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Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkin'

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Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm music game developed in the early 2000s for PC and web platforms. It is inspired by popular titles such as Dance Dance Revolution and PaRappa The Rapper, enabling players of all ages to become one with the music in this fun and engaging indie title that received notable coverage from several gaming media outfits such as PlayStation Magazine.

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Built from the ground up to be as accessible as possible, this nostalgic rhythm-based game demands from players only to have a good sense of rhythm, and if they don’t have it, this Funkin game can help them develop it in style.

The story of the Friday Night Funkin’ 32/64bit game is centered on Boyfriend and Girlfriend, two characters that want to kiss but cannot do so because the Girlfriend’s father is an evil rocker who would do everything in his power to kill Boyfriend. In order to defeat her father and his minions, Boyfriend of course uses the power of music and dance.

All that player has to do is to press main control buttons at specific times when the game asks him to do so with visual on-screen cues, all the while collecting points and rewards every time the keypress matches the currently active rhythm beat.

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On-screen beat arrows will move on the screen from side to side, toward the left when the Boyfriend is winning, and more toward the right when he is losing. The overall battle meter on the bottom of the screen determines who will win at the end of the song.
  • Easy-to-follow game mechanics
  • Friendly and easy controls
  • Highly entertaining songs
All in all, fans of titles such as PaRappa The Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution will immediately feel at home with this fun and engaging music game title. The only controls that are vital to the gameplay are WASD/Arrow keys that are used for executing proper music beats. Music volume can be changed with “–“ and “+”, while muting and unmuting all sounds can be done with “0”.

While Friday Night Funkin’ can be played online in a browser, it should be noted that the online version is about 160MB which means that users with slower internet will have to wait for a while any time they visit the game’s page and want to play.

Thankfully, a local PC client version of the game is also offered, enabling players to put the entire game on their local storage and take full advantage of instant load times. Seasoned PC programmers can also take advantage of the full source code of this game, enabling them to tweak it or expand it however they wish.

The game is 100% FREE and is optimized for any modern version of Windows OS and can also be played online straight from inside the browser window.

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Key Features
  • Engaging Rhythm Gameplay: It offers players a rhythm-based experience where you must hit the correct notes in time with the music. It's simple to pick up, but challenging to master.
  • Original Soundtrack: The game features an impressive original soundtrack composed by various artists, with each level having its own unique song.
  • Storyline: Players follow the story of the protagonist, Boyfriend, as he tries to win the heart of his love interest, Girlfriend, by facing off against her father and other opponents in rap battles.
  • Modding Support: One of the standout features of the game is its robust modding community. Players can create and install custom songs, characters, and levels, greatly extending the game's replayability.
  • Multiple Difficulty Levels: The game caters to players of all skill levels, with easy, normal, and hard difficulty modes.
User Interface

The user interface in the free game is straightforward and easy to navigate. The main menu allows players to start the game, access options, or dive into the modding community.

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During gameplay, the interface is minimalistic, with notes appearing on-screen in sync with the music.

Installation and Setup

Installing Friday Night Funkin' 32/64bit is a breeze. The game is available for free on platforms like and Newgrounds. Simply download the game, extract the files if necessary, and run the executable. There's no need for complex installations or additional software.

How to Play
  • Launch the game and navigate the main menu.
  • Choose your difficulty level and select a song to play.
  • During gameplay, use the arrow keys or WASD to hit the notes as they reach the bottom of the screen.
  • Keep the beat and try to hit as many notes as possible to progress through the song.
  • Enjoy the catchy music and immerse yourself in the rap battles.

How can I install mods in Friday Night Funkin'?
To install mods, download the mod files from trusted sources, extract them into the game's "mods" folder, and enable them in the in-game options menu.

Is Friday Night Funkin' available on mobile devices?
While there are unofficial ports and adaptations for mobile, the official version of the game is primarily designed for PC.

Can I create my own custom songs for the game?
Yes, you can create custom songs and levels for Friday Night Funkin' using the game's modding tools and resources available online.

Are there any plans for additional content or updates?
The developer and modding community frequently release new content, so the game continues to receive updates, including new songs, characters, and features.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Friday Night Funkin'?
The game does not have an official multiplayer mode. However, some mods may offer multiplayer functionality.


The game is available for FREE, making it accessible to a wide audience. However, players have the option to support the developer through donations and by purchasing merchandise.

System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX compatible graphics card
  • Storage: 140 MB available space
  • Addictive and challenging rhythm gameplay.
  • Unique art style and character design.
  • A fantastic original soundtrack.
  • Robust modding support for extended gameplay.
  • Regular updates and community engagement.
  • Lack of an official mobile version.
  • Limited story depth.
  • Some players may find it too challenging on higher difficulty levels.

Friday Night Funkin' is a must-play for fans of rhythm games and anyone looking for a unique and engaging gaming experience. Its blend of catchy music, charming characters, and modding potential ensures that players will keep coming back for more. Whether you're battling rap opponents in the story mode or exploring the endless possibilities of custom mods, it delivers hours of entertainment.

While it may not be the most complex game in terms of storytelling, its addictive gameplay and dedicated community make it a standout title in the indie game scene. Give it a try and see if you can conquer the rap battles and win over Girlfriend's heart.

Also Available: Friday Night Funkin’ for Mac

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