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Messages by Google is the official Google app, desktop/laptop and web version for texting through RCS technology, which can switch to SMS/MMS when necessary. With features like one-tap calendar reminders and emoji responses, you can accomplish more within your conversations while maintaining security through spam protection and end-to-end encryption. To send SMS, MMS, and chat messages from your computer, utilize Google Messages for Web Online. Begin by opening the Messages app on your Android phone.

This allows you to concentrate on building relationships with the individuals and companies that matter to you, regardless of the device they are using. You can also track your friends' typing activity and message read receipts, share high-quality images and videos, add members to group chats with ease, and enjoy an overall enhanced messaging experience.

Google Messages for Desktop/Laptop offers a variety of features, such as spam protection, chat functions, bubbles, quick reply, and Google Assistant integration, among others. While other messaging applications may have some of these features, they are typically not as advanced as those found in Google Messages. For instance, the app's spam protection is exceptionally efficient in detecting and diverting unwanted messages to the spam folder within seconds of their arrival.

Message scheduling has been a highly anticipated feature, and Google Messages now supports it. Additionally, the app allows users to send a variety of options, such as documents, images, internet videos, location data, stickers, contact information, and GIFs.

How to Use

Text on your device by pairing your phone
  1. On your phone, open icon app Messages by Google
  2. Tap Menu from your conversation list and select Device pairing
  3. Tap QR code scanner and scan the code on this device
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Main Features

  • Ability to respond to a specific message in a chat, making it easier to keep up with conversations.
  • Reacting to SMS texts with emoji, even if the other person is an iPhone user.
  • Voice Message Transcription, which auto-transcribes audio messages using machine learning technology for easier access.
  • In-app reminders to help remember important moments and appointments.
  • Ability to watch YouTube videos within Messages without leaving the app.
  • Intelligent suggestion to "star" messages containing important information like addresses and phone numbers.
  • Recognition of texts that suggest a need for a video call and suggestion of Meet calls.
  • Experimentation with chatting with businesses directly through Messages, keeping all conversations in one searchable and secure place.
  • Cross-device functionality, enabling messaging from phone to Chromebook to smartwatch.
  • Messaging on United Airlines flights with RCS turned on, with broader support coming soon.


What is Messages by Google?
Answer: Messages by Google is the official app for texting (SMS) and rich communication services (RCS) on Android phones. It allows users to send messages, photos, videos, stickers, and GIFs to other users, regardless of the device they use.

Is Google Messages FREE to use?
Answer: Yes, Google Messages is a free app that comes pre-installed on most Android phones.

How do I know if my phone supports RCS?
Answer: You can check if your phone supports RCS by opening the Messages app, going to Settings, and looking for the Chat features option. If it's there, your phone supports RCS.

How do I enable end-to-end encryption in Messages by Google?
Answer: End-to-end encryption is automatically enabled for one-on-one conversations in Messages by Google. However, group conversations are not encrypted.

Can I send messages from Messages by Google on my computer (Windows 10/11)?
Answer: Yes, you can use Messages for Web to send messages from your computer. Open the Messages app on your phone, go to Settings, and select "Messages for Web" to get started.

How do I schedule a message in Messages by Google?
Answer: You can schedule a message in Messages by Google by long-pressing the Send button and selecting a date and time.

Can I make voice and video calls in Messages by Google?
Answer: Yes, you can make voice and video calls in Messages by Google if your phone supports RCS.

How do I block someone in Messages by Google?
Answer: To block someone in Messages by Google, long-press on the conversation, tap on the "More options" button, and select "Block & report spam."

Can I backup my messages in Messages by Google?
Answer: Yes, you can backup your messages in Messages by Google by going to Settings, selecting "Chat features," and turning on "Enable chat features backup."

How do I switch to Messages by Google from another messaging app?
Answer: To switch to Messages by Google from another messaging app, download the app from the Google Play Store, set it as your default messaging app, and follow the setup instructions.


  • Syncs with Mobile App
  • Rich Media Sharing
  • Search and Archive Messages
  • Multi-Platform Availability


  • Requires Internet Connection
  • Browser Compatibility Issues
  • May Require Frequent Logins for Security Reasons


All in all, Google Messages for Web is a feature-rich messaging app that offers a wide range of options for users. From spam protection and chat features to voice message transcription and YouTube integration, this app provides a convenient and efficient way to stay connected with friends and family. Other notable features include message scheduling, intelligent message suggestions, and the ability to chat with businesses directly through the app.

Additionally, Messages by Google is available on multiple devices, including smartphones, Chromebooks, desktop/laptop, and smartwatches. With end-to-end encryption and support for RCS, this app provides a secure and seamless messaging experience for Android users. This is a review from the FileHorse team, and this app is highly recommended for your daily use!

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