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Download MATLAB R2023b

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What's new in this version:

- Live Editor Tasks: Create Live Editor task from selected code with interactive controls
- Live Editor Tables: Add tables containing text and images to live scripts and functions
- Live Editor Controls: Add color pickers and state buttons to live scripts
- Live Editor Controls: Select folders interactively in live scripts using file browser
- Live Editor Accessibility: Interact with inline output using the keyboard
- Live Editor Export: Interactively customize export options, such as document paper size, orientation, margins, and figure format
- export Function: Convert live scripts and functions to Markdown files and Jupyter notebooks
- Editor Execution: Run sections even if other sections contain syntax errors
- Editor Variable Renaming: Automatically rename next references to variables or functions in file
- Find and Replace Dialog Box: Use capture groups in regular expressions to search for and replace groups of characters
- Debugging in MATLAB Online: Manage breakpoints and navigate the function call stack using Debugger panel
- Desktop Layout in MATLAB Online: Open additional panels directly from sidebars
- Themes in MATLAB Online: Save color customizations for individual themes
- Window Management in MATLAB Online: Automatically collapse windows
- MATLAB on Macs: Better performance and improved battery life on MacBooks with MATLAB and Simulink running natively on Apple silicon
- MATLAB on Macs: Java Runtime Environment required for MATLAB and MATLAB Runtime on Apple silicon
- Functionality being removed or changed

Language and Programming:
- configureDictionary Function: Create dictionaries with configured keys and values
- lookup, insert, and remove Functions: Find, add, and remove dictionary entries
- codeIssues Object: Export issues identified in code
- Code Compatibility Analyzer App: Group and filter code issues with improved interface
- Class Diagram Viewer: Add known subclasses to diagrams
- mustBeSparse Function: Validate sparsity of arguments
- Functionality being removed or changed

Data Analysis:
- Experiment Manager App: Design experiments to run MATLAB code, and visualize, filter, and compare results
- Pivot Table Live Editor Task: Interactively summarize tabular data in pivoted table
- resize, paddata, and trimdata Functions: Change the size of data by adding or removing elements
- smoothdata2 Function: Smooth noisy data in two dimensions
- kde Function: Estimate a probability function by using kernel density estimation for univariate data
- Join Tables Live Editor Task: Sort output timetable by row times when row times are not key values
- Data Cleaning: Interactively fill missing data with values from nearest neighbor rows
- Live Editor: Display the contents of nested tables as variables
- Live Editor: Copy output data as tab-delimited text
- pivot Function: Display empty groups in pivoted table
- pivot Function: Specify row names for pivoted table as row group names
- stackedplot Function: Plot events associated with timetables
- Timetable Events: Perform calculations directly on event tables without extracting their data
- containsrange, overlapsrange, and withinrange Functions: Specify time ranges by using event filters
- Variables Editor in MATLAB Online: Interactively change display format for datetime or duration data
- Variables Editor in MATLAB Online: View and interactively edit scalar structures, object arrays, and tables with grouped variables
- Accessibility in MATLAB Online: Use a screen reader to interact with the Workspace browser, Variables editor, Property Inspector, and Import Tool
- Histogram Distribution Charts: Calculate values and create histograms using percentages
- tallrng Function: Specify random number algorithm without specifying seed
- Functionality being removed or changed

Data Import and Export:
- readstruct Function: Read data from JSON files
- writestruct Function: Write structure arrays to JSON files
- Parquet: Create ParquetDatastore objects more efficiently with partition control in parallel environments
- cmdsep Function: Return command separator for current platform
- NetCDF Interface: Import netCDF data using Import Tool in MATLAB Online and Import Data Live Editor Task
- NetCDF Interface in MATLAB Online: Import netCDF data by double-clicking netCDF files
- Image File Format Libraries: LibTIFF library upgraded to version 4.5.0
- Scientific File Format Libraries: HDF4 library upgraded to version 4.2.16
- Scientific File Format Libraries: HDF5 library upgraded to version 1.10.10
- Scientific File Format Libraries: NetCDF library upgraded to version 4.9.1
- serialbreak Function: Send break to device connected to serial port
- Functionality being removed or changed

- Ordinary Differential Equations: Use object-oriented solution framework for ODEs
- rng Function: Change default algorithm and seed for random number generator, and specify random number algorithm without specifying seed
- MATLAB Support Package for Quantum Computing: Solve Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) problems
- MATLAB Support Package for Quantum Computing: Control circuit plot appearance and behavior with QuantumCircuitChart objects
- deconv Function: Perform least-squares deconvolution with different convolved subsections
- svdappend Function: Calculate revised singular value decompositions
- expmv Function: Calculate matrix exponential multiplied by vector
- expm Function: Improved algorithm for single-precision matrices
- scatteredInterpolant Object: Use multivalued interpolation to interpolate multiple data sets simultaneously

- piechart and donutchart Functions: Create configurable, interactive pie and donut charts
- Plot Colors: Choose from nine color palettes
- abyss Function: Apply blue-to-black colormap to charts and images
- Legend: Control the order of legend entries
- xscale, yscale, and zscale Functions: Quickly change between logarithmic and linear axes scales after plotting
- xsecondarylabel, ysecondarylabel, and zsecondarylabel Functions: Create, delete, or modify secondary axis labels
- Bar Charts: Specify bar labels as string vectors
- xregion and yregion Functions: Create unbounded regions and specify multiple regions as matrix
- Text Objects: Control whether text labels are included in axes limits
- Contour Plots: Customize colors of contour labels
- Colors and Line Styles: Control automatic color and line style selection for additional chart objects
- Heatmap Charts: Control text interpreter for text labels in heatmap charts
- Images: Display images with datetime, duration, or categorical pixel coordinates
- swarmchart Function: Create horizontal swarm charts
- Geographic Plots: Some basemaps have improved appearance at high zoom levels
- Figure Code in MATLAB Online: Generate code from Camera tab
- Figure Code in MATLAB Online: Generate code from Property Inspector
- Functionality being removed or changed

App Building:
- uislider Function: Create slider to specify range of values in apps and on App Designer canvas
- uicontextmenu and uimenu Functions: Access information about action used to open context menu
- uispinner and uieditfield Functions: Create spinners and numeric edit fields with placeholder text
- uilistbox and uidropdown Functions: Access index of component value in list of items
- uitable Function: Query selected table data in current table display
- uicontextmenu Function: Context menus on trees appear when you right-click anywhere in the tree
- appmigration.migrateGUIDEApp Function: Migrating multiple apps from GUIDE to App Designer updates app references
- App Designer: Interactively rearrange tabs, menus, tree nodes, and toolbar tools
- App Designer: Write unit tests for custom UI components
- App Designer: View changes to HTML UI component source while working in Design View
- Comparison Tool: Save app comparison results as PDF or DOCX reports programmatically and interactively
- Axes Interactions: Interpolate data tip location
- Axes Interactions: Indicate azimuth and elevation angles
- Axes Interactions: Zoom into rectangular region of 2-D view of 3-D chart
- App Testing Framework: Automatically scroll to components outside viewable area
- Web Apps and Standalone Applications: Data brushing supported in graphics

- Language and Programming: Improved performance for reading and writing class property values
- dde23 Function: Improved performance integrating high-dimensional systems
- nufftn Function: Improved performance with nonuniform sample points or query points
- fillmissing Function: Improved performance when filling entries with previous or next numeric value
- ismember Function: Improved performance with small unsorted set array
- islocalmax and islocalmin Functions: Improved performance when finding local minima and maxima
- Data Cleaner App: Improved rendering performance of Cleaning Parameters panel
- Tiled Chart Layouts: Improved performance for flow layouts with spanned axes
- Plots in Apps: Improved performance when scrolling to zoom
- Plots in Apps: Improved responsiveness for scatter plot interactions in apps
- Plots in Apps: Constant lines and constant regions update continuously as you pan
- App Building: Improved performance when resizing apps with nested containers
- App Building: Improved startup performance for apps with panels in multiple tabs
- App Designer: Improved app loading and running performance
- App Designer: Improved performance when adding custom UI components to an app
- Property Inspector in MATLAB Online: Improved performance when opening for the first time
- Graphics in MATLAB Online: Images and 3-D plots in apps have significant performance gains

Software Development Tools:
- Source Control API: Interact with Git source control programmatically
- Project API: Determine whether file belongs to a project
- Source Control in MATLAB Online: Perform source control operations using unified panel
- Source Control in MATLAB Online: Expanded support for Git workflows
- Projects in MATLAB Online: Added support for team collaboration workflows
- Project Examples: Identify and run tests in projects
- Build Automation: Use built-in tasks to define common build actions
- Build Automation: Automatically open MATLAB project when running builds
- Build Automation: Invoke build tool from project subfolders
- Build Automation: Operate on file collections
- Build Automation: Name the inputs and outputs of tasks for incremental builds
- Build Automation: Run tasks using build options
- Unit Testing Framework: Programmatically access code coverage results using the runtests function
- Unit Testing Framework: Test for missing elements
- Unit Testing Framework: Modify test report title
- App Testing Framework: Automatically scroll to components outside viewable area
- matlab.test.behavior.Missing Class: Test against constructor arguments that result in incompatible values
- Functionality being removed or changed

External Language Interfaces:
- Call MATLAB from C++: Generate output types for strongly typed methods and functions
- Publish C++ Interface: Support for pointer return of string and fundamental types
- Call MATLAB from .NET: Generate C# code interface for MATLAB packages, classes, and functions
- Call .NET from MATLAB: Create explicit interface view of .NET object
- Python: Support for version 3.11
- Python Interface: Use of environment variable PYTHONHOME to load interpreter
- Python Interface: Convert list and tuple of Python datetime or timedelta objects to MATLAB arrays
- Python Interface: Resolve Python configuration issues
- Compilers: Download MinGW-w64 8.1 from Add-On Explorer
- Compilers: Support for NAG Fortran on Apple silicon
- Compilers: Support for Microsoft Visual Studio Build Tools
- Functionality being removed or changed

Hardware Support:
- Support for ArduCam Multi Camera Adapter Module on Raspberry Pi Hardware

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