Share Files Offline! It works like Bluetooth, but 50X faster!

Feem for Windows

Feem for Windows

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    Feem 4.3.0 LATEST

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    Daniel Leblanc

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    FeePerfect AG. / External Link

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Feem is a fast and reliable file transfer utility that can empower users of all knowledge levels to effortlessly share files across local LAN networks without the need to connect to the internet in any way.

Many modern file-sharing solutions are based on the cloud, forcing users to first send their files to distant cloud servers, and then distribute those files to the intended participants either directly or via sending them a share link. Feem Desktop version eliminates this middle step and enables direct sharing of an unlimited number of files, at the maximum LAN bandwidth, for all users, thus unlocking faster user collaboration, easier sharing of very large files, and reliable sharing even when outside the internet infrastructure becomes inaccessible.

Feem for Windows PC is distributed online as an automated installer that can easily be deployed on any modern desktop or laptop PC, either at home or in school or work environments. The only requirement this app has is that its host PC is connected to a local Ethernet network where it can automatically discover all Feem clients. And there is no need for the main server! All the connections are established directly without the clients, empowering collaborative file sharing at maximum available Ethernet speeds!

Key Features

Super-Fast Transfers: Move hefty files at lightning speed with the tool. It's a whopping 50 times quicker than Bluetooth and twice as speedy as Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud Drive.

Rock-Solid Security: Keep your sensitive data within your LAN, away from the cloud's reach. It doesn't rely on servers vulnerable to hacking. Additionally, it encrypts all local transfers with TLS, ensuring a level of security akin to HTTPS.

Resilient Transfers: Don't let interruptions ruin your file transfers. It seamlessly picks up right where it left off, ensuring not a single byte goes missing.

Offline Functionality: No internet? No worries. It operates flawlessly offline. As long as your devices are on the same Wi-Fi/LAN network and running this app, file sharing is a breeze.

Wi-Fi Direct Capability: The app isn't confined to traditional Wi-Fi routers. Activate Wi-Fi Direct within the app or utilize your phone's personal hotspot to establish a network for seamless file sharing anywhere.

Private Messaging: Exchange texts and links directly between your devices without involving external servers. Your communications are completely secure, and messages auto-delete after 48 hours.

Local network sharing can be established on devices that are directly connected with an Ethernet cable, are part of the local WiFi network, or are even directly connected to the network using a built-in Wi-Fi Direct feature (available directly from within the app). And all device types are fully supported – desktops, laptops, and tablets running Windows, Linux, or macOS, and all iOS and Android mobile devices.

Feem even automatically supports a few advanced features such as file encryption, resumable downloads, and a built-in chat service that does not rely on any local or internet server. The chat content is encrypted during transfer, and all chat entries are automatically and permanently deleted after 48 hours.

Users who want to share outside of the local network can take advantage of the Feem WebShare, a way to transfer sensitive files online via the browser interface (all such transfers are heavily encrypted and can require unlock with a pin code).

Personal Plan - $4.99/yr
  • 1-4 Devices
  • Except iPhones and iPads
  • Unlimited File Transfer
  • No Ads
  • Personalize Device Names
  • Customize Download Locations
  • Improve Feem WebMode security with custom passwords
  • Medium Priority Email Support
Feem is an excellent premium transfer manager that is focused on delivering the best file-sharing experience inside a LAN network, without the need to contact the outside internet. The FREE version of the app can be tested in a TRIAL period, after which users must purchase a yearly license (Personal, Family, or Business).

  • Fast LAN file transfers
  • No internet required
  • Secure with TLS encryption
  • Resumes interrupted transfers
  • Operates offline
  • Limited to LAN network
  • Paid subscription after trial
Also Available: Download Feem for Mac