Awesome remake of the classic Super Mario Bros game for PC!

Mario Forever

Mario Forever

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Mario Forever is a PC version of the incredibly popular action-platforming video game Super Mario Bros 3. Enhanced with new visual effects and a wide variety of added content, even decades after it was originally introduced first to the players, this video game represents one of the best platforming experiences found on the modern Windows OS platform. Originally released in 1988 as Super Mario Bros. 3 (also known as Mario 3, Super Mario 3, or SMB), this cult platforming game again tasked the brave protagonist Mario to navigate various worlds in the search for the kidnapped princess Peach.

While the original game can today be experienced in its native form via a wide variety of emulators, many players prefer to access it via this standalone game that introduces many new welcomed addons. In Mario Forever this includes the presence of 8 brand new maps that are choke-full with new enemies and dangers, a wide variety of new powerups (ghost Mario, shooting Mario, fireball Mario, mushrooms, flying mushrooms, and others), enhanced visuals, support for upscaling original low-res graphics to 800x600, and an ability to save and load the game from any point during your adventures.

The purists who are searching for authentic audio/visual presentation will be satisfied with this game, which manages to easily recreate the animation, smoothness of the movement, and a graphical style that was present in the original 8-bit version of the console game.

This PC adaptation of the legendary hit also provides players with the ability to easily customize controls both on keyboard and gamepads. Every gamer who wants to experience the magic and wonder of the action-platforming masterpiece game Super Mario Bros 3 can do this in style with Mario Forever. And the best thing is since the game requires such minimal hardware resources, it can be easily played even on the oldest desktop and laptop PCs that you can find today.

Features and Highlights
  • New powerful graphics algorithms
  • New visual effects
  • New visual effects
  • The help signs for beginners
  • New pipe shortcuts
  • Credits changed
  • Changed difficult level
  • Save Game room was upgraded
  • New Mario Forever logo on start game
  • More compression level - game installer now have 16mb not 24
  • The background graphics were upgraded
  • Smoother graphics and scrolling

Nostalgia: It captures the essence of the classic Super Mario games, offering a nostalgic experience for fans of the series.

Free: Mario Forever game is typically available for FREE, making it accessible to a wide audience without any cost.

Classic Gameplay: The game features classic 2D platforming gameplay, which many players find enjoyable and reminiscent of the original Super Mario games.

Familiar Characters: It includes familiar characters like Mario, Luigi, and enemies like Goombas and Koopa Troopas.

Variety of Levels: It offers a variety of levels with different themes and challenges, providing hours of gameplay.

User-Created Content: Some versions of the game allow users to create and share their own levels, adding to the game's replayability.


Not Official: The game is not an official Nintendo game, and it does not have the same level of polish, quality, or official support as official Mario titles.

Legal Issues: Since it's an unofficial fan-made game, it can potentially infringe on Nintendo's intellectual property rights, leading to legal issues.

Lack of Innovation: While the game aims to recreate the classic Mario experience, it doesn't bring much innovation to the formula and may not offer anything substantially new for long-time fans.

Outdated Graphics and Sound: The game's graphics and sound may appear outdated compared to modern Mario games, which may not appeal to players looking for a more polished experience.

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