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Keeper Security

Keeper Security

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Keeper is an advanced password manager that can help everyone keep track of their numerous website logins, app credentials, banking information, and private information in one secure location, always accessible from home, work, or on the go.

With automatic background synchronization and military-grade encryption, Keeper Unlimited can help everyone store an unlimited number of passwords and sensitive private information in the cloud, where it can be accessed only by those who know a single master password.

To use Keeper, users simply have downloaded its app and installed it on their PC. Then they will be asked to create an account, with an accompanying master password that will protect all of the other personal data in an encrypted environment. Users can store an unlimited number of passwords and sensitive information, including data fields such as title, login, password, login URL, custom fields, and notes for each entry.

All entries can be distributed into custom folders, with a full search tool being able to quickly identify the specific entries. While browsing websites, the app will autofill passwords and offer to save login credentials for each new website that is not part of the user’s personal database.

Available for Download:

Desktop App - Keeper Password Manager

Fully-featured desktop application for fast and secure access to your Keeper vault.

KeeperFill and Digital Vault

A browser extension that lets you autofill your login credentials in your favourite websites.

Mobile App (Android / iOS)

Paid Plans:

Keeper Unlimited!
  • Securely Store Unlimited Passwords
  • Generate & AutoFill Strong Passwords
  • Store Identity & Payment Info
  • Login with Fingerprint & Face ID
  • Use and Access on Unlimited Devices
Keeper Family
  • Unlimited password storage
  • 10GB Secure File Storage
  • Unlimited Identity & Payment Storage
  • Secure Record Sharing
  • And more!
Security features of Keeper Password Manager are extensive, and they include not only direct encryption both for local and cloud Secure Vault, but also active scanning for external threats.

The easily visible Security Audit tab can provide valuable information about the current status of their credentials (whether or not websites they have credentials for have been exposed as hacked), the presence of shared passwords on multiple accounts, and Breach Watch – an advanced service that will identify online destinations that are possibly affected by various malware.

  • Enterprise Password Management
  • Business Password Management
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Public Sector
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Personal Password Manager
  • Family Password Manager
In addition to the local PC application, It can also be accessed via web interface and native mobile apps for iOS and Android, making all passwords and sensitive data available to users while on the go. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch for advanced two-factor authentication. Mobile users can also login into the app with their fingerprint or facial scan.

  • Securely stores passwords
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Autofill & save login credentials
  • Comprehensive security features
  • Accessible across devices
  • Enterprise solutions available
  • None
Keeper is a premium service that does not have a free tier of use. It asks its users to pay for a personal subscription service that costs less than $3 per month. The app is optimized only for modern versions of Windows OS (10 and 11).

Also Available: Download Keeper Security for Mac