Provides multiplayer compatibility of many old games for Windows PC


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    GameRanger 1.0 LATEST

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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    Scott Kevill / External Link

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GameRanger is a free download for Windows PC that lets you play over 726 games and demos online with friends and opponents worldwide. This tool offers features like profiles, friends lists, instant messaging, in-game voice communication, and competitive ladders/rankings/ratings. GameRanger is the longest-running multiplayer online gaming service on any platform. The programexpanded into PC gaming receiving widespread enthusiasm and acclaim. The easiest way to play your friends online!

GameRanger for PC is a gaming platform and social networking service that enables users to play multiplayer games online with friends and strangers alike. Developed by Scott Kevill and first released in 1999, it has gained popularity among gamers for its ability to revive older games with multiplayer capabilities and provide a user-friendly platform for organizing online gaming sessions.

Another amazing milestone: the app now has 6 million registered members. Impressive considering these are all real users, not piggybacking off Facebook or an App Store.

Game Ranger is amazing online service which provides multiplayer compatibility of many old games which are impossible to play nowadays, we have played many classical games on it such as:
  • Chat rooms
  • Game rooms
  • Voice communication
  • Personalized profiles
  • Buddy lists
  • Instant messaging
  • Opponent match-making
  • Player searching
  • Seamless game launching
Key Features

Game Library: It hosts a vast library of supported games, both old and new. It allows users to discover and join multiplayer games for titles that may not have official servers or matchmaking services.

Friend List: Users can add friends to their friend list, making it easy to connect and invite them to games. The built-in chat system also facilitates communication.

Quick Match: It offers a quick and easy way to find and join games based on your preferences, including game type, region, and skill level.

Private Chat Rooms: Create or join private chat rooms for text or voice communication during gameplay. This feature enhances coordination and camaraderie among players.

Game Invitations: Invite friends to join your gaming sessions or accept invitations to play from others.

Game Hosting: Host your own game rooms, customize settings, and control who can join your game.

Community Forums: It has an active community with forums where users can discuss games, share tips, and seek help with technical issues.

Profile Customization: Customize your profile with avatars and personal information to showcase your gaming identity.

User Interface

It features an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The main dashboard displays your game library, friends list, and available game rooms. Navigating through the software is straightforward, and it offers various customization options for personalizing your experience.

Installation and Setup

Installing the app is a simple process. You can download the software from the official website and follow the on-screen instructions. The setup wizard guides you through account creation and initial configuration.

How to Use

Download and Install: Visit the official website or FileHorse, download the appropriate version for your operating system, and install it.

Create an Account: Launch the app and create a new account by providing a username, password, and email address.

Verify Email: It will send a verification email to your registered email address. Click the link to verify your account.

Add Friends: Use the "Add Friends" feature to add friends to your friend list. You can search for friends by their usernames.

Join or Host Games: Browse the game library, join existing game rooms, or host your own. Configure game settings as needed.

Chat and Communicate: Use the built-in chat system to communicate with friends and fellow gamers during gameplay.


Is GameRanger FREE to use?
Yes, GameRanger is FREE to download and use. However, some games may require their own licenses or CD keys.

Can I use GameRanger on Mac and Windows?
Yes, the app is compatible with both macOS and Windows.

Are there any age restrictions for using GameRanger?
The program is intended for users aged 13 and older. Parental guidance is recommended for younger players.

Can I play games that are not listed in the GameRanger library?
It primarily supports games from its library. However, you can suggest additional games for support on their website.

Is GameRanger still actively maintained and updated?
It's been a long time since the official website received an update of the version.


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Tunngle: Tunngle is a gaming VPN service that connects players for LAN-like gaming experiences.

Steam: Steam, the popular gaming platform, offers a robust multiplayer component with chat, matchmaking, and game hosting.

GOG Galaxy: GOG Galaxy provides multiplayer support for games available on the GOG platform.


The software is FREE to download and use. However, some games may require separate purchases or licenses to play online.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP or later, and Internet connection.

  • Vast library of supported games.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy setup and account creation.
  • Active and friendly gaming community.
  • Free to use.
  • It's been a long time since the official website received an update of the version.
  • Limited support for newer games.
  • Some games may require separate licenses.
  • May encounter occasional compatibility issues with certain games.

GameRanger is a valuable platform for gamers looking to enjoy multiplayer experiences in a wide range of titles, especially older games that may lack official multiplayer support. With its user-friendly interface, active community, and free accessibility, it's a solid choice for connecting with friends and fellow gamers for online play.

While it may not cover every game out there, it serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of classic multiplayer titles and their communities. Whether you're reliving nostalgic moments or seeking new online adventures, GameRanger is a reliable option to consider in your gaming arsenal.

Note: Requires create a new free account. Activate your account and log in. Invite your friends. Host or Join a game.

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