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Hearth Arena (also known as Hearthstone Arena Helper) is a popular open-source gaming utility app that enables users of the popular F2P online card game Hearthstone to learn everything about the currently available cards, decks, card rankings, and synergies that can be utilized to create the perfect deck for any particular match tactics.

The app features not only a comprehensive card database but also a very capable deckbuilding assistant that is particularly useful for creating unique and effective decks for drafting tournaments. It does so by providing users with instant feedback about the card power rankings and synergies, which can lead to the creation of decks with maximum potential for success in the tournament environment.

Draft decks in Hearthstone are made by picking one of the three cards that are presented to the player. To provide real-time feedback during the actual draft tournaments, this app runs in the background and provides a real-time overlay on the screen of your PC.

Hearth Arena Companion App deck building assistant provides instant feedback by autodetecting cards with good potential and providing three visual hints -  the number in the circle represents how well each card can work in a current deck (the higher the score, the better), tier score describes the individual ranking of each on-screen card, and the presence of the Crown icon signifies that this card is the best one of the three that are available for a draft pick.

Hearth Arena app always keeps in mind the entirety of the deck, providing useful recommendations for card picks with useful synergies that will maximize the effectiveness of the deck, which is especially useful for novices who have not yet mastered all the details and hidden tactics present in this popular digital card game.

In addition to all the tools and services already described, users can also gain valuable insight from the advisor located on top of the app that will in few sentences described the best use-case scenarios for all of the present cards that are currently offered for drafting.

  • Comprehensive card database.
  • Instant feedback on card rankings.
  • Real-time overlay during draft tournaments.
  • Autodetection of cards with potential.
  • Useful recommendations for deck synergy.
  • Free and open-source.
  • Limited to Windows OS.
  • May not appeal to experienced players.
  • Dependency on real-time overlay could be distracting.
  • Limited insight from advisor.
  • Potential for bias in card rankings.
Hearthstone Arena Helper is built in an open-source environment, enabling the community of developers from all around the world to expand this app in a collaborative and ever-evolving way. The app is 100% FREE and is optimized for work on all modern versions of Windows OS.

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