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Phasmophobia is an award-winning indie psychological survival horror game developed and published by Kinetic Games for Windows PC and Windows VR headsets. Originally released to the public in September 2020, just before the start of the Halloween season of horror-themed activities,  this impactful game experience managed to capture worldwide attention and become hailed as one of the scariest and innovative horror games released in the last several years on any gaming platform.

This title runs in BOTH standard and VR modes. It does not require a VR headset.

Its sudden rise to popularity could be traced to the independent Twitch streamers and YouTubers who promoted this title to millions of their fans across the entire world, increased numbers of gamers due to effects of the worldwide pandemic, and the similarities to the cult-classic “P.T.” game that received an only limited release in 2016. Due to its innovative gameplay systems and effective horror atmosphere, the Phasmophobia VR game was crowned as winner of the “Best Debut Game” category during The Game Awards 2020 ceremony.


The core gameplay loop of Phasmophobia focuses on cooperative gameplay between up to four active players, who can use a wide variety of tools to explore spooky abandoned urban environments and gather evidence about 12 potential ghost types that are haunting them. The more players are present in the session, the more clues they will be able to find using tools such CCTV cameras, UV flashlights, thermometers, EMF readers, and more occult items such as Ouija boards.

The immersive experience of the title is boosted by its realistic visuals, impactful sound, full support for VR gameplay and cross-platform play between monitor and VR PC players, and the innovative audio communication feature which enables ghost to hear and identify words that players are talking between themselves, and pick the most opportune and scary time to appear in the real world.

Main Features
  • Experience Total Immersion: With stunning graphics, lifelike sound effects, and a streamlined user interface, you'll be fully immersed in the game and on edge from start to finish.
  • Varied Specters: Uncover over 20 different ghost varieties, each with its distinct characteristics, personalities, and powers, making each investigation unique and exciting.
  • Innovative Tools: Utilize well-known ghost hunting gear such as EMF Readers, Spirit Boxes, Thermometers, and Night Vision Cameras to gather clues and as much paranormal evidence as possible. Also, discover Cursed Possessions that grant information or special abilities at the cost of your sanity.
  • Real-Time Voice Interaction: The ghosts are listening! Connect with them through Ouija Boards and EVP Sessions using a Spirit Box, by speaking directly into your microphone.
  • Multiple Haunted Venues: Choose from over 10 spooky locations, each with its unique twists, hiding places, and layouts.
  • Customizable Gameplay: Test your skills with 4 default difficulty levels and daily and weekly challenges, or customize your own game by adjusting the difficulty and creating unique game modes.
  • Collaborate for Survival: Join the hunt and search for evidence, or play it safe and support your team from the truck by monitoring the investigation with CCTV and motion sensors. Get ready for a thrilling experience!
System Requirements

System requirements for this game are on the lower side, enabling users with a relatively old quadcore CPU, 8GB of RAM, and GTX 970 level GPU to enjoy this title. However, this system spec will prevent many users with aged laptops to enjoy this title. The game features built-in support for 25 supported languages (interface only) and full audio support only for the English language.

VR Support

VR support extends to all Steam VR-compatible devices (Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets), with full support for tracked motion controllers, standing, and room-scale VR gameplay.

Itcan be enjoyed today on Steam, where it can be accessed in its Early Access state for a very reasonable price.


What is Phasmophobia?
Phasmophobia is a survival horror game where players take on the role of paranormal investigators tasked with gathering evidence of supernatural activity in haunted locations.

What type of game is Phasmophobia?
The game is a first-person survival horror game.

How do I play Phasmophobia?
In the game, players work together to gather evidence of supernatural activity in a haunted location while surviving the haunting. Players use a variety of tools, such as cameras, EMF readers, and ghost writing books, to gather evidence and determine the type of ghost they are dealing with.

What are the minimum requirements to run Phasmophobia?
It requires at least a 64-bit operating system, a 64-bit processor, and 8 GB of RAM. The recommended graphics card is a NVIDIA GTX 970 or equivalent.

How does the ghost hunting aspect of Phasmophobia work?
The ghost hunting aspect of Phasmophobia involves using a variety of tools, such as cameras, EMF readers, and ghost writing books, to gather evidence and determine the type of ghost they are dealing with. Players must also listen carefully to ghost whispers, footsteps, and other sounds to avoid getting caught by the ghost.

What type of haunted locations can I expect to explore in Phasmophobia?
In the game, players can expect to explore a variety of haunted locations, including abandoned prisons, mental hospitals, and haunted houses.

Does Phasmophobia have VR support?
Yes, To play this game in VR, you need a VR headset that supports Steam VR.

What are the in-game objectives in Phasmophobia?
The main objective in Phasmophobia is to gather evidence of supernatural activity and determine the type of ghost you are dealing with. Players must also survive the haunting and escape the location before the ghost catches them.

  • Immersive horror experience.
  • Varied ghost types & locations.
  • Innovative ghost hunting tools.
  • Real-time voice interaction.
  • Customizable gameplay & challenges.
  • Limited VR headset compatibility.
  • Relatively low system requirements.
  • English audio support only.
  • Lack of single-player mode.
  • Limited in-game objectives.

In conclusion, Phasmophobia is a well-designed game that provides players with a unique and challenging experience. The combination of survival horror and paranormal investigation creates an immersive and intense atmosphere, while the emphasis on teamwork adds an extra layer of excitement. The game's success can be attributed to its excellent graphics, engaging gameplay, and intense atmosphere, making it a popular choice among horror fans and gamers alike.

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