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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Cliqz International GmbH / Ghostery

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Ghostery is an advanced security and productivity tool that can help users of all knowledge levels to protect their PC against website tracking algorithms and streamline their browsing experience by blocking the loading of many unoptimized or intrusive web services that want to track your browsing habits, leach personal data or collect unauthorized data.

In addition to providing a streamlined and safe browsing experience, Ghostery Chrome Extension also features a highly intuitive dynamic dashboard that will help you to easily control the way the webpages are loading and what protection mechanisms are activated for each webpage or domain visit.

Ghostery for Chrome can block the loading of many forms of advertisements (which will boost the loading speed of webpages and remove clutter or intrusive popup windows), protect your privacy by anonymizing your personal data and thus preventing websites to collect your habits or personal info, increase your browsing speed by loading optimized pages with the user-selected amount of page performance, and offer valuable insights into your browsing experience inside its powerful dashboard interface accessible from the icon taskbar area of your browser.

In addition to the Chrome browser, Ghostery is also available on compatible Chromium browsers, Firefox, Opera, Safari, some versions of Internet Explorer and Edge browser.

Installation and Use

It can be installed from Chrome Web Store in few seconds by simply clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button and waiting for the 5 MB app to be downloaded and added to the list of active browser extensions. Be aware that this app has built-in support for a total of 14 international languages, and that users have access to the special Ghostery Rewards program.

As with all Chrome extensions, Ghostgery will showcase its icon in the toolbar on the right of the main address bar and will showcase the number of active “tracker” services that are loaded on the current webpage you are viewing. By clicking on the Ghostery icon you will load the dynamic dashboard that will showcase the current breakdown of the current webpage, with the listing of loaded advertisement services and site analytics. You can manually block all listed trackers or set a site-wide trust or block command. You can also pause Ghosterly from there.

On top of the dashboard, you can also switch between simple and detailed views, all offering easy-to-use tools for blocking unwanted services, removing ads, and accelerating the loading of the pages. After few days of usage, you can build your own personalized database of trusted/blocked websites, and gain valuable insights into how many modern advertisements, data analytics, and user tracking services are present on the modern internet.

Features and Highlights

  • Single-click solution for more secure, faster, and private online browsing.
  • Gain a complete overview of tracking services embedded in the websites you visit.
  • Create the personalized Trust/Block list of services that will be loaded by your internet browser.
  • Safeguard your privacy by broadcasting anonymized data chat websites automatically collect from their visitors.
  • Block loading of ads and remove visual clutter on websites.
  • Browse faster by optimized loading of web pages, and ignoring the loading of blocked trackers and ads.
  • Customize your overview with several Ghostly dashboard display modes.
  • Available in 14 languages.
  • Optional support for Ghosterly Rewards, and standalone Ghostery Start Tab extension.
  • 100% FREE!

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