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    getscreen.msi is a cloud-based software that allows remote access to a computer via a browser. The service offers a fast and secure connection without the need for additional software or passwords. It is suitable for a range of purposes, including administration, technical support, and remote access to office computers from home. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

How to Use
  • Download and install the agent program (Client) 32bit or 64bit on the remote computer that you want to access.
  • Register on the website and bind the agent program to your account. Add the remote computer to your personal account to have constant access.
  • To quickly access the remote computer, send the newly generated link to the desired user. They can access the desktop by following the link.
  • If you need to provide support to a client, send them a connection link. After confirmation, you will get access to their desktop.
  • If the client is on the phone, provide them with a numeric code to enter on the connection page to start the remote session.
  • During the connection, you can access the remote desktop, record remote sessions, and enjoy other features such as branding, teams, integrations, and cloud storage.
  • All connections and data transmission are secure, using HTTPS protocol and 128-bit AES encryption. Two-factor authentication is also available.
In summary, app provides fast and secure remote access to computers via a browser link, with additional features such as branding, teams, integrations, and cloud storage.

To use Remote Desktop, one must download a special program that broadcasts video and executes incoming commands. There are three types of connections available: fast connection, connection by invite, and permanent access. In the fast connection, one can quickly access their computer by sending a link to another user. In the connection by invite, one can provide quick support to a client by sending them a connection link. In the permanent access, one can register on the website and bind the agent program to their account for constant access to their computers.

Security prioritizes security, using the HTTPS protocol and algorithms for detecting and blocking attempts to enumerate one-time links and passwords. The service also offers two-factor authentication and encrypts all transmitted data using the 128-bit AES algorithm inside the WebRTC and SSL protocols. Connecting via a browser protects the operator's computer from reverse access.

Features and Highlights

It offers several functionalities and features, including branding, teams, integrations, cloud storage, and auto-translations. One can customize the branding of the service tools, create teams for efficient workload distribution, integrate with popular platforms, record remote sessions and store them in the cloud, and provide remote technical support to users from other countries with the help of automatic text recognition.

In conclusion, Remote Desktop is a fast, secure, and efficient cloud-based software for remote access to computers. Its range of functionalities and features make it suitable for various purposes and suitable for companies with multiple administrators and employees.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Reliable and secure remote access
  • Compatible with multiple devices and platforms
  • Fast and efficient file transfer
  • Customizable remote desktop settings
  • May have occasional connectivity issues
  • Some features only available with premium version
Note: In the demo/free version, not all features are available.

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