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Maplesoft Maple

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Download Maplesoft Maple 2022.1

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    Maplesoft Maple 2022.1 LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 111

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    Maplesoft / Maplesoft Maple

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    Maplesoft Maple 2022 full offline installer setup for PC 32bit/64bit

Maplesoft Maple is a symbolic and numeric computing environment and multi-paradigm programming language software that enables students, educators, researchers to gain incredible insights into all aspects of technical computing, including visualization, data analysis, matrix computation, and connectivity. Used today all around the world for education, engineering, and research purposes, this award-winning software, and service package for advanced system simulation, calculation management, and systems engineering has proven to be one of the best possible software solutions for computer algebra systems and numeric computation that you could ever require.

Maplesoft Maple combines the elements of the most powerful math engine available today in a commercial product with a streamlined interface that promotes easy exploration of mathematical concepts, analysis of math theories, visualization of tasks of all complexities, and your sure way of finding solutions to even most difficult mathematical problems.

Today, Maplesoft Maple is used in Fortune 500 companies as one of their core tools for quick and accurate problem solving and in-depth analysis of new mathematical expressions. Its intuitive interface is also fully suitable for the education environment, where teachers can quickly introduce, showcase, and provide unique teaching experiences to their students. Newcomers can take quick advantage of the ready-made components for easy integration of underlying algorithms and routines, while advanced users can expand capabilities of the app with their own modules and custom algorithms written in a multi-paradigm programming language that can handle all aspects of Maple, including (but not limited to) complex numbers, interval arithmetic, differential algebra, matrix manipulation, statistics models, probability and combinatoric functions, number theory tools, symbolic tensor functions, parallel programming and more.

Originally presented to the public in distant 1982, this famous math software has gone through more than 50 major iterations. Its latest version can be purchased under several available licenses (Academic, Professional, Student, and Individual), but it can be also be tested for FREE with a 15-day TRIAL.

Installation and Use

The latest version of Maplesoft Maple is distributed in a package that weighs around 2 GB in size. To successfully run it on your home or work PC, you will need to have at least the following hardware configuration: 1GHz processor, 2GB of system RAM, and 4GB of free storage space. In addition to the latest versions of Windows OS, Maplesoft Maple can also be run on older Windows XP. For the best experience, developers recommend modern PC configuration with a quad-core CPU and 8GB of RAM.

Features and Highlights

  • Comprehensive suite for analyzing, exploring, visualizing, and solving complex math, engineering and computation problems.
  • Support for combined numeric and symbolic computations.
  • Advanced analysis tools for all types of mathematical equations.
  • Support for mathematics and traditional mathematical notation, custom interfaces, and multi-paradigm programming language.
  • Built-in components for easy integration of underlying algorithms and routines.
  • The perfect tool for students, educators, and researchers.
  • Used extensively in Fortune 500 companies located all around the world.
  • Optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS (XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10).
  • Modest PC system requirements.
  • Accessible under multiple premium licenses.
  • Available for FREE via a 15-day trial.

Also Available: Download Maple for Mac

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