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  -  9.3 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version

    EXPERTool 11.11 LATEST

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    Michael Reynolds

  • Operating System

    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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  • Author / Product

    Gainward / External Link

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EXPERTool is a powerful Nvidia graphic card mentoring and overclocking utility that allows PC users to take full advantage of their GPU rendering processing power by testing the limits of their hardware, boosting the operating frequencies, and setting up usage presets that can be easily switched when moving from desktop to productivity or gaming use. Developed by the GPU manufacturer Gainward to serve all the OC needs of their customers, this versatile app can also be used with a wide variety of other Nvidia GPU models made by other manufacturers.

EXPERTool is distributed online as an automated installer that can be easily deployed on any modern desktop and laptop PC running modern generations of Nvidia GPUs. Once installed, the app will situate itself in the taskbar as an easily accessible icon that provides instant access not only to its main dashboard, but also to several other important GPU-related system destinations such as the Desktop information panel, display properties utility, and DirectX Information app. But the main functionality of this app can be found in its main dashboard.

The user interface of EXPERTool is housed inside the eye-catching and non-standard-looking dashboard that resembles not an ordinary app that is housed in a rectangular window, but an instrument panel of a futuristic automobile. The central diagnostic measurement of the GPU’s current state is represented as car dials that showcase the GPU core and memory clocks, with added small displays for GPU temperature and fan usage. The right corner of the app houses a listing of 5 user-configurable presets, while the left side is home to 5 main configuration buttons – Setting, Status, Bios (for downloading of V-Bios for the GPU card, not the motherboard!), Restore, and Info.

The overclocking functionality is hidden behind the large blue “Overclock” button located in the middle of the dashboard. Pressing on this button provides access to a new screen where users can access built-in OC presets (such as OC Mode, Game Mode, and Silent Mode) as well as two user-configurable presets with full access to overclocking sliders such as GPU clock offset, Memory clock offset, GPU voltage offset, Power target, GPU temp target, and Frame Rate target.

  • Powerful overclocking utility for Nvidia GPUs
  • Free and optimized for modern versions of Windows OS
  • Eye-catching user interface resembling a futuristic automobile dashboard
  • Compatible with a wide variety of Nvidia GPUs, including the latest RTX40 series
  • Only compatible with Nvidia GPUs, not AMD or other GPU manufacturers
  • May void warranty or damage hardware if not used properly
  • Non-standard-looking user interface may be confusing for some users at first glance
EXPERTool is 100% FREE and is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS. The GPU compatibility includes all modern and legacy series of Nvidia graphics cards produced by Gainward and other manufacturers, including the latest RTX40 series released in late 2022.

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