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What's new in this version:

NoMachine 6.3.6

Enhancements available are:
- Making NoMachine server compatible with Fail2ban
- Improving the load balancing mechanism when a custom script is used
- Providing a configuration key to lock down web connections by nxs files
- Adding a check at server's startup to verify if 'localhost' can be resolved
- Supporting a custom script for setting environment variables inside a virtual desktop session
- Showing the connected browser type and version in the server session list
- Giving the possibility to execute custom scripts triggered on change resolution events
- Showing the real client version in the output of the nxserver --list/--history commands
- Adding a server configuration key to allow administrators disabling clients' auto-reconnect
- Add a new configuration key to enable/disable connections to the system login screen
- Upgrading nxhtd to the last Apache version (v. 2.4.34)
- Auto-feed user's credentials to web session
- Adding a client preference to configure a specific frame rate
- Adding options in display settings to configure frame rate in web sessions
- Supporting a SSH authentication agent
- Using a frame rate for encoding displays specified by the user
- Replace some connection error messages with user friendly issues description

This latest release also provides the following fixes:
- Cannot authenticate to Windows via NX protocol and private key authentication
- Session status is inconsistent in a multi-node environment
- Blurred fonts occurs in a KDE Konsole
- Web sessions ignore the 'EnableWebConnectionName' key
- The AcceptedMethods key is present in the server configuration file after upgrading to v. 6.1.6
- Kerberos Credentials Cache is relabelled each time users log-in by NoMachine
- The automatic lock of the screen is not activated with CTWM, Fluxbox, MWM
- 'WARNING! Cannot renew Kerberos ticket' is printed in server logs
- NoMachine falls back to VP8 encoding when FFmpeg 4.0.1 is installed on the client
- The nxnode process suddenly terminates when the connection with the display cannot be established
- Cannot execute files from disk mounted on Windows 7
- Cannot print from RHEL 7 to Windows 10
- A disk connected from server side doesn't show up in the 'Remote disks' list
- Content of NoMachine Installer is badly displayed when Windows uses the dark theme
- Sudden termination of NoMachine client on Windows 10 (April 2018 Update)
- The 'nxserver --install' script removes the libnxusb library on old Linux kernels
- Image quality issues occurring when H.264 codec is used and multi-pass encoding is disabled
- Occasional crashes of nxnode process in UDP code
- System accounts configured to use Kerberos cannot start NoMachine sessions on Fedora
- Redundant messages 'WARNING! Can't create the IPv6 socket' are printed in logs
- Key forwarding does not work properly when smart card is used
- Audio is not available in NoMachine nested sessions
- Connection timeout error when reconnecting to the physical display
- Conflict with NoMachine USB driver on Lenovo ThinkPad T470s
- Ghost printers are forwarded in the NoMachine sessions after a system reboot on CentOS 7/RHEl 7
- PulseAudio files are left in the /tmp directory when the NoMachine session is terminated
- Purple and green bands show up in the browser window when connecting the web session from FF or Chrome
- The ownership of Kerberos ticket cache file is changed when NoMachine is restarted
- White or black screen in Windows XP session
- The login window appears to be very small on Oracle Linux 7u4
- The manual selection option has no effect on NoMachine User Interface
- The nxserver service is disabled after a physical desktop failure
- Possible arbitrary code execution on client's wintab32.dll preload
- Low performance on some MacBook Pro models

NoMachine 6.2.4

Enhancements available are:
- Providing a command line interface for configuring automatically VirtualGL on Linux
- Configuring desktop authorization on a per-node basis (for Linux multinode environments)
- Adding support for groups of nodes (for multi-node environments)
- Giving the possibility to start a virtual session from command line
- Providing a new 'nxserver --status' command to be less resource intensive
- Extending the AutomaticDisconnection configuration key
- Enabling the disconnect/terminate dialog in web sessions
- Adding the 'NX administrator' column to the output of the nxserver --userlist command
- Adding options --group and --extended to 'nxserver --userlist' command
- Giving the possibility to change audio output device in a NoMachine web session
- Supporting touch and mouse events in NoMachine web sessions
- Informing users that password cannot be empty to authenticate on Windows from remote

This latest release also provides the following fixes:
- Custom sessions windows are moved to the bottom of the monitor when they are re-connected
- Artifacts appear in BlackMATE for a while when scrolling
- Floating windows could be opened outside the visible area in a multi-monitor setup
- Cannot close a session running in view-only mode
- Warning messages 'PA_SendCommandCli: Unable to open cli socket' are present in the server log
- Users cannot start virtual desktops on the manually selected node
- Warning 'NXRunUnLog failed with error 2' is printed when the AFS environment is not configured
- Focus gets lost when a popup window appears in IntelliJ IDEA software running in floating window mode
- NoMachine doesn't recognize the TWM window manager
- The automatic screen lock is not activated with some Window Managers
- The nxhtd web server is not installed when upgrading a server from v. 5 to v. 6.1.6 by RPM package
- The 'classic' method is used as fallback also when it's disabled in the AcceptedWebMethods key
- Kerberos tickets are destroyed when the NoMachine server is restarted or shutdown
- A second VNC login is requested inside the NoMachine session
- A wrong panel is displayed together with the 'Creating a new virtual desktop' waiting wheel on Chrome
- Wacom USB tablets don't work reliably in a NoMachine session
- The search pop-up window suddenly disappears when PyCharm is run in a custom session
- The nxclient.bin process has high CPU/memory usage on RHEL 6
- Cannot restart the server by running manually the init script
- NVIDIA hardware encoding initialization error
- A wrong message is displayed when restarting the server
- Cannot authenticate when connecting by SSH and a method different from password authentication
- When disconnecting, NoMachine client hangs on Windows 10 (April 2018 Update) if the panel to connect USB devices has been previously opened
- Cannot forward USB devices from/to Windows 10 (April 2018 Update)
- The virtual desktop terminates unexpectedly when the remote screen has been resized
- Cannot reconnect a virtual desktop created via web on a remote Terminal Server Node

NoMachine 6.1.6
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 6.0.80
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 6.0.78
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 6.0.66
- Users can log-in to the nxserver shell by using a NoMachine token
- Cannot forward USB devices to macOS Sierra
- Cannot open the Font menu in the Attribute Inspector in a physical desktop on macOS 10.13
- Cannot access an Enterprise Desktop if no X session is already running on it
- NoMachine fails to automatically reconnect when server requires two-factor authentication
- NoMachine client suddenly terminates when the connection uses proxy authentication
- Message 'Cannot kill nxhtd' is issued while upgrading Cloud Server to version 6 on Linux
- USB forwarding to Linux sessions works only the first time
- The session freezes after that the user logs-in or logs-out from the system

NoMachine 6.0.62
- Adding a new configuration key for pre-configuring the web GUI appearance
- Applying the 'lossless refinement' in a single pass
- Dropping support for 'NoMachine login' method
- Switching the active role to the server with more connections after a cluster failover
- Adding the 'Subscription version' field to the license files
- Build a scalable multi-tier infrastructure with Cloud Server
- Using one-time password for forwarding connections from a Cloud Server to a target server
- Automatic detection of proxy settings and using them to connect
- Automatic software updates from earlier versions to v. 6.0 will be disabled
- Creating the necessary UI for accessing and administering a NoMachine hierarchical infrastructure of servers
- Adding new commands for federating servers under a Cloud Server
- Accessing and managing a NoMachine multi-level infrastructure of servers via web
- Letting users disable accepting connections to their desktop from the NoMachine Monitor
- Updates to server commands for managing multi-node environments
- Implementing automatic reconnection for connections by the web
- Creating a dedicated PAM module for temporary password authentication with SSH protocol
- Adding a new option to server commands for directing users to a given server federated under a CS
- Providing server tools to configure the users' ability to disable accepting connections to their physical desktop
- Create a unique identifier for the NoMachine failover cluster
- Add an item to the NoMachine menu to close the NoMachine application
- Adding the 'nxserver --getuuid' command to retrieve the server uuid in a NoMachine hierarchical infrastructure
- Adding support for guest users to NoMachine Enterprise Desktop
- Implementing automatic reconnection in the NoMachine client
- Informing users that NoMachine client v. 6 is requested to connect to Cloud Server v. 6
- Removing the host keys while deleting the remote host from the NoMachine infrastructure
- Giving the possibility to start and stop foreign servers
- Improving the procedure to gather web session logs
- Implementing the 'nxserver --serverupdate' command
- Extending the 'nxserver --remove-host-key' to operate also on servers federated under a Cloud Server
- Adding the mod_headers module to the NoMachine web server
- Giving the possibility to administrators to pre-configure NoMachine's web sessions
- Eliminate the customer's packages for update and ship updates in all-in-one packages
- Change status item label to "Show the service status"
- Disabling 3DES-CBC (short block sizes) in the NoMachine web server
- Extending support for web sessions to more NoMachine server products
- Extending the possibility to prevent users from storing their credentials also in case of web sessions
- Preventing users from storing their login credentials when connecting via browser
- Managing sub-level servers from the main Cloud Server
- Updating the NoMachine web server, nxhtd
- Adding a new configuration key to hide the 'Accepting connection' item from the Monitor menu
- Adding support for H.264 codec in web sessions
- Moving settings of cloud.cfg and to the global configuration files, server.cfg and htd.cfg
- Extending the multi-server administration GUI by allowing to manage any servers in the hierarchy
- The restricted access mode to physical desktops in NoMachine v. 6
- Minimizing user's steps to launch web sessions
- Disabling mDNS in the NoMachine monitor if it is disabled in the client GUI panel
- Renaming configuration keys for web sessions
- Extending NoMachine USB support to Raspberry Pi
- Adding support for SOCKS protocol
- BSOD on Windows 10 due to the nxusb driver
- Screen blanking on Mac doesn't work properly when connecting to login window
- Server side logs report "Cannot get user info" messages
- Ghost printers are forwarded in the NoMachine sessions after a system reboot on CentOS 7/RHEL 7
- Audio playback is not smooth when the session is connected to Windows XP
- NoMachine server cannot be started when the Windows LSA service is running in protected mode
- Keyboard does not work properly inside remote Parallels VM
- Ctrl+drag is not working in Xcode
- Error messages related to problems with the creation of 'nx' user account during the installation process don't provide enough detail
- NoMachine client can be installed over a NoMachine full package on Linux
- The 'nxdevice/sessions' directory on Linux is obsolete
- Dialog box requiring authentication pops up while creating a new virtual session
- Misleading error message about missing users.db
- The nxexec process suddenly terminates on Ubuntu 16.04 when the machine is rebooted
- Cannot activate a TSN license for evaluation with the 'nxserver --activate' command
- Mouse input problems appear when playing EverQuest
- Custom scripts triggered on 'UserScriptAfterSessionStart' are executed before the user is effectively connected to the remote desktop
- LSA service crash due to invalid memory access inside nxlsa module
- When installing a server package, set-up tries to put in place XDG files for the standalone client
- Sudden termination of the NoMachine session caused by mDNS
- User gets authorization error using system "Check for Updates" in openSUSE Leap after installing NoMachine
- Ctrl+arrow doesn't work in a NoMachine session on macOS 10.12.6
- Server configuration to forbid the client to store credentials doesn't work as expected
- Memory leak in Render extension optimized code
- NoMachine nxd doesn't start properly on Windows XP when IPv6 protocol is installed
- Microsoft Driver Verifier reports a non-fatal error when verifying nxusbs.sys
- No error is displayed when users set a new password and the system doesn't accept it
- Screen blanking feature doesn't work properly on openSUSE Leap 42.1
- User is successfully authenticated but can't easily access his session when the system authentication is case-insensitive
- Some Gnome 3 themes are misrendered in virtual desktopsTR01N06360 - Problem with USB forwarding of iPhone to Mac OS X

NoMachine 5.3.12
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 5.3.10
- NoMachine makes available updated packages to prevent a vulnerability in one of the server utilities which could be exploited by authenticated users to gain access to all local files on Linux and Mac OS X hosts. Furthermore, security fixes for recent flaws discovered in Apache and which affect users of Cloud Server are also included. We strongly recommend all users upgrade their server installations to this release, 5.3.10. Although Enterprise Client is not impacted by these vulnerabilities, we advise users to also update their client installations

NoMachine 5.3.9
The complete list of fixes included in this release are:
- 'No available session on the server' after Creators Update has been installed on Windows 10
- Cannot authenticate with passwords not described in the Windows code page
- Cannot connect to NoMachine on Windows when the lsass process has a high number of handles
- Connection fails when the client is on Windows and hostname contains non-latin characters
- Automatic software updates don't work on Linux ARM64 devices
- The virtual desktop session suddenly terminates on handling a specific invalid application request
- The virtual desktop session suddenly terminates when it's reconnected with a different resolution
- Transparent gray boxes appear around text areas

Additionally, NoMachine 5.2.21 also implements:
- Adding a 'latency' proxy parameter to allow for optimizations on high-latency networks

NoMachine 5.2.21
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 5.2.11
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 5.1.62
- Alt Gr doesn't work properly in web sessions started from Windows
- Artifacts in KDE virtual desktop on CentOS 7 and RHEL 7
- Cannot add the node to the server when there is a wrong SSH key on the node
- Cannot add the node when the 'strict-host-key-checking' option is used
- Cannot manually select the node when connecting by the web
- Cannot reconnect a virtual desktop on RHEL 6
- Client dialogs are not centered in the session area
- Dialog to disconnect/terminate virtual desktops doesn't show up
- Error 'Agent was not initialized properly' is issued when connecting to Linux and the X server doesn't support TCP connections
- Firefox v. 49.0.1 is not well rendered in a NoMachine virtual desktop in X11 vector graphics mode
- KDE session is not recognized after updating to KDE 5 on Gentoo and Slackware
- Keys are not released when the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination is pressed
- Nodeupdate command resets load balancing parameter
- Non-latin symbols cannot be pasted
- Session processes are continuously restarted causing log files to fill up the disk
- Error 'Cannot create session directory' occurs when Kerberos ticket is not renewable

NoMachine 5.1.54
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 5.1.42
- UDP causes the session to hang up and eventually disconnect
- The node.cfg file is incomplete after that the installation is upgraded to v. 5.1.40

NoMachine 5.1.40

The complete list of features implemented in 5.1.40 are:
- Adding support for WebRTC to NoMachine web sessions
- Supporting H.264 encoding for custom applications and virtual desktops in X11 vector graphics mode
- Giving the possibility to use keyboard shortcuts during web sessions
- Automatically switching to load-balancing mode when there are no nodes available for manual selection
- Forwarding Kerberos tickets to nodes even when the user doesn't authenticate with Kerberos to NoMachine
- Renaming the AgentLightweightMode configuration key to AgentX11VectorGraphics
- Updating the 'lightweight' label in the server preferences GUI
- Grouping NoMachine client windows in the Windows taskbar
- Allow to configure the client to hide the main window when starting a floating window session
- Letting users choose to connect to a remote node by load-balancing
- Automatic switch to load-balancing mode for web sessions
- Improving fullscreen on multi-monitors when Windows Managers don't fully support EWMH

This new version also provides fixes for issues affecting previous versions:
- Keyboard does not work properly inside remote Parallels VM
TR02M04931 - Connecting to Windows Vista makes the MS help guide pop-up when the desktop owner has focus on a MS
- Zenkaku-Hankaku key does not work
- Cannot connect to the server on Linux Mint after reboot when the user's folder is encrypted
- Wrong keyboard layout set in web sessions
- Microsoft Help Viewer opens randomly in a NoMachine sessions on Windows 7
- Running 'service nxserver status' does not return the correct code
- Possible crashes of the nxnode processes on Windows 7 with Korean system language
- Virtual desktops are terminated in a multinode environment after a network outage
- Copy&paste from Linux (RHEL 5 and 6) to Windows is unreliable
- Cannot print on a local printer when SELinux is enabled on the remote host
- The disconnect/terminate dialog box doesn't work properly in Fluxbox WM
- Audio is always restored to the initial status when the session is disconnected
- Graphics windows of R software are empty inside a NoMachine session
- Cannot print from the NoMachine session to the local print
- Virtual desktops are marked as failed when users are logged-out from the system
- The Web Companion applet window doesn't close when clicking Exit
- The NoMachine web server doesn't start after the upgrade from version 4.2.25 to 5.1.24
- No images are displayed in Adxv running in a NoMachine virtual desktop
- The client ignores the menu configuration requested by the server
- NoMachine users and groups are not synchronized in a cluster
- Setup doesn't check directory permissions correctly
- Screen blanking doesn't work properly on Debian 8
- Some license types cannot be activated using the 'nxserver -- activate' command
- Cannot connect by HTTP proxy server if the server hostname is unresolvable
- Sessions on the remote are terminated when the master server is shut down
- The node name is only partially visible when 'list view' is selected in Chrome or IE
- NoMachine cannot find the Xvnc server once it has been restarted
- NoMachine server renews Kerberos tickets but not the AFS token
- Runtime error during installation on Windows
- Audio does not work during connection to Windows XP
- Cannot connect by the web to NoMachine Cloud Server on Ubuntu 16.04
- Some keys are ignored if set in a per-user node configuration file
- The "z" letter in a French keyboard is mapped to "w" inside a web session
- 'Last operation failed' is reported when adding a node
- Drag and drop not working in Xcode
- Rules set for a NoMachine group are ignored for Windows Domain accounts
- Settings for the ClipboardBufferLimit configuration key are ignored
- A sudden termination of the virtual desktop occurs with NoMachine server v. 4.6.x or v. 5
- Cannot add a Windows host to the NoMachine multinode environment by using a domain user account
- Cannot start a session when XDM indirect query is chosen
- Horizontal scroll does not work
- Limiting connections to the remote node by using profiles has no effect
- Cannot install NoMachine AVC pack for Windows when the OS is in German
- Password expiry is not always handled and user is prompted with a wrong dialog
- Sudden termination of nxserver.bin process in a cluster environment while monitoring the cluster
- Restricted mode in PhysicalDesktopMode is ignored when the connecting user is the desktop owner

NoMachine 5.1.26
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 5.1.24
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 5.1.22

- Adding a RSA key pair for the NoMachine login
- Renaming the "SectionSession" directive in the cloud.cfg file
- Implement pressing "Esc" key exists a dialog
- Letting administrators enable RGB stream compression for virtual sessions in lightweight mode
- Making the disconnect/terminate dialog available for virtual desktops not in lightweight mode
- Adding support for password change requests when connecting by NX protocol
- Porting NoMachine Web Companion to Java Web Start
- Allowing trusted users to connect to the desktop without requiring owner's approval
- Lock down the NoMachine menu inside the session and other features
- Connecting the default printer from client side to the remote host automatically

Fixes available are for the following:
- Font size is smaller when connecting by NX Client 3.5.0 to NoMachine server 5.1
- Cannot interact any longer with the remote desktop after sending or receiving a file
- "Error is 22: Invalid argument" is given when connecting using key-based authentication
- Authorization is requested also when the connecting user is the remote desktop owner
- The 'nxserver --disconnect' command doesn't work as expected
- Users cannot reconnect a virtual desktop after a network disconnection
- Session startup is delayed of about 1.4 seconds
- USB drivers cannot be correctly installed on Manjaro Linux
- Artifacts can appear in Firefox and Gimp when running in a MATE desktop
- The NoMachine menu cannot be opened in a web session by using the page peel if Adblock is installed
- Large size Kerberos tickets are not forwarded to the remote nodes
- User's settings are not saved for new connections started from the !M icon in the tray menu
- Spinning wheel runs forever when connecting with SSH and system login and NX Password DB is enabled on the server
- Cannot reconnect default virtual desktops by NX Client 3.5.0
- Cannot connect by SSH when a different server is installed where NoMachine free was previously present
- Authentication with SSH Agent Forwarding does not work on Windows
- Unresponsive mouse and keyboard on the server host when the NoMachine session is disconnected
- Mouse clicks are unresponsive in the NoMachine session when screen blanking is enabled on the remote host
- First login to NoMachine server fails if Kerberos authentication is used
- Installing NoMachine free over NoMachine client on Windows breaks the installation
- A new user cannot connect to NoMachine until someone users logs-off
- Error 'Authentication method not allowed on this server' is issued when connecting by the web
- The remote desktop is automatically resized also when the session is in 'restricted' mode
- Keys are repeated unintentionally
- Keyboard is unresponsive after reconnecting a virtual desktop
- Black screen after desktop logout with NoMachine free version on a headless Linux machine
- Error 'connection method not available' is given when connecting by SSH protocol and NoMachine login
- Connections fail when 'load-average' is chosen as load balancing algorithm and the session limit is reached on the node

NoMachine 5.1.9
From the list of security fixes available in OpenSSL 1.0.1s, the following may affect the NoMachine version 5 packages:
- Fix a double-free in DSA code (CVE-2016-0705)
- Disable SRP fake user seed to address a server memory leak (CVE-2016-0798)
- Fix memory issues in BIO_*printf functions (CVE-2016-0799)
- Fix side channel attack on modular exponentiation (CVE-2016-0702)
- All NoMachine users are advised to update their client and server installations with this latest NoMachine release, 5.1.9, which contains the updated OpenSSL components.

NoMachine 5.1.7
The complete list of features implemented in version 5.1.7 are:
- Supporting a range of displays for connections to the physical desktop
- Adding the possibility to store the private key for the key-based authentication in the client connection file
- Adding tooltips to the quick access display icons in the client GUI
- Implementing a graphical interface for web sessions on Android tablets and iPad
- Making possible to enable a disconnect/terminate dialog for rootless sessions
- Offer the possibility to restore the window geometry when starting the client or connecting to a desktop
- Removing "Browse connections..." and "New connection..." menu items from the NoMachine monitor in the system tray
- Adding tooltips to the NoMachine quick access display icons in the web session
- Improving the authentication request dialog in case of two factors authentication

This latest release also provides the following fixes:
- 'Undefined subroutine' message in server logs when the Monitor cannot create its session directory
- After ID change of nx user NoMachine server does not start
- Cannot authenticate with Kerberos tickets when connecting from Windows to Linux when Active Directory is in use
- Cannot create new virtual desktops when session persistence is disabled
- Cannot disable all lossy encoding algorithms in floating window sessions
- Cannot disable the automatic startup of the server on Ubuntu
- Client asks for username on every new connection to the server
- Damaged areas in a Cadence Virtuoso layout when the session is reconnected
- Kerberos authentication in SSH protocol doesn’t work in SSPI mode
- Keyboard does not work correctly if Caps Lock and Control Left are swapped
- Mouse pointer can have a wrong offset when the user selects a single remote display in the GUI
- nxserver --terminate returns an error
- Possible segfault on machines with many CPU cores
- Pressing ESC terminates the virtual desktop running in a web session on IE 11
- Reconnecting a virtual desktop hangs for minutes
- The "Show the transfer status" item is present in the NoMachine tray menu also when file transfer is disabled
- The image quality is bad when the quality slider is set to max
- The NoMachine session suddenly closes without any message
- The nxnode process suddenly terminates during the shutdown procedure
- The nxwebplayer --update script doesn't work properly
- Tickets are not forwarded to remote nodes in a multinode environment
- The USB module fails to compile on Arch Linux during the installation
- CTRL key combinations are ignored if the session window was previously minimized
- The 'Spread over multiple monitors' option in NX Client 3.5.0 doesn't work after installing Microsoft OS update KB3109094
- Missing column display on session list.
- Crash of nxnode on OSX with centrify
- Alt key is ignored the first time it is pressed

NoMachine 5.0.63
- An information leak vulnerability has been found in OpenSSH client code between 5.4 and 7.1, OpenSSH versions which include experimental support for resuming SSH-connections. Although the matching server code has never been released, the information leak is exploitable in the default configuration of the OpenSSH client, and (depending on the client's version, compiler, and operating system) allows a malicious server to read memory on connecting computers, including private client user keys (CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778)

NoMachine 5.0.58
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 5.0.53

- Supporting SSL client authentication for connections by NX protocol
- Passing further information about the connecting client to custom scripts at login stage
- Letting users choose to connect to a remote node by load-balancing or manual selection
- Adding the possibility to delete a specific profile rule
- Enabling fingers gestures for web sessions on a mobile device
- Locking down server authentication methods

Bug Fixes:
- Cannot authenticate with smart card and local SSH-authentication agent on Windows
- Visual anomalies appear into window borders of virtual Xfce desktops
- Cannot connect to session with domain user if network has changed
- Garbled icons are shown in the Hierachy menu of a Cliosoft software
- Session recording is not disabled in all cases
- SSH password expiry is not correctly handled for web sessions
- Cannot copy and paste from remote custom session to local system
- Sudden movements of camera view when playing games
- A wrong keyboard layout is set when the web session is reconnected by the client
- The --limit option for the 'nxserver --nodeadd' command doesn't accept values higher than 100
- Cannot connect to a NoMachine server from Windows
- The "Emulate middle mouse button" option doesn't work when the virtual desktop is reconnected
- Users are prompted for a passphrase even when the private key doesn't have it set
- Expired password is not handled correctly when connecting by NoMachine client

NoMachine 5.0.47
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 5.0.43

- Offering localized versions of the NoMachine GUI
 - Adding the possibility of activating the license from the NoMachine GUI
 - Adding and removing nodes in a multi-node environment from the NoMachine (client) GUI
 - Supporting the blank screen feature during a remote desktop session
 - Supporting Kerberos ticket-based authentication for connections by NX protocol
 - Giving the possibility to connect a physical session in NoMachine free version when the local X server can't be found
 - Giving the possibility to switch between monitors of the remote server
 - Adding the possibility to configure the resolution of the remote desktop
 - Implementing an additional lossless encoding pass to overcome the color downsampling
 - Offering localized versions of the NoMachine GUI for web sessions
 - Giving the possibility to download software updates automatically
 - Keeping the aspect ratio when the session window is in a scaling mode
 - Let administrators to configure Quality of Service (QoS) flags for prioritizing the NoMachine data traffic
 - Adding support for connecting to Unix workstations and servers running unsupported X-Windows based environments
 - Emulating mouse right click on Mac OS X
 - Updating the NoMachine web server to the last recent version of apache
 - Adding support for NVENC hardware H.264 encoder

Bug fixes:
 - The physical desktop is not available when the default display manager is SDDM
 - A black screen appears for a few seconds when connecting to Windows 10
 - Cannot copy all files when disks are connected to Windows
 - A wrong password is submitted multiple times when two-factor authentication is in use
 - Some keyboard shortcuts are ignored in Mac OS X client
 - Cannot select any options in the application menu of a custom session running in a floating window
 - Reconnecting a session stucks on "Connecting to virtual desktop"
 - The server connection monitor doesn't reconnect to the remote node if connection is lost while the node is stopped
 - Cannot start new virtual desktops when there are multiple X servers up and running
 - A warning appears in system logs on OS X 10.10 when the client is launched
 - When forwarding a USB camera the built-in microphone doesn't work
 - The physical desktop is not available when connecting to NoMachine 4.6.12 on CentOS
 - Cannot add the user to a group if the user is already in the NoMachine users db
 - The 'nxserver --disconnect' command terminates the virtual desktop instead of disconnecting it
 - Installation of an RPM server package over a NoMachine Enterprise Client package is not blocked
 - Black screen occurs when connecting to Mac OS X after that the machine has been rebooted
- Copy/paste from a virtual desktop to Windows client does not work consistently
 - The client does not handle the 'password expired' in case of SSH/system login
 - Screen updates are not properly handled when the application is in background
 - Authorization for changing NoMachine server settings fails on Windows when the administrative account has an empty password
 - Cannot create virtual desktops when NoMachine server is installed on a Kerberos-AFS client
 - The client times out when trying to contact the server in a DirectAccess network

NoMachine 4.6.16
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 4.6.12
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 4.6.3
- A fresh new installation made using a package for update is not blocked
- Upgrading from NX Enterprise Server 3.5.0 to Cloud Server 4.5.0 doesn't preserve users.db
- The first session item in the node resource list is empty
- When VirtualDesktopSharing is disabled, nxserver --history and --list will not show users
- The NumLock key doesn't work correctly in custom sessions running in floating window mode
- A wrong behavior occurs when the automigrate option is disabled in the ConnectPolicy server configuration key
- The nxserver service is started before SSHD on SUSE Linux 11
- Connecting to the virtual desktop fails if the user belongs to many groups
- Description of the --list command is not updated in the server usage
- The 'nxserver --list --client-version' doesn't provide information about the version of the connected clients
- The server doesn't provide the client type in the session list when the session is started on a remote node
- Virtual desktops cannot be reconnected if shadow and physical-desktop session types are removed from the server configuration
- The client asks for fingerprint on every connection if the client hostname is two characters long
- Performance problem when zooming in/out a view in a CAD tool
- Rootless sessions terminate unexpectedly when resizing or reconfiguring windows
- Group memberships are not taken over in virtual desktops on remote nodes
- Running a single application in a custom session makes the local X server crashing
- NoMachine client v. 4.3.x or 4.4.x on Mac OS 10.9 fails to connect to virtual desktop due to wrong file permissions
- Profile rules added on the cluster master don't appear on the cluster slave
- Display quality of a web session 4.5.0 is lower than with previous versions
- Application icon could be missing when starting a custom session in floating window mode
- The web session freezes when the connection limit is exceeded and the session is migrated to a new browser
- Firefox in a custom session is opened in a small window
- Keyboard is no longer working in a web session on Windows after that Explorer is minimized with Alt+Tab
- Copy and paste of patches out of Eclipse running in a custom session does not work
- The web session freezes when the webclient process terminates abnormally
- Cluster add procedure fails when the sudo prompt is not standard
- Cannot set a redirect directive by using the star wildcard to specify a family of IP address
- Cannot connect to the remote desktop when the /etc/hosts file doesn't have set for localhost
- Drawing issues with Synopsys DVE
- Uncorrect value for the nodeSessionRunning variable in the custom load-balancing script
- Black screen is displayed when reconnecting a virtual session that was not disconnected cleanly
- Cannot disable redirection for groups
- Virtual desktops are lost during the disconnect procedure

NoMachine 4.4.12
- Adding the possibility to add remote node without asking to confirm fingerprint
- Adding the possibility to save the selected node to open automatically
- Adding a server configuration key to provide a disconnect/terminate dialog
- Giving the possibility to set profiles rules for system groups
- Running custom-scripts for shadow sessions
- Limiting the possibility to create new custom sessions on the server
- Displaying node labels to let users identify hosts in the list of sessions when multi-node is enabled
- Giving the possibility to use the system logger to manage NoMachine logging on Linux and on Windows
- Using different names to distinguish Enterprise Client, Terminal Server Node and server packages on Linux Fixes:
- Users are prompted with two password requests when PAM authentication is keyboard-interactive
- Cannot use node configuration files set on per-user basis on Windows
- Arrow keys don’t work as expected in virtual desktop sessions
- Server commands to enable or disable users return “ERROR: Cannot connect to:”
- Some keys are wrongly mapped when the session is connected from Ubuntu 12.04 to NX Server 3.5.0
- The AltGr key doesn’t work reliably in a web session
- Some keys are not mapped correctly when the legacy keyboard setting is used
- Cannot start a session when XDM indirect query is chosen
- The server doesn’t update automatically the version field in the nodes db
- Custom applications are slowly redrawn when being resized
- System dbus runs out of nofiles descriptors when running tens of virtual desktop sessions on the same host
- Using AltGr + Q to type ‘@’ inside a web session from Mac doesn’t work
- Video streaming falls back from H.264 to VP8 during the life of the session
- Cannot terminate a session by using the ‘nxserver –terminate’ command
- The automatic port mapping fails with some router models
- AltGr+0 key combination doesn’t work in web sessions
- Cannot reconnect a virtual desktop after a network failure when the user’s home is NFS mounted
- The server issues a misleading message when the license is expired
- When client version 4 logs out from NX server 3.5 an error is displayed
- Connections fail with error ‘Could not create lock file in /tmp’
- Starting a virtual desktop on OpenSUSE 13.2 issues a dialog, requesting for administrator’s credentials

NoMachine 4.4.6
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 4.4.1
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 4.3.30
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 4.3.24
- Change log not available for this version

NoMachine 4.2.27
- Change log not available for this version

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