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Real Car Driving

Real Car Driving

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Real Car Driving is a free car driving simulator title that promotes the fun experience of driving some of the most expensive and exotic modern cars from the comfort of any 3D-capable Windows PC. Built from the ground up by Magic Kingdom Epic Games and published on a Windows Store, this title enables anyone to set in the seat of powerful four-wheelers and test their skills in a wide variety of environments.

While many other games in this genre are focused only on on-track experience, this title promises an open exploration of an urban open-world environment where they can drive, race, drift, and crash modern cars whenever they like.

Sadly, that is not the case! Upon starting it every player will realize that this is NOT a racing title.

The core target of Real Car Driving is not racing, but parking! The game's main play mode instructs the players to park their cars in the designated yellow box area in various parts of the city. It features a staggering amount of 75 parking challenge levels that scale with difficulty. The only visual changes that players can experience in the city is the transformation from day to night, a feature that can be manually activated inside the game options. It offers a way to unlock new cars but fails at providing any other gameplay experience.

It can be installed quickly on any modern PC with a capable 3D rendering hardware by just visiting its official Windows Store page and clicking on the blue “Get” button. The game will be downloaded and installed automatically. Due to its slim system requirements, the game loads quickly and can be made to run in high resolution and framerates even with modest PC hardware. The control methods cover just the bare minimum option – keyboard controls for car movement with either system arrow keys or WASD keys.

In addition to the disappointing gameplay modes and highly limited scope of in-game challenges, this game can also frustrate gamers with its rigid camera.

Players who want to experience a true realistic parking experience can instead do so in Android titles Real Car Parking and Real Car Parking 2 (which is even set in a massively multiplayer city) that can be easily enjoyed on PC with the help of modern Android emulators.

  • A wide selection of cars available for unlocking
  • 75 challenging levels to complete
  • This game has been discontinued.
  • Misleading advertising regarding its name and gameplay
  • Excessive intrusive advertisements
  • Lack of a tutorial for keyboard controls
  • Confusing camera panning
Real Car Driving is a 100% FREE driving simulator that falsely advertises racing gameplay modes. Instead, it fully focuses on parking challenges and can additionally frustrate players with a wide variety of in-game ads that are often very intrusive. It lacks a tutorial and any sort of online mode.