Show "Invite" menu option if "UIComponent.sendInvites" is enabled
- Added UserProfilesStore, LruCache and user permalink profile caching
- Mentions as links rte
- Implement MSC3952: intentional mentions
- Implement MSC3973: Search users in the user directory with the Widget API
- Permalinks to message are now displayed as pills
- Show search,dial,explore in filterContainer if "UIComponent.filterContainer" is enabled
- Increase space panel collapse clickable area
- Add fallback for replies to Polls
- Permalinks to rooms and users are now pillified
- Poll history - access poll history from room settings
- Add API params to mute audio and/or video in Jitsi calls by default
- Notifications: inline error message on notifications saving error
- Support dynamic room predecessor in SpaceProvider
- Support dynamic room predecessors for RoomProvider
- Support dynamic room predecessors in OwnBeaconStore
- Support dynamic room predecessors in ForwardDialog
- Support dynamic room predecessors in SpaceHierarchy
- Support dynamic room predecessors in AddExistingToSpaceDialog
- Support dynamic room predecessors in leave-behaviour
- Support dynamic room predecessors in StopGapWidgetDriver
- Support dynamic room predecessors in WidgetLayoutStore
- Support dynamic room predecessors in SpaceStore
- Sync polls push rules on changes to account_data
- Support dynamic room predecessors in BreadcrumbsStore
- Improved a11y for Field feedback and Secure Phrase input
- Support dynamic room predecessors in RoomNotificationStateStore

- Use a newly generated access_token while joining Jitsi
- Fix cloudflare action pointing at commit hash instead of tag
- Allow editing with RTE to overflow for autocomplete visibility
- Added auto focus to Github URL on opening of debug logs modal
- Fix detection of encryption for all users in a room
- Properly generate mentions when editing a reply with MSC3952
- Improve performance of rendering a room with many hidden events
- Prevent future date selection in jump to date
- Add aria labels to message search bar to improve accessibility
- Fix decryption failure bar covering the timeline
- Improve profile picture settings accessibility
- Handle group call redaction
- Display relative timestamp for threads on the same calendar day
- Fix timeline list and paragraph display issues
- Use unique keys for voice broadcast pips
- Fix "show read receipts sent by other users" not applying to threads
- Fix joining public rooms without aliases in search dialog
- Add input validation for in DMRoomMap
- Reduce height reserved for "collapse" button's line on IRC layout
- Fix creatorUserId is required error when opening sticker picker
- Fix block/inline Element descendants error noise in NewRoomIntro.tsx
- Fix profile resizer to make first character of a line selectable in IRC layout
- Ensure space between wrapped lines of room name on IRC layout
- Remove unreadable alt attribute from the room status bar warning icon (nonsense to screenreaders)
- Fix big date separators when jump to date is enabled
- Fixes user authentication when registering via the module API
- Handle more edge cases in Space Hierarchy
- Further improve performance with lots of hidden events
- Respect user cancelling upload flow by dismissing spinner
- When starting a DM, the end-to-end encryption status icon does now only appear if the DM can be encrypted
- Fix [object Object] in feedback metadata ([...

Element 1.11.28 (64-bit)
- Fix detection of encryption for all users in a room

Element 1.11.26 (64-bit)
- Changes for matrix-js-sdk v24.0.0
- Changes for matrix-react-sdk v3.69.0

Element 1.11.25 (64-bit)
- Remove experimental PWA support for Firefox and Safari
- Only allow to start a DM with one email if encryption by default is enabled
- DM rooms are now encrypted if encryption by default is enabled and only inviting a single email address. Any action in the result DM room will be blocked until the other has joined.
- Reduce bottom margin of ReplyChain on compact modern layout
- Support for v2 of MSC3903
- When starting a DM, existing rooms with pending third-party invites will be reused.
- Polls push rules: synchronise poll rules with message rules
- New verification request toast button labels
- Remove padding around integration manager iframe
- Fix block code styling in rich text editor
- Poll history: fetch more poll history
- Sort short/exact emoji matches before longer incomplete matches
- Poll history: detail screen
- Provide a more detailed error message than "No known servers"
- Say when a call was answered from a different device
- Widget permissions customizations using module api
- Fix copy button icon overlapping with copyable text
- Support joining non-peekable rooms via the module API
- The "new login" toast does now display the same device information as in the settings. "No" does now open the device settings. "Yes, it was me" dismisses the toast.
- Do not prompt for a password when doing a „reset all“ after login

- Fix incorrect copy in space creation flow
- Fix space settings dialog having rogue title tooltip
- Show spinner when starting a DM from the user profile (right panel)
- Reduce height of toggle on expanded view source event
- Pillify http and non-prefixed links
- Fix some features not being configurable via features
- Fix starting a DM from the right panel in some cases
- Align info EventTile and normal EventTile on IRC layout
- Fix blowout of waveform of the voice message player on narrow UI
- Fix the hidden view source toggle on IRC layout
- Fix buttons on the room header being compressed due to long room name
- Use the room avatar as a placeholder in calls
- Fix calls showing as 'connecting' after hangup
- Prevent multiple Jitsi calls started at the same time
- Make localization keys compatible with agglutinative and/or SOV type languages

Element 1.11.24 (64-bit)
- Drop support for Windows 7
- Remove experimental PWA support for Firefox and Safari
- Fix block code styling in rich text editor
- Poll history: fetch more poll history
- Sort short/exact emoji matches before longer incomplete matches
- Poll history: detail screen
- Provide a more detailed error message than "No known servers"
- Say when a call was answered from a different device
- Widget permissions customizations using module api
- Fix copy button icon overlapping with copyable text
- Support joining non-peekable rooms via the module API
- The "new login" toast does now display the same device information as in the settings. "No" does now open the device settings. "Yes, it was me" dismisses the toast.
- Do not prompt for a password when doing a „reset all“ after login
- Display "The sender has blocked you from receiving this message" error message instead of "Unable to decrypt message"
- Polls: show warning about undecryptable relations
- Poll history: fetch last 30 days of polls
- Poll history - ended polls list items
- Remove threads labs flag and the ability to disable threads
- Show a success dialog after setting up the key backup
- Release Sign in with QR out of labs
- Hide indent button in rte
- Add option to find own location in map views
- Render poll end events in timeline

- Use the room avatar as a placeholder in calls
- Fix calls showing as 'connecting' after hangup
- Stop access token overflowing the box
- Prevent multiple Jitsi calls started at the same time
- Make localization keys compatible with agglutinative and/or SOV type languages
- Add link to next file in the export
- Ended poll tiles: add ended the poll message
- Fix accidentally inverted condition for room ordering
- Re-focus the composer on dialogue quit
- Try to resolve emails before creating a DM
- Disable poll response loading test
- Fix email lookup in invite dialog
- Remove duplicate white space characters from translation keys
- Fix the caption of new sessions manager on Labs settings page for localization
- Prevent start another DM with a user if one already exists
- Remove white space characters before the horizontal ellipsis
- Fix Selectable Text on 'Delete All' and 'Retry All' Buttons
- Correctly Identify emoticons
- Remove a redundant white space

Element 1.11.23 (64-bit)
- Description of QR code sign in labs feature
- Add option to find own location in map views
- Render poll end events in timeline
- Indicate unread messages in tab title
- Open message in editing mode when keyboard up is pressed (RTE)
- Hide superseded rooms from the room list using dynamic room predecessors
- Support MSC3946 in RoomListStore
- Auto focus security key field
- use Poll model with relations API in poll rendering
- Support MSC3946 in the RoomCreate tile
- Update labs flag description for RTE
- Change ul list style to disc when editing message
- Improved click detection within PiP windows
- Add RTE keyboard navigation in editing
- Paragraph integration for rich text editor
- Add indentation increasing/decreasing to RTE
- Add ignore user confirmation dialog
- Use monospace font for room, message IDs in View Source modal
- Implement MSC3946 for AdvancedRoomSettingsTab
- Implementation of MSC3824 to make the client OIDC-aware
- Improves a11y for avatar uploads
- Add support for [token authenticated registration](https

- Jitsi requests 'requires_client' capability if auth token is provided
- Remove duplicate white space characters from translation keys
- Fix the caption of new sessions manager on Labs settings page for localization
- Prevent start another DM with a user if one already exists
- Remove white space characters before the horizontal ellipsis
- Fix Selectable Text on 'Delete All' and 'Retry All' Buttons
- Correctly Identify emoticons
- Should open new 1:1 chat room after leaving the old one
- Remove a redundant white space
- Fix a crash when removing persistent widgets (updated)
- Fix wrongly grouping 3pid invites into a single repeated transition
- Fix scrollbar colliding with checkbox in add to space section
- Add a whitespace character after 'broadcast?'
- Seekbar in broadcast PiP view is now updated when switching between different broadcasts
- Add border to "reject" button on room preview card for clickable area indication. It fixes #22623
- Element-R: fix rageshages
- Fix markdown paragraph display in timeline
- Prevent the remaining broadcast time from being exceeded
- Fix cursor position when new line is created by pressing enter (RTE)
- Ensure room is actually in space hierarchy when resolving its latest version
- Fix new line for inline code
- Member avatars without canvas
- Apply more general fix for base avatar regressions
- Replace list, code block and quote icons by new icons
- fix regional emojis converted to flags
- resolved emoji description text overflowing issue
- Fix MessageEditHistoryDialog crashing on complex input
- Unify unread notification state determination
- Fix layout and visual regressions around default avatars
- Fix useUnreadNotifications exploding with falsey room, like in notif panel
- Fix "[object Promise]" appearing in HTML exports
- changing the color of message time stamp
- Fix link creation with backward selection
- Misaligned reply preview in thread composer #23396

Element 1.11.22 (64-bit)
- Fixed: Bump version number to fix problems upgrading from v1.11.21-rc.1

Element 1.11.21 (64-bit)
- Move pin drop out of labs
- Quotes for rte
- Show the room name in the room header during calls
- Add code blocks to rich text editor
- Add new style for inline code
- Add disabled button state to rich text editor
- Change the rageshake "app" for auto-rageshakes
- Device manager - tweak settings display
- Add list functionality to rich text editor

- Fix RTE focus behaviour in threads
- #22204 Issue: Centered File info in lightbox
- Fix seekbar position for zero length audio
- Allow thread panel to be closed after being opened from notification
- Only highlight focused menu item if focus is supposed to be visible
- Prevent call durations from breaking onto multiple lines
- Tweak call lobby buttons to more closely match designs
- Do not show a broadcast as live immediately after the recording has stopped
- Clear the RTE before sending a message
- Fix {enter} press in RTE
- Fix the problem that the password reset email has to be confirmed twice
- replace .at() with array.length-1
- Fix broken threads list timestamp layout
- Disable multiple messages when {enter} is pressed multiple times
- Fix logout devices when resetting the password
- Fix: Poll replies overflow when not enough space
- State event updates are not forwarded to the widget from invitation room
- Fix error when viewing source of redacted events
- Replace outdated css attribute
- Clear isLogin theme override when user is no longer viewing login screens
- Fix reply action in message context menu notif & file panels
- Fix issue where thread dropdown would not show up correctly
- Fix unexpected composer growing
- Fix misaligned timestamps for thread roots which are emotes

Element 1.11.20 (64-bit)
- (Part 2) of prevent crash on older browsers (replace .at() with array.length-1)

Element 1.11.19 (64-bit)
- Fix crash on browsers that don't support

Element 1.11.18 (64-bit)
- Correctly handle limited sync responses by resetting the thread timeline

Element 1.11.17 (64-bit)
- Add inline code formatting to rich text editor
- Add emoji handling for plain text mode of the new rich text editor
- Overlay virtual room call events into main timeline
- Adds a new section under "Room Settings" > "Roles & Permissions" which adds the possibility to multiselect users from this room and grant them more permissions
- Add emoji handling for rich text mode
- Add setting to hide bold notifications
- Further password reset flow enhancements
- Snooze the bulk unverified sessions reminder on dismiss
- Honor advanced audio processing settings when recording voice messages
- Improve the visual balance of bubble layout
- Add config setting to disable bulk unverified sessions nag
- Only display bulk unverified sessions nag when current sessions is verified
- Separate labs and betas more clearly
- Show user an error if we fail to create a DM for verification

- Prevent unnecessary updates
- Fix checkForPreJoinUISI for thread roots
- Load RTE components only when RTE labs is enabled
- Fix issue where thread panel did not update correctly
- Remove async call to get virtual room from room load
- Check each thread for unread messages.
- Device manage - handle sessions that don't support encryption
- Fix hover state for formatting buttons (Rich text editor) (fix /issues/23832)
- Don't allow group calls to be unterminated
- Fix replies to emotes not showing as inline
- Update copy of 'Change layout' button to match Element Call
- Fix call splitbrains when switching between rooms
- bugfix: fix an issue where the Notifier would incorrectly fire for non-timeline events
- Fix power selector being wrongly disabled for admins themselves
- Show day counts in call durations

Element 1.11.16 (64-bit)
- Further improve replies
- Enable users to join group calls from multiple devices
- Fix(visual): make cursor a pointer for summaries
- Add placeholder for rich text editor
- Consolidate public room search experience
- New password reset flow
- Device manager - add tooltip to device details toggle
- Sliding sync: add lazy-loading member support
- Limit formatting bar offset to top of composer

- Fix issues around up arrow event edit shortcut
- Fix search not being cleared when clicking on a result
- Fix screensharing in 1:1 calls
- Fix the background color flashing when joining a call
- Fix the size of the 'Private space' icon
- Fix reply editing in rich text editor (https
- Fix thread list jumping back down while scrolling
- Fix regression with TimelinePanel props updates not taking effect
- Fix form tooltip positioning
- Extract Search handling from RoomView into its own Component
- Fix call splitbrains when switching between rooms
- [Backport staging] Fix replies to emotes not showing as inline

Element 1.11.15 (64-bit)
- Make clear notifications work with threads
- Change "None" to "Off" in notification options
- Advanced audio processing settings
- Add way to create a user notice via config.json
- Improve design of the rich text editor
- Enable user to zoom beyond image size
- Fix: Move "Leave Space" option to the bottom of space context menu

- Make build scripts work on NixOS
- Fix integration manager get_open_id_token action and add E2E tests
- Fix links being mangled by markdown processing
- Fix: inline links selecting radio button
- Fix wrong error message in registration when phone number threepid is in use
- Fix missing avatar for show current profiles
- Fix read receipts trickling down correctly
- Resilience fix for homeserver without thread notification support
- Don't switch to the home page needlessly after leaving a room
- Differentiate download and decryption errors when showing images
- Close context menu when a modal is opened to prevent user getting stuck
- Fix TimelineReset handling when no room associated
- Always use current profile on thread events
- Fix ThreadView tests not using thread flag
- Handle deletion of events
- Fix incorrect notification count after leaving a room with notifications

Element 1.11.14 (64-bit)
- Loading threads with server-side assistance
- Make thread replies trigger a room list re-ordering
- Device manager - add extra details to device security
- Add plain text mode to the wysiwyg composer
- Sliding Sync: improve sort order, show subspace rooms, better tombstoned room handling
- Device manager - add learn more popups to filtered sessions section@kerryarchibald.
- Show thread notification if thread timeline is closed
- Add message editing to wysiwyg composer
- Device manager - confirm sign out of other sessions
- Automatically request logs from other users in a call when submitting logs
- Add thread notification with server assistance (MSC3773)
- Support for login + E2EE set up with QR
- Allow pressing Enter to send messages in new composer

- Fix regressions around media uploads failing and causing soft crashes
- Fix /myroomavatar slash command
- Fix config.json failing to load for Jitsi wrapper in non-root deployment
- Fix NotificationBadge unsent color
- Fix room list sorted by recent on app startup
- Reset custom power selector when blurred on empty
- Reinstate timeline/redaction callbacks when updating notification state
- Only render NotificationBadge when needed
- Fix embedded Element Call screen sharing
- Send Content-Type: application/json header for integration manager /r