Multilogin Antidetect Browser - Creates new and unique browser fingerprints!


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Download Hidemyacc 2.1.13

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  • Latest Version:

    Hidemyacc 2.1.13 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    ONEADX CO., LTD. / Hidemyacc

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Hidemyacc is an antidetect browser software that enables you to hide your original browser fingerprint by creating unique digital fingerprints for your new multiple profiles from 01 computer. Instead of using multi-real devices or virtual machines, with Hidemyacc, you only need one computer to create profiles with different browser fingerprints and integrate with a proxy to change IP addresses.

Hidemyacc for Windows 11/10 is a must-have tool to manage multiple accounts. Since each account is managed on a separate browser profile as a unique user with its own browser fingerprint such as user agent, screen resolution, webGL, webRTC, geolocation, cookies, local storage, and cache, your accounts will avoid getting banned or blocked.

There are many use cases with Hidemyacc such as e-Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Testing, Ad Verification, Market Research, Advertising Analysis, Brand Protection, Web Scraping, Crypto, Gambling, Retail Price Comparison, and more.

Product Main Features

Separate Browsing Environment: It helps you manage multiple browser profiles with separate browser environments using only one computer while protecting you from unauthorized browser fingerprinting.

Customized Digital Fingerprint: You can self-customize parameters for your new digital identities and fingerprints which are undetectable and perceived as real people by all sites.

Intimate Browsers: It provides two browser options – Ghostly browser based on the Chromium engine, and Foxy based on the Firefox engine.

Collaboration With Team: Your multiple accounts are divided into separate groups so you can easily manage and share profiles/folders with your members without having to reveal the password.

Automation: It saves you time and optimizes your work by automatically doing iterative tasks such as cookie bots, creating accounts, surfing the web, etc.

Cookie-bot: To ensure all your profiles are securely stored with their own cookies and cache, while the Automation feature visits lists of URLs, Hidemyacc will run a bot to visit sites and collect cookies.

Huge configurations warehouse: You can create unique profiles with various parameter options from Hidemyacc’s continuously updated data source.

Auto Back-up: Since their server is automatically back-up every 24 hours, you can easily restore any accidentally deleted profiles.

Multi-app Integration: You can integrate Hidemyacc’s tools such as Hidemyphone, Facebook Automation, or your own tools into the app to increase your work efficiency.

Smooth User Experience: It has a friendly interface, always available customer support, and the fastest loading speed compared to other antidetect browsers.

Plans and Pricing

You can choose to purchase the app Monthly or Yearly. There is a 50% Discount for a Yearly subscription:

  • The Starter plan: $29 per month ($15 per month with the yearly plan)
  • The Base plan: $49 per month ($25 per month with the yearly plan)
  • The Team plan: $99 per month ($49 per month with the yearly plan)
  • The Business plan: $199 per month ($99 per month with the yearly plan)
  • The Share plan: $5 per month ($3 per month with the yearly plan)
  • Custom Plan: Custom Pricing

Note: A free 7-day trial period is available with up to 30 profiles to experience all features.


How to use Hidemyacc software?
A: Download Hidemyacc software. After that, if you do not have an account, register a new account, or if you already have a Hidemyacc account, you can log in to use it. After logging into a new account, you will have a 7-day free trial of the software. We have detailed software instruction videos on Youtube channel: "Hidemyacc Vietnam" , you can learn and use according to the instructions. If you have any questions during use, please contact our support team via Facebook, Telegram and Skype.

What operating systems can Hidemyacc be used on?
A: Currently you can use Hidemyacc on Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Can I use 1 Hidemyacc account on multiple computers?
A: You can log into your account and use Hidemyacc on many different computers. If you want to use all data when using 1 account on multiple machines, you should pay attention to turn on data synchronization (cookies, bookmarks, history in the Advanced section).

How many Hidemyacc accounts can I use on 1 computer?
A: With paid accounts, you can use unlimited accounts on 1 machine. With trial accounts, you can only use 1 account/computer.

How can I pay?
A: Hidemyacc supports payment via USDT, Paypal, Pingpong, Payoneer, and Visa/MasterCard. Payment instructions are displayed directly in Hidemyacc software. If you have any questions, please contact Hidemyacc’s support team.

If I don't pay on time, will my data be lost?
A: Within 7 days without renewal, or without receiving any information from you, Hidemyacc will delete your data. If you encounter any force majeure, please contact their support team.

After payment, how long will my account be renewed?
A: Right after you pay. We have an Automatic Payment Checking system, so you can pay and use it at any time. If your account has not been renewed after 5 minutes, please contact support team.

Can I change my subscription?
A: You can change to any plan if your existing account fits it. If within 7 days you want to upgrade the package, you just need to transfer the difference amount and contact Hidemyacc’s support team.


  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Customizable Parameters
  • Multiple Browser Options
  • Team Collaboration
  • Configurations Warehouse
  • Auto Back-up
  • Multi-app Integration


  • Paid Subscription
  • Limited Free Trial

Also Available: Download Hidemyacc for Mac

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