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FIFA 22 is the football simulation video game for PC and home consoles from Electronic Arts. Praised as the most realistic and engaging football title on the market, FIFA 22 game expands on the success of the previous titles from this franchise by introducing new eye-catching visual elements, expanded gameplay options, and realistic physics that make every game of virtual football look and feel more amazing than ever before.

However, PC gamers should be aware that the version of the game that they have access to is lacking several nextgen features that were developed only for home consoles. On the other hand, the older version of the engine and content that this game features can help millions of players with weaker PC configurations to enjoy this title, thus greatly expanding the number of players that can enjoy this football sim in both solo and online competitive modes!
FIFA 2022 returns many modes that were present in older titles but also upgrades many of them and introduces brand new techniques for making football simulation more realistic than ever before. Large tournaments such as UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup are of course in, as well as many gameplay modes such as Career mode, Pro Clubs, FIFA Ultimate Teams, VOLTA FOOTBALL, and more. Many of them have received notable upgrades, but the most important one can be witnessed in every match. FIFA 22 features a completely new goalkeeper system and an advanced HyperMotion Technology has enabled the creation of a brand new animation system for all players on the field.

Visually, FIFA 22 looks better than ever before. Updated player likeness and detailed stadiums help each match to look like it is taken directly out of the TV broadcast.

Anyone wishing to play FIFA 22 on their PC will encounter no issues since the game is fully optimized for aged and weaker PC hardware configurations. The game's new animation system makes each match look more immersive and realistic, new and old gameplay modes shine in their accessibility and depth, and a wide array of online options can provide each player with countless hours of entertainment when playing with friends.

System Requirements - Can I Run FIFA 22
  • CPU: 64-bit processors
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-Bit or Windows 11
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
  • HyperMotion technology delivers exceptional realism
  • Enhanced gameplay performance
  • Improved player control in various situations
  • Goalkeeper performance has seen significant improvement
  • Incorporation of thousands of new animations
  • Positive changes in the Ultimate Team mode, addressing long-standing issues
  • Career mode appears to have been overlooked or neglected
  • The enhanced visuals and realism brought by HyperMotion may come at the expense of game pace.
  • Pay-to-win elements persist in the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode

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