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Password Depot

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What's new in this version:

Password Depot 11.0.8
- A problem with error messages that occurred after the computer was locked or hibernated was fixed
- Data transfer between Enterprise Server and client has been optimized and improved
- Some other bugs have been fixed

Password Depot 11.0.7
- The import of passwords from various third-party password managers has been updated
- An additional method of automatic completion for special cases (e.g. via RDP) has been added
- Several text and user interface problems have been fixed

Password Depot 11.0.6

- The new type "Remote Desktop Connection" was introduced
- An error in the installation script on 32-bit versions of Windows has been fixed
- Several other user interface and text issues have been fixed

Password Depot 11.0.5

- Additional encryption of the RAM has been implemented
- Correction of a problem with the installation program which, under certain conditions, did not install the add-ons correctly

Password Depot 11.0.4

- The interaction with the browser add-ons was optimized
- Drag and drop for the details toolbar buttons was implemented
- The dialog "Select Password" is now optionally auto-closing
- XP compatibility was implemented
- A number of other improvements and minor error corrections

Password Depot 11.0.3
- Change log not available for this version

Password Depot 11.0.2

- Processing of web forms via browser add-ons was updated and optimized
- A few graphical errors under high DPI were resolved
- Number of other user interface problems were resolved

Password Depot 11.0.1

- Problem of not remembering passwords of Internet profiles FTP servers was resolved
- Wrong dialog boxes about external modifications of database were removed
- The process of generation of random passwords on USB sticks was improved
- Web forms auto-filling via add-ons was optimized for certain websites
- Number of other user interface and text errors were corrected

Password Depot 11.0.0

- An option for database compression is introduced to reduce the DB size and network traffic for remote storage types
- Improved performance of the application on the big password databases
- Storage of program options and settings was optimized to simplify migration from one computer to another or installation on USB devices
- The common words and passwords dictionary was optimized in speed and updated with millions of recently stolen and published passwords
- User interface of the main application was updated and enhanced
- Favorites management was simplified and improved
- Import of passwords from other password managers and browsers was updated and extended
- Support of a Second Password to avoid uncontrolled access to important entries was introduced
- Additional cloud storage locations were introduced
- Detection and handling of duplicated entries was improved
- Improved automatic form completion via browser add-ons
- Integrated Web Form Data editor for updating and adjusting of web forms parameters

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.