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PDFChef by Movavi is a multifunctional program to edit PDFs. You can add and edit text, insert, crop, and resize images. The PDF editor also allows you to rearrange, delete, and rotate pages. Modify your PDFs in any way you want with the app. PDFChef lets you take care of routine PDF-related tasks without risking the security of your device. There’s also a trial version available as a free download for you to check out all the functionality of the full version of our PDF-editing software.

Combine files exported from different applications: Word, Excel, AutoCAD, Corel, and more. Movavi PDFChef 2024 will help you bring all the elements of your project together. Do you ever find you need to finalize a contract with a third party as soon as possible and you’re nowhere near the office? Just add an image of your signature in PDFChef software to seal the deal.

Get a safe professional PDF editor for PCs and work securely. This compact and reliable PDF-editing tool is free of any malware. Be sure that no potentially harmful software may be transferred to your device while loading.

Features and Highlights

Viewing PDFs for Free
Read your favorite books, open and view research papers and other documents. Work with multiple files at once. Scale PDF pages to fit your monitor’s resolution and personal preferences. Search for specific words or phrases with ease.

Creating Documents
Create PDF files from scratch. Combine and merge files into a new single PDF document. Create and complete common legal and business forms without the need to involve a specialist.

Editing PDFs
Edit PDF files using different PDF program PDFChef modes. Add, delete, rotate, and rearrange pages in PDF documents. Add, edit, and format text within a document. Insert, crop, and resize any image, including logos, signatures, and stamps. Save changes in two clicks.

Converting Files
Convert PDFs to a number of other formats including HTML, TXT, Microsoft Word's DOC, and EPUB. Export individual document pages as JPG, PNG, and BMP images. Convert Microsoft Office and graphic files to PDF format.

Note: 7 days trial version.

Also Available: Download PDFChef for Mac

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What's new in this version:

Movavi PDFChef 22.2
- We’ve fixed the bug that prevented you from converting files. Now you can turn PDFs into multiple formats and back as easily as before

Movavi PDFChef 22.1
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 22.0
We’ve improved the PDF workflow. Meet the PDFChef ecosystem and its latest features:
All our PDF tools in one subscription:
- Take advantage of the new document workflow in the PDFChef family. Now, when you purchase a license, you get access to the PDFChef desktop program, the mobile PDF scanner, and our online PDF tools. Work with PDFs seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms.

Cloud capabilities:
- Store files in the Movavi cloud storage. Access documents when you need them. Stay connected with your team using shared file access.

A fresh look:
- We’ve built a better interface. The redesigned start screen lets you quickly access the cloud storage and the tools you need.

New Undo/Redo function:
- The new Undo/Redo function lets you take total control of your files. No more angst if you delete the wrong word or insert the wrong image. The Undo function reverses the last change you made. Use the Redo function to restore your latest edits.

Movavi PDFChef 21.4
- Improved text editing: characters are now displayed correctly after you edit the text
- Bug fixes and other improvements

Movavi PDFChef 21.3
- New Highlight tool: use colors to highlight important parts of the text
- More precise image rotation: easily rotate images 45, 90, and 180 degrees to fit in your file
- Improved font dialog box: find and apply fonts more quickly and easily
- Bug fixes and other improvements

Movavi PDFChef 21.2
- Improved image rotation now works more smoothly and precisely
- Documents are now scaled correctly when opened via the context menu
- Double-sided printing now works correctly
- Bug fixes and other improvements

Movavi PDFChef 21.1
- Sleek new Print window: set a page range or selected pages to print, choose the orientation, and preview your documents
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 21.0.1
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 2021
New fonts:
- Fonts matter! So we’ve brought the PDFChef typography to a new level so your PDF files can be even more customizable. You can now use any of the fonts and font styles installed on your computer to add text to your PDFs.

Multiple windows:
- Usability is one of our top priorities. If you need to work with multiple PDF files and don’t want to have to keep switching between tabs, PDFChef understands your challenge. You can now work on different tasks simultaneously. Open documents in multiple windows at one time, just as you would in your web browser.

New design:
- We’re always improving our apps to provide a better experience for our users. We’ve optimized the PDFChef interface as a result of your feedback. Each tool is now at your fingertips to make managing PDFs even faster and easier. The updated toolbar features self-explanatory icons in new and attractive colors.

Movavi PDFChef 3.2.1
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 3.2
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
- Set a custom viewing size for your documents. To do this, enter any value into the size field
- Close tabs using the new context menu (right-click on a tab to open it)
- New hotkeys for working with text and tabs. You can see them in the «Help» section
- The program window can now be made even smaller so that you can work in two apps simultaneously

Movavi PDFChef 3.1.0
- New «Presentation Mode»: now you can expand documents to full screen view
- Resume work with PDFs: the program opens the document where you left off last time
- The name of the document you’re working on is now displayed in the program window title and in the taskbar
- List of shortcut keys added to the «Help» section
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 3.0.1
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 3.0.0
Multiformat Conversion:
- Convert Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to PDF and vice versa. Turn scans and articles in PDF format into fully-fledged e-books in EPUB or TXT format
Improved Application Performance:
- No limits! Upload documents with over 1000 pages, work with a dozen tabs open simultaneously, manage oversized project documentation – optimized application performance enables you to quickly deal with any size files
New Home Screen:
- The new minimalist design of Movavi PDF Editor’s home screen makes access to frequently-used options faster and more intuitive

Movavi PDFChef 2.4.1
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 2.4.0
- Printing became more convenient: during printout, the program now automatically detect page orientation and rotate pages to fit the paper; now it can also automatically center page content
- Printing speed became up to 2 times faster
- PDF Editor now uses significantly less memory
- Minor bug fixes

Movavi PDFChef 2.3.0
- Now you can undo changes with Ctrl/Cmd+Z while editing an image
- Significantly improved the quality of images when extracting from PDF documents
- Scrolling now works much smoother and faster
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 2.1.0
- Now you can rotate images or objects in a PDF by any angle
- We’ve also modified the image resize feature – resizing images is now more intuitive
- Bug fixes and other improvements

Movavi PDFChef 2.0.0

Adding Text to PDF Documents:
- Add a text block to any location within a document; set the desired font style and size; work with multiple PDF documents at once

Editing Text in PDF Documents:
- Upload electronic documents in PDF format, make required changes to the text and save your edits in just a couple of clicks. Please do not worry about markups – the tool will automatically reformat the text while processing

New Refined Design:
- The new Movavi PDFChef UI prepossesses with its simplicity; smart highlighting of all navigation elements will help you find the required option swiftly and effortlessly

Movavi PDFChef 1.7.1
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 1.7
- Now you can electronically sign PDF documents without printing and scanning them. Draw your signature with a mouse or touchpad, or just upload an image of a signature from a photo library
- PDF Editor now supports creating a PDF file from scratch

Movavi PDFChef 1.6
- PDF Editor now supports German language
- Bug fixes and other improvements

- Movavi PDFChef 1.5
- Now you can fill out forms right in the PDF Editor (bills of sale, agreements, promissory notes, and other documents)
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 1.4
- Adding images is now more convenient – just copy them from any application and paste directly into your document
- The program launches now quicker

Movavi PDFChef 1.3
- The opportunity to follow internal links within the document (table of contents, notes)
- The opportunity to follow external hyperlinks from the document
- Other improvements

Movavi PDFChef 1.2
- You can now copy text from digitally created PDF-documents to the clipboard
- PDF Editor will now display previously added comments and other annotations
- Fixed issue with the program quitting unexpectedly when deleting pages in some cases
- Other useful fixes and improvements

Movavi PDFChef 1.1
- Now you can overlay JPG and PNG images, including signatures and stamps, onto PDF pages
- Minor bug fixes and improvements