Large text viewer was designed for viewing large text files up to 248GB!

Large Text File Viewer

Large Text File Viewer

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Large Text File Viewer is an endgame solution for any PC user who wants to open, view, edit and perform light operations on text files that are much larger than your built-in Windows apps (Notepad and Wordpad) can handle on their own. Built from the ground up to handle files of sizes going up to an amazing 248 GB (or 2.1 billion lines, whichever is reached first), Large Text File Viewer is a perfect application for users who want to enhance their daily workflow with the stable and highly usable text viewing and editing application that will not let them down.

To handle opening of such files without taking large resources from your home or work PC or laptop, Large Text Viewer app focuses on working to display only the relevant sections of your large text file document that you are actively observing, creating on your local storage temporary files whenever you open a file that is larger than 300 MB. The app will not even try to load the entire large file in RAM memory, which is a tactic that many other similar apps often try.

In addition to simply opening large files and presenting them to you quickly and reliably, Large Text File Viewer also has support for simple text searching, editing, and exporting features, and a streamlined interface that shows all loaded files in an easy-to-use tabbed interface. The app supports visual themes (such as dark themes), a highlighter tools, manager for workspace memory, and even support for plugins, external tools, macros, and more.

While you will rarely manage to find the limits of this application, you can be sure that Large Text File Viewer Software will always take care of your PC by not hogging resources. The app is small, fast, and it is distributed online in three main versions – a fully-featured desktop installer version, and two feature-limited Portable and Store App versions.

  • Handles extremely large text files (up to 248 GB).
  • Efficiently loads only relevant sections, conserving resources.
  • Supports text searching, editing, and exporting.
  • User-friendly tabbed interface.
  • Offers visual themes and highlighter tools.
  • Supports plugins, external tools, and macros.
  • Small, fast, and resource-friendly.
  • Multiple distribution options, including a portable version.
  • Limited to a 30-day trial version.
Note: 30 days trial version.

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