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  • Latest Version:

    GoLogin 3.2.17 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    GoLogin LLC. / GoLogin

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GoLogin is software that lets you hide and control your digital fingerprint by spoofing all parameters that sites can see. By masking these settings, you can imitate a real Internet identity to bypass anti-fraud systems.

GoLogin app helps you create a large number of profiles and each of them will have its own digital fingerprint. These profiles do not overlap with each other, so websites will not ban your accounts. This can be useful for performing various tasks on the Internet.

Customize each parameter of your fingerprint. More than 50 connection characteristics are currently available. Each browser profile is located separately in the cloud, guaranteeing the protection of your data and web anonymity. Convenient ecosystem for effective teamwork. Share profiles and proxies and assign rights to each team member.

What is Digital Fingerprint?

This is an ID-code that is composed of all possible information about your system, location, installed plugins and many other things related to your device. Here are just a few of them that make up your digital fingerprint:

You can always be identified by them, even after changing your IP, using a secure browser and clearing cookies. They always get in the way of anonymous web surfing. Therefore, it is necessary to mask this information. And InPrivate browsing won't fix this problem. Not even the safest browser!

Surfing Anonymously with Anti Detect Browser

There are browser identity management platforms that allow you to use all the facilities of the regular browser, simultaneously hiding your identity. These platforms mask all monitored data. With them you can also configure different profiles and use each one of them separately. It isn't just an anonymous web browser. This software is much better because while, for instance, using Tor, you are identified as another Tor user. Hence, sites will be often checking on you. To avoid that, use the safest antidetect web browser GoLogin.

Best Anonymous Browser Orbita

To ensure anonymous surfing with GoLogin for Windows PC. Tor, Chrome, Firefox and of course Microsoft Edge did not fit for these purposes for various reasons. This is how the Orbita appeared.

Orbita is based on the Chromium. It protects your anonymity and allows you to surf the web anonymously. The interface is specially made as familiar as Chrome.

Unlock All Advanced Features

Professional - $24/mo.
For freelanceers that need unique Internet identities

Business Plan - $49/mo.
For businesses that need a lot of member accounts

Note: A free 7-day trial period with full access to all functions.

Also Available: Download GoLogin for Mac

What's new in this version:

GoLogin 3.2.17
- Affiliate payments info (payments count + sum)

- Session Lock
- Minor bugs (Orbita downloading, profile launch, profile sync)

GoLogin 2.0.6
- Profiles list loading

GoLogin 2.0.5
- Abbreviated affiliate links
- Notification about recommended OS on current machine
- Loader on New Profile page
- M1 autodetect on New Profile page

- Inactive Create Profile/Save button in case of error
- Incorrect redirect to the payment page from the app
- Column width on the payments history page
- Fonts on Windows 7
- Search in the proxy manager
- Adding profiles to a folder
- Selected columns on the profiles table page
- Profiles filter by status
- Profiles filter by status
- Window opening with ctrl/command/mouse wheel

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