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Mobalytics is a professional game utility that specializes in providing gamers of all proficiency levels, professional teams, and eSport coaches with visual analytics and performance data extracted from several eSports titles developed by Riot Games - League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legend of Runeterra, and Valorant.

Be Prepared
Scout your lobby and automatically get the best builds for every game

In-Game Overlay
Stay ahead with powerspike notifications, live gold leads and jungle timers

Win More
Learn from your matches with in-depth performance analysis and LP tracking

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Built from the ground up to be as informative as possible, It can help players to analyze their in-game performance, offer a comprehensive overview of every game moment, learn tactics, builds, and upgrade paths of their opponents, identify weaknesses in areas that need improvement, and learn actionable insights of how to improve gameplay to become more effective against stronger opponents.

Mobalytics is distributed online as an automated installer that can be easily deployed on any modern Windows OS desktop or laptop PC. Once active, its main dashboard will scan for compatible games, interface with official servers and Mobalytics cloud service, and start analyzing all the game data that it has access to.


Get the App for free by using the Download button below.

A short installation will enable the Mobalytics App on your PC.

The App automatically pops up when your match starts.

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Before each game, players are empowered to optimize their game plan, set their build order strategies, scout for online players (potential teammates and powerful opponents), and get everything ready for the actual match.
  • Player Scouting
  • Player Performance Insights (Badges)
  • In-depth Summoner Stats
  • Pick, Ban, and Counter Recommendations
  • Meta Highlights
  • Build Recommendations
  • Runes and Items Auto Import
  • Game Plan Recommendations
  • Champion Power Spikes
  • Matchup Specific Advice (PLUS version)
  • Champion Combos (PLUS version)
During the active online match, itprovides players with a dynamic in-game overlay that showcases all the insights, statistics, and recommendations that can help players to boost their match effectiveness. After the game is finished, the main dashboard will showcase an incredible variety of statistics and insights collected from recent games, all with included opponent research reports and additional data points that can help players, teams, and coaches to identify weak points and focus on learning how to overcome them.

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In addition to core data listings and recommendations, the dashboard will also award players with achievements that cover all possible styles of play and will showcase unearned achievements that can be snatched with a more competent online playstyle.

With prolonged use, It can become a powerful tool for becoming a better online player. The data collected by Mobalytics show that its users climb through the competitive ranks 27% faster than regular players who don’t rely on any analytics and coaching utility. As of early 2024, Mobalytics was used by more than 7 million players, in over 180 countries in the world.

Why Mobalytics is teaming up with Overwolf

Since It founded Mobalytics, one of Its dreams has been to make tools that are best in class for as many gamers as possible.

It started off with League of Legends players and has since spread to other games including TFT, LoR, VALORANT, and Lost Ark.

By using Overwolf’s framework, It’ll no longer have to build from scratch when expanding to new games. By accelerating the early phases of new product creation, It’ll be able to deploy new games at a much faster rate while still maintaining the high quality It strives for.


What is Mobalytics and how does it work?
Answer: Mobalytics is a PC-based platform that provides personalized advice and analytics to League of Legends players and more games. It analyzes gameplay data to identify areas of strength and weakness, and provides recommendations for improvement in areas such as champion pool, playstyle, and game knowledge.

Is Mobalytics FREE to use?
Answer: It offers both free and premium subscription plans. The free plan provides basic analytics and personalized advice, while the premium plan offers more detailed insights and advanced features such as custom performance reports and a full match history.

Can Mobalytics be used with any League of Legends account?
Answer: Yes, it can be used with any League of Legends account, regardless of rank or region. Users simply need to link their League of Legends account to the platform to access their personalized data and recommendations.

What kind of data does Mobalytics collect?
Answer: It collects gameplay data such as win/loss ratios, champion stats, and game history, as well as personal data such as playstyle preferences and preferred roles/champions. This data is used to generate personalized analytics and recommendations for each user.

Does Mobalytics support other games besides League of Legends?
Answer: Currently, it only supports League of Legends. However, the company has expressed interest in expanding to other games in the future, such as Valorant and TFT.

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In the Free/Demo version:
  • No specific champion vs champion matchups
  • No champion combos
  • No progress tracking
  • No challenges
  • No early-access to new feature
An optional Mobalytics Plus service provides players with an increased offering of game statistics, scouting tips, tutorials for advanced tactics, tracking of player progress, and a wide array of in-game challenges, and it also fully removes ads.

  • Provides comprehensive analytics and personalized advice
  • Covers multiple eSports titles
  • Easy to use and install
  • Offers free and premium subscription plans
  • Only supports a limited number of games
  • Some features are only available in the premium subscription plan
  • Not a browser-based platform

All in all, Mobalytics is a highly effective analytics and coaching tool for several MOBA and team-based FPS titles that can help users to climb faster on competitive rankings. It is not browser-based like many of its competitors and allows players to take full advantage of the insightful in-game overlay.

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