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Grist is a modern relational spreadsheet open-source app that combines the flexibility of an easy-to-use spreadsheet management application with the robustness of a fully featured database manager. It offers a powerful set of features that bring spreadsheets into database processing, with a streamlined way to create connections/relationships between data entries.

The SaaS features a wide array of workflow-boosting features, including a highly capable AS formula assistant, flexible layout tools, collaboration and user access management, an advanced visualization engine, automatic backups, API for easier integration to external tools, and much more.

The Grist for PC is designed from the ground up to make complicated day-to-day data management much more intuitive and effective, allowing enthusiast and professional users to create custom data applications, manage complex spreadsheets, and manipulate data with ease.

Today, after several years on the market, this powerful service has been utilized in many fields of operation, including legal, marketing, education, and more.

Key Features
  • Streamlined Database Management – Combine powers of spreadsheet and database management into one app.
  • Data Superpowers – Streamline daily work and create dynamic charts and reports using powerful analysis and a no-code dashboard builder tool.
  • Local and Web-Based Access – Use it as a self-contained desktop app, fully in-browser service, or embeddable website module without special back-end support.
  • Versatile UI – Transform tables into easy-to-read data cards, colorful charts, and custom widgets.
  • Collect Data Easily – Gather data not only from static databases but also from custom forms and surveys that can be easily deployed online.
  • AI Formula Assistant – Quickly create advanced Python formulas using nothing more than plain conversational text inputs.
  • Visualize Data – Quickly summarize data into insightful charts and tables and notice automatically highlighted key data.
  • Flexible Pricing – Available both as a free and premium service.
Installation and Setup

This service can be installed in several ways, but the most popular one is by deploying the app via automated installer services such as Docker. The users simply need to input the text command to download the app, after which they can take full advantage of all of its services without even needing access to the internet.

Alternatively, users can install Self-Managed Core (on a local or remote server), or alternatively, access the app via its SaaS-hosted service at This version of the app is hosted on the powerful and secure Amazon Web Services servers and features advanced security features.

The software is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS (with full support for M-series CPU hardware).

How to Use

After installation, users can create and edit Grist documents, open and edit documents downloaded from another Grist installation, and take advantage of the software's powerful data management and manipulation features. The app promotes the easy creation of charts and tables, dynamic linking of charts, and many other services for managing business data (including planning, data modeling, assigning references, and more).

The service also provides detailed documentation and excellent support to help new inexperienced users get up and running.

User Interface

The app provides a customizable and intuitive dashboard that at first glance resembles the layout of the other popular spreadsheet management apps such as Excel. This allows users to easily and quickly transform tables into easy-to-read data tables, colorful charts, and custom widgets.

The software also offers a rich chart library, a filter bar for quick data analysis, and incremental imports for seamless data management.


What is Grist?
It is a modern spreadsheet management app that is built from the ground up to provide flexible management of large databases.

Is it safe?
Yes. This is an enterprise-grade product that is managed by a reputable development company and an open-source community.


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Excel – The world’s most popular spreadsheet software with robust data manipulation and analysis capabilities.

Airtable – A spreadsheet/database hybrid that provides a user-friendly interface and powerful data management features. – Work management tool & team collaboration app for PC.

ClickUp – Bring your team together to plan, track, and collaborate on any project!


This software can be accessed via several plans

Free Plan: Ability to manage 5K records per document, 30-day snapshot feature, and 100 AI Formula Assistant Credits.

$5 per user/month Pro Plan: 100 thousand records per document, a 3-year snapshot history, and a generous amount of AI Formula Assistant points per month.

Enterprise Plan: Unlocks access to self-managed deployment.

System Requirements

This software is optimized for Windows, Linux, and macOS, and it can be installed on local machines using Docker. The software also offers a self-contained desktop app for viewing and editing spreadsheets stored locally.

  • Powerful data management.
  • AI Formula Assistant.
  • User-friendly and customizable dashboard.
  • Support for full Python syntax and standard library in formulas.
  • Flexible pricing and deployment options.
  • They don't have a desktop application for Windows OS.

Grist is a modern spreadsheet editor that can organize, analyze, and share data using the latest database management techniques. Developed in the open-source environment, this software effortlessly combines the best solutions found in other spreadsheets and database management apps, with full support for 3rd party integrations, powerful AI Formula assistant, widgets, and advanced analytics.

Its versatility makes it one of the most powerful database management apps found on the open market and is especially attractive to businesses who want to customize the way of processing large amounts of data.

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