Easily creating and using macros on any mouse and keyboard setup


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  • Latest Version:

    Keyran 1.3.5 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Keyran Team / Keyran

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Keyran is a cutting-edge software designed for Windows PC that enables the creation and usage of macros on any mouse and keyboard configuration. With over 8000 FREE macros available, Keyran is an incredibly versatile app that caters to a wide range of needs, from suppressing recoil in combat to automating MMO tasks.

While it may seem like Keyran is primarily designed for gamers, it can be used for virtually anything. Users can easily create intricate macros using an intuitive interface and customize them to their liking. The app also allows users to share their creations with others, making it a great tool for collaboration and sharing.

One of the best features of the app is its compatibility with a wide range of gaming peripherals that come with built-in macro functionalities. The app is designed to be easy to use, and users can create and implement macros with just a few clicks. The editor is straightforward, and users can either record keystrokes or input them manually via an on-screen keyboard and mouse.

Users should be aware that some games prohibit the use of macro software, so it's important to check the terms of service before attempting to run macros. However, it provides a way to bypass these common protections by installing a driver that requires a system reboot.

  • Can work with a minimized window
  • There is color recognition and random delays
  • Supports macros from gaming devices in *amc format
  • Fits any mouse and keyboard
  • Easy macro editor without memory limitations
  • Incognito mode makes it harder for security tools to detect
  • Requires no knowledge to set up and use

STANDARD Plan - $7.50/month
  • Removes time limits
  • Access to 8000 ready-made macros
  • General support priority
ADVANCED Plan - $36.00/year
  • Removes time limits
  • Access to 8000 ready-made macros
  • Without advertising
  • High priority tech support
  • Remote configuration option
Keyran is shareware. The program has a trial period, which you can use every day for FREE for a limited amount of time, if this time is not enough, you can purchase a license key that removes restrictions on the use of the program, disables ads, and gives access to more than 8000 ready-made macros. After payment, the license key will be sent to the mail specified during payment and will also be displayed on the monitor screen.

  • Efficient Key Management
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Customizable Organization
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Possible Compatibility Issues
  • May Require Subscription for Premium Features

Overall, Keyran is an excellent desktop app that makes macros accessible to everyone. Whether you're a gamer or not, this software is a great tool for enhancing efficiency and automating repetitive tasks.

  • Keyran 1.3.5 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Keyran 1.3.5
- mouse movement to random coordinates
- a macro command to search for color in a screen area
- a magnifying glass when inserting coordinates in a macro using a slider
- overlay highlighting of the cursor when working with coordinates in the macro editor
- a menu command in the macro editor that allows opening a file or folder in the file explorer

- an issue where the loop counter did not reset when exiting it with a go-to command to a line outside the loop
- the operation of the color detection command, now when checking the color range, the FROM value can be greater than the TO value
- an error that occurred when selecting a color with negative coordinates when using a second monitor
- an issue where the coordinate or color pointer slider in the macro editor did not stop when pressing Alt+Tab and in some other cases
- Updated the descriptions of some commands
- Optimized the speed of displaying ready-made macros when there are too many of them
- an error when scrolling that led to high CPU load
- system errors

Keyran 1.3.4
- Fixed system errors

Keyran 1.3.2
- A new option has been added to the driver settings that allows you to load the driver when the program starts
- Fixed an issue where keyboard buttons were not pressed when trying to run the program through hotkeys while recording a macro
- Fixed a bug where the sound notification of a new message was played 2 times when starting the incognito version
- Fixed a bug in the color definition command in which in some cases the data was not changed during editing

Keyran 1.3.1
- Fixed typos in UI text
- Fixed some system bugs

Keyran 1.3.0
- Fixed slow opening of the macro assignment menu with a large number of files
- Fixed a bug where the first delay in a macro was not always executed

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