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Octo Browser

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    Octo Browser 1.11.6 LATEST

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Octo Browser is a universal, fast, and feature-rich multi-accounting browser suitable for teamwork and effective in any marketing strategy: affiliate marketing, account farming, web scraping, SMM, ORM, etc.

Octo Browser is unique in its feature set and speed of work. It uses very few resources and is constantly improving reacting to clients’ needs and feedback. It’s built on the latest Chromium and is updated within a week of every new Chromium release. Octo has a number of features that make it stand out: human typing simulation, videostream spoofing, the Cookie Robot, etc. Only real device fingerprints are used to create profiles, and profile parameters are controlled in the browser kernel (as opposed to most other multi-accounting browsers), which provides best-in-class identification and account overlapping protection.
Octo Browser users highlight its user-friendly interface and flexible settings for teamwork. You can use it on an unlimited number of devices irrespective of your subscription plan. It works on all major OS: Windows and MacOS (Intel/M1), and doesn’t require additional tweaking. You can both create quick profiles in one click and start working immediately, or customize and fine-tune your profile details to precisely fit your tasks. The Browser passes such checkers as pixelscan, creepjs, and browserleaks without mistakes or alerts.

Where is the Octo Browser useful?
  • Affiliate marketing (Scale up your ad campaigns, Teamwork, Increase your ad campaign reach, Work automation)
  • Online ADS /SMM /ORM (Opinion seeding and ORM, Tracking the competition, Key target group retargeting, An increase in ad volume Features and Highlights, testing ad campaign ideas)
  • E-commerce and Marketplaces ( Create multiple shops on e-commerce platforms and dropshipping, Sort and group ad campaigns according to their brands, Work in a team)
Features and Highlights

Safety and security
The browser is anonymous. All your profile settings are comprehensively spoofed. It’s impossible to know the real values of these parameters. Critically important data in Octo Browser is separated into different containers. That means that the unlikely scenario of, e.g., a profile database leak won’t automatically lead to a cookies’ leak.

The app balances usability and flexible configuration: you can both fine-tune your profile details and create new profiles in one click.You can copy and share profile settings to another Octo Browser user.

Socks5, http, ssh proxies are supported. Mass download, saving, and checking of proxies. You can re-use them later in one click.

Fingerprint spoofing
It uses fingerprints from real devices only; "we don’t generate them."

Good for large teams thanks to flexible profile access rights settings

You can use extensions and expand the capabilities of a given profile. You can use both Chrome store and custom expansions.

Cookie Robot
The Cookie Robot simulates behavior patterns of a real user, visiting necessary websites automatically.

Videostream Spoofing
Videostream spoofing is an Octo Browser feature that allows you to change your webcam video to any video on your device.

API automation
API automation using any convenient library.

Also Available: Download Octo Browser for Mac

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