A game that combines action-adventure elements with survival!


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Palworld is a multiplayer open-world survival and crafting game where players can fight, farm, build, and work alongside mysterious creatures called "Pals." As of the time of this review, this Early Access game is still under heavy development, providing users regular access to new updates and stability fixes that make this engaging cooperative experience much more enjoyable to play.

In its current form, the game promotes online cooperative play on servers that can hold up to 32 active players, enabling them to gather resources, collect wild Pal animals, survive in a harsh environment, and craft their way to a stable and sustainable settlement where they can be safe against outside threats.

Featuring streamlined action-exploration gameplay that mimics those found in many other popular survival games (such as Ark: Survival Evolved), this game manages to distinguish itself with the presence of stylishly designed Pal creatures.

The developers of this Palworld for PC game from the Japanese indie studio “Pocketpair” have announced extensive and ambitious future plans, which include the arrival of many other additional gameplay modes such as PvP mode, Pal Arena, Raid Bosses, Pal Trading, and cross-system online play. As of early 2024, this game is available only on PC and Xbox console platforms.

Immediately after its release in early 2024, this game managed to break popularity records, easily becoming one of the most played games in the world.

Key Features
  • Pals – Mysterious creatures that players can befriend and collect.
  • Multiplayer – Players can team up in PvE mode, build bases, and fight bosses together.
  • Craft to Survive – A harsh environment pushes players to organize, collect resources, and craft their way to safety.
  • Farming and Automation – Take your pals and give them jobs in farms and factories, where they can greatly reduce the need for manual grinding.
  • Explore Dungeons – Gather your friends and Pals and embark on dangerous journeys to unexplored dungeons.
  • Pal Breeding – Collect rare Pals and breed them to create the strongest monsters in the world.
  • Upcoming Features – This popular live service game will reward players with new gameplay modes in the future.
Installation and Setup

To get this game up and running on their PC, users simply need to visit its official page on the Steam distribution platform and purchase it. This will unlock the ability to download the game from inside the Steam client app. This app manages all aspects of game distribution, including automated installation, downloads of new patches, matchmaking, in-game chat, achievement tracking, and much more.

Since the game is in a very early stage of development, users should expect it to have performance-related bugs and some app instability that may lead to freezes and crashes.

How to Use

After starting the Palworld game, new players must quickly learn how to fight, farm, build, and work alongside Pals in an open-world environment. The game also promotes base building, traversal, and combat using captured Pals.

While the game can be played solo, it heavily promotes cooperative play with friends on large-scale maps that can host up to 32 online players at the same time. Players are free to build their own settlements, compete in capturing rare Pal monsters, and go on dangerous hunts in Dungeons.

User Interface

The game promotes traditional third-person perspective exploration and combat, with players using both melee and ranged weapons during regular gameplay. New players will have no issues learning how to best control their in-game avatar, who can quickly master the ability to capture and befriend wild Pals that roam in the environment. The UI also promotes regular use of various inventory, crafting, and Pal management menus, helping users to take full control over their adventures and settlements.

Players are also free to customize their control layout, both on keyboard, mouse, and gamepad accessories.


What is Palworld?
It is an open-world survival and crafting game where players can befriend and collect mysterious creatures called "Pals” when playing alone or cooperatively with friends online.

Is it safe?
Yes. However, players must be aware that this is an Early Access title that features some bugs, incomplete game balance, and stability issues.

Does it support mods?
Yes! Due to the popularity of this title, the large community of players from all over the world has already created hundreds of mods that can be easily integrated into solo and live multiplayer sessions. These mods can affect gameplay, visual style, character rendering, game stability, and more.


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The game is available for purchase on Steam for $29.99.

System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 (i9-9900K 3.6 GHz 8 Core is recommended)
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 (RTX 2070 is recommended)
  • Memory: 16 GB of RAM (32 GB is recommended)
  • Storage: 40 GB of free space
  • Engaging survival and crafting gameplay.
  • Focus on cooperative play.
  • Befriending and collecting Pals.
  • Large open-world environment.
  • Cross-platform play with Xbox gamers.
  • Early Access issues with bugs and unstable clients.
  • Need for gameplay balancing and polish.
  • Lack of additional gameplay mods.
  • No free demo.

Palworld is a unique open-world survival game that promotes cooperative gameplay in a world where players can collect and befriend mysterious creatures called Pals. The FileHorse review team highly recommends this outstanding survival game!

While the game is still in Early Access and may have some missing features, even in this early form it can provide hundreds of hours of entertainment where players can build their own bases, collect rare monsters, and engage in fun sandbox moments alone or with friends.

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