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Obsidian App is a powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files. In Obsidian Mind Map, making and following [[connections]] is frictionless. Tend to your notes like a gardener; at the end of the day, sit back and marvel at your own knowledge graph. The app is 100% free for personal and educational use. You don't even need an account to use it.

Note-taking is incredibly personal. Tried every app, but there's always something not quite right? You deserve better. Obsidian is built to be extensible. With 22 core plugins and 197 community plugins, set up your own toolkit and get running in minutes.

With the Obsidian program, your data sits in a local folder. Never leave your life's work held hostage in the cloud again. Plain text Markdown also gives you the unparalleled interoperability to use any kind of sync, encryption, or data processing that works with plain text files.

Obsidian tool is great if you have large screens and atomic short notes. Panes in Obsidian can be split infinitely and resized, and they make cross-referencing multiple notes a breeze. Panes can be pinned to keep their content or linked together so they can show different views of the same note. Combine panes to set up your powerful workspaces.

Here are the current plugins
  • Graph view: view a graphical representation of all your notes and connections, as well as open a local graph for your individual note.
  • Page preview: mouse over internal links to preview the content.
  • Backlinks: show "what links here" and find undiscovered connections.
  • Daily notes: create today's note with custom date format and optional use a template.
  • Tag pane: view all your tags in one place.
  • Starred notes: bookmark important and frequently accessed notes.
  • File explorer: browse files in your vault and sort them.
  • Word count: language-aware word and character count for your current note.
  • Search: extremely performant vault-wide search, with advanced operators and regex support.
  • Markdown format converter: imports your Markdown export from Zettelkasten systems and Roam Research into the app.
  • Zettelkasten prefixer: generate a unique ID for your note.
  • Templates: lets you quickly insert snippets of text into your current note.
  • Random note: opens a random note, useful for reviewing and discovering.
  • Quick switcher: jump to or create notes with the keyboard only.
  • Outline: shows the list of headings for the current note, and allows you to navigate to another section by clicking on a heading.
  • Command palette: use Obsidian without leaving your keyboard.
  • Audio recorder: record a voice memo and embed it directly in your notes.
  • Slides: present your Markdown notes as a slideshow by separating slides with ---.
  • Open in default app: quickly open files with your OS default application, as well as show files in the OS file explorer.
  • Publish (paid): lets you publish notes from your vault onto your site, all within Obsidian.
  • Sync (paid): sync your vaults across devices with end-to-end encryption.
  • File recovery: takes snapshots of your changes and lets you revert to them.
Also Available: Download Obsidian for Mac

What's new in this version:

- Fixed issues with East Asian input methods putting characters behind the cursor