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Mr.TomatoS is a free simulation puzzle game for Windows PC that allows gamers of all ages to enjoy a simplified gameplay centered around Mr. Tomato, a task giver that demands a perfect mix of food for his nutritional needs.

âš  Note: This software is no longer available for the download. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for other reasons.

Developed from the ground up to visually resemble classic web flash designs from the early 2000s, this lightweight game features colorful and eye-catching 2D visuals and easy controls that demand only the skillful use of a mouse.

Main Features

The straightforward gameplay design of this game centered around the fulfilling wishes of Mr.TomatoS, an engaging NPC character that can demand varied ingredients for his perfect meals. As the puzzles become more and more engaging and complex during the short singleplayer campaign, the main character Mr.TomatoS will become needier, with even the smallest missed details in his meals causing him to become angry.

To start with the game, users simply have to grab and throw food ingredients into a blender to mix them together and create complex recipes that will satisfy Mr.TomatoS for PC.

However, since the game lacks good tutorials or on-screen hints, many newcomers will be frustrated with the initial gameplay failures. To get recipes made with perfect steps, users will have to experiment and find the best way to satisfy Mr.TomatoS. For starters, only two ingredients at a time can be mixed in a blender, and not all components are suited to be mixed.

Any time Mr.TomatoS gets happy with meals, players will be rewarded with points that can be used to redeem various items from the in-game shop available in between gameplay rounds. In the event that players make mistakes with their recipes, itwill become mad and that will raise his “Angry score”, making the game more difficult and challenging. Mystery items found during the game can be used to make the campaign more challenging, and to unlock various hidden endings.

  • Retro Flash Web Design
  • Simple and Direct Gameplay
  • Surprising Challenges
  • Multiple Endings for Replayability
  • Confusing Instructions
  • Lackluster Visuals

In conclusion, our staff at Filehorse.com has found Mr.TomatoS video game a challenging and engaging feeding simulation that can provide gamers with a unique gaming experience. While its visuals are rough and the in-game tutorials and instructions are confusing, the core gameplay loop and lightweight story can keep gamers engaged to discover all of its multiple endings.

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