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HelpWire is a robust remote support service that competes directly with popular apps like TeamViewer and LogMeIn Rescue by offering a wide range of advanced capabilities that effectively boost support services workflows for teams and businesses of all sizes.

With its straightforward tools and user-friendly dashboard, this support platform stands out as a reliable solution for remote assistance in all situations. The app also allows users to expand its functionality with modules, ensuring a customizable experience tailored to specific needs.

The core feature of this platform is its streamlined toolset for remotely accessing distant computers (both Windows and Mac), enabling technicians to quickly identify issues and help customers to regain access to their data, optimize their workflow, and provide fast assistance at any moment.

And yes, this HelpWire for PC platform is accessible to all users (both individuals and businesses) for completely FREE, without any premium upgrades or hidden costs. It can easily be deployed to support teams of all sizes, enabling them to start serving customers without a long and expensive onboarding process.

Key Features

Team and Business Support – Designed from the ground up to handle support services for teams and businesses, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Straightforward Tools and Dashboard – Access intuitive tools and a user-friendly dashboard, ensuring a seamless support experience without expensive onboarding.

Customizable Operation – Allows operators to enhance their daily workflow by adding modules, enabling customization based on specific requirements.

Zero-Configuration Approach - Quickly get started thanks to its zero-configuration approach that minimizes setup time.

Built-in Chat and File Transfer – Accelerate resolve times with a built-in chat feature and a file transfer tool, facilitating efficient communication and collaboration during support sessions.

Multi-Monitor Support – Technicians have the ability to view and troubleshoot issues across different screens.

User Management Tools – The app provides user management tools, allowing administrators to control access and permissions for support technicians.

Cross-Platform Support – Manage both Windows and Mac customers with ease.

100% FREE – Adopt a fully featured customer support platform without the need to waste valuable financial resources on expensive premium subscription plans.

How to Use

To get this Windows PC app up and running, users simply must download a small automated installer on both the technician's and the client's devices. Once installed, technicians can initiate support sessions by generating a unique session code, which clients can enter to establish a connection. From there, technicians can remotely access the client's device and assist as needed.

The process of establishing a connection includes the creation of a client data entry, sending a connection link, getting permission from the end user, and establishing a connection.

The benefit of this approach is that it allows technicians to access all modern versions of operating systems on home, school, work, or portable devices. In addition to all recent versions of Windows OS, remote assistance can also be provided to Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

User Interface

HelpWire boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The stylish dashboard provides quick access to essential features, and the overall layout is designed to streamline the support process. Most of the dashboard screen is focused on showcasing a live view of a remote PC, with chat timelines, user listings, and configuration tools all being placed for easy access.

The top of the app features an important tabbed interface that showcases the currently active connection, enabling the technicians to easily move from one remote screen to another.

With its intuitive design and easy access to a wide variety of built-in tools (such as file transfer manager, multi-screen view, and more), users can quickly adapt to the app's interface and efficiently carry out remote support tasks.


What is HelpWire?
It is an advanced and free remote support service app that enables technicians to provide assistance to clients by remotely accessing their devices.

Is it safe?
Yes, this app fully prioritizes security and employs encryption protocols to ensure the safety of data transmitted during support sessions.

What are the most common use case scenarios of this remote support platform?
Technical support, education, help desks, tech consultancy, retail, and more.


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100% FREE. This remote support service platform offers all its advanced features for FREE, without any limitations on active sessions per operator.

System Requirements

HelpWire is compatible with major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also supports mobile devices running iOS and Android.

  • Comprehensive support for teams and businesses of all sizes.
  • User-friendly interface and straightforward tools.
  • Expandable functionality.
  • Zero-configuration approach for new users.
  • Built-in chat, file transfer tool, and multi-monitor support.
  • User management tools for efficient access control.
  • Cross-platform support for seamless connectivity.
  • FREE for use.
  • None.

HelpWire is a reliable and highly advanced remote support service that caters to the needs of teams and businesses, offering a wide array of comprehensive features, a user-friendly interface, and expandable functionality. All of this and much more are offered to all users for FREE, enabling businesses to supercharge their customer support, assistance, education, consultancy, and other remote projects with incredible ease.

Also Available: Download HelpWire for Mac

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