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Download PrimeOS 0.6.1

  -  1.19 GB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version:

    PrimeOS 0.6.1 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Flyodwiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. / PrimeOS

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PrimeOS provides a complete desktop experience on Android with access to millions of Android applications. Transform your PC into the Best Mobile Gaming Device! Now play any Android games at the comfort of Keyboard and Mouse! The fastest gaming platform for Android, play Android games at a comfortable keyboard and mouse with the DecaPro tool.

PrimeOS operating system and Android Emulator gives a complete desktop experience similar to Windows PC or macOS with access to millions of Android apps. It is designed to bring you the best of both worlds - a complete fusion of Android and PC.

PrimeOS is an Android-based operating system designed specifically for PCs. It offers a desktop-like experience while retaining the familiar Android interface, allowing users to enjoy their favorite mobile apps, games, and productivity tools on a larger screen. The software combines the flexibility of Android with the functionality of a PC, bridging the gap between mobile and desktop platforms.


Desktop Interface
It provides a familiar desktop interface with a taskbar, start menu, and resizable windows, making it easy to navigate and multitask on your PC.

Multi-Window Support
Users can run multiple Android apps simultaneously in resizable windows, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Gaming Optimization
It offers a gaming-focused mode that optimizes performance, providing an enhanced gaming experience with support for keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs.

File Manager
The built-in file manager allows users to access and manage files, folders, and external storage devices.

Google Play Store Compatibility
It supports the Google Play Store, enabling users to download and install a wide range of Android apps and games.


The installer has been launched for installing Prime OS in 64 bit UEFI systems in dual-boot mode alongside Windows. Download the installer and follow the steps below for installing PrimeOS:

  • Launch the exe program and choose the drive from which you want to make a partition for Prime OS Emulator.
  • Input the space in MB for the new partition.
  • Proceed to installation.
  • Note: Ignore all the cmd and disk manager pop-ups for formatting the new partition.
  • The system will restart and the installation process will begin.
  • After installation, you will have the boot menu for both PrimeOS and Windows.


  • Multiple features to give a desktop experience like Start Menu, taskbar, etc.
  • Multi-window support with maximize, minimize, close, resize, etc.
  • Option to disable multi-window for any app in case you need it.
  • General keyboard shortcuts like alt + tab, alt + f4, win + d etc.
  • Close to AOSP experience with only necessary desktop features.
  • Taskbar with the ability to pin apps, show notifications, and system icons.
  • Decapro key mapping tool to play games with a keyboard and mouse (Press F12).
  • Pre mapped some popular games like PUBGFortnite, Subway surf, etc.
  • GPU tools are available to fake GPU info for any game.
  • Open gapps included, no need to install them manually.
  • OTA support is available but only if you install it in the EXT4 RW partition.
  • Feedback app is available for you guys to share your thoughts.
  • Up-streamed kernel to google LTS Linux 4.9.x.

How to Use

  • Create a bootable USB drive using the provided tool or burn the ISO image to a DVD.
  • Restart your PC and boot from the USB drive or DVD.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app alongside your existing operating system or as a standalone option.
  • Once installed, you can log in and start using PrimeOS as you would on an Android device.


Is PrimeOS compatible with all PCs?
It supports a wide range of PCs, but it's always recommended to check the system requirements before installation. It generally works well on most modern PCs.

Can I dual-boot PrimeOS with Windows?
Yes, it can be installed as a dual-boot option alongside Windows. During installation, you'll have the choice to select your preferred operating system at startup.

Can I run Windows applications on PrimeOS?
No, the app is an Android-based operating system, so it doesn't natively support Windows applications. However, you can find Android alternatives for many Windows applications on the Google Play Store.

Does PrimeOS receive regular updates?
Yes, it developers frequently release updates to improve performance, stability, and security. Users can easily update their PrimeOS installation through the built-in update manager. Also, users complain that the official website sometimes doesn't work.

Can I customize the desktop interface?
It offers some customization options, including changing wallpapers and icons. However, the level of customization is not as extensive as traditional desktop operating systems like Windows or macOS.


Phoenix OS: An Android-based operating system designed for PCs, offering a desktop-like experience with multi-window support and gaming optimization. It aims to provide a seamless integration of Android on a larger screen.

Bliss OS: An open-source operating system based on Android that can be installed on PCs. It focuses on providing a clean and lightweight Android experience with customization options and regular updates.

Remix OS: An Android-based operating system that aimed to provide a full-fledged desktop experience. It offered multi-window support, a taskbar, and the ability to run Android apps on a PC. However, development and official support for Remix OS have been discontinued.

Android-x86: A project that ports the Android operating system to x86-based PCs. It allows users to run Android natively on their desktops or laptops, providing access to Android apps and features on traditional PC hardware.

BlueStacks: An Android emulator for PCs that allows users to run Android apps and games on their desktops or laptops. It provides a virtual Android environment, enabling seamless app compatibility and integration with the Windows operating system.

System Requirements

  • Intel/AMD processor with 64-bit support
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of storage space
  • Graphics card with OpenGL 3.0 or higher
  • USB 3.0 port or DVD drive for installation


  • Smooth integration of Android on PC
  • Gaming optimization for an enhanced gaming experience
  • Multi-window support for multitasking
  • Google Play Store compatibility for easy access to Android apps
  • Dual-boot option for Windows users


  • Users complain that the official website sometimes doesn't work.
  • Limited customization options compared to traditional desktop operating systems
  • Some apps may not be fully optimized for the desktop experience
  • Potential performance variations depending on the hardware


PrimeOS is a compelling software application that brings the versatility of Android to the PC environment. With its intuitive interface, gaming optimization, and support for multi-window functionality, PrimeOS offers an excellent platform for Android enthusiasts and gamers alike.

While it may have some limitations in terms of customization and compatibility, its ability to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop experiences makes it a valuable option for those seeking an Android-powered desktop environment. Whether you're a casual user or a power user, it provides a seamless and enjoyable way to experience Android on your PC.

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