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Remote Utilities - Viewer

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Remote Utilities - Viewer is a highly configurable and secure remote desktop software for IT professionals. You can view screens remotely, send keystrokes, control the mouse pointer, transfer files, and do any other operation just as if you were physically sitting in front of the remote PC. Try it Remote Utilities Now!

The Viewer is your single control center. Here you can manage your remote connections using one or several address books, start a remote session in different connection modes and run configuration tools, such as the MSI Configurator. Remote Utilities is the number one choice for IT pros looking for a cost-effective and practical remote-access solution.

Features and Highlights

Ultimate security
A strong default security level is provided out-of-the-box. The user can enable additional security features, like IP filtering or shared secret. See Security Overview for more information.

Stand-alone solution
For its core features, Remote Utilities doesn't require any web infrastructure. The program can work in a totally isolated network and/or VPN with limited or no Internet access. Some features, like the Internet-ID (NAT traversal) do require a relay server on the Web in which case the user can choose between servers or their own self-hosted server.

No web-based accounts
Unlike strictly web-based SaaS tools, Remote Utilities doesn't offer web accounts. This means that there is nothing to "hack" on a global scale because there's simply no single database where user access credentials (including logins and access passwords) would be stored.

Self-hosted server
While relay server infrastructure can be used for remote connection over the Internet, the user can choose to install a free self-hosted server. The server provides additional features not available with hosted service, namely automatic address book synchronization and centralized permissions management.

No unexpected or mandatory upgrades
We offer a simple and clear Upgrade Policy. There are no automatic upgrades or related charges — an upgrade is always up to the customer. Moreover, customers can upgrade to the next major version for free within one year since their purchase. This makes the question "Will I have to pay for an upgrade if you release the next major version in a few months since my purchase date?" no longer relevant."

Remote Utilities is as big as you want it to be. You get an unlimited number of remote installations when you purchase the operator license, so you're free to install the program on as many remote machines as you need to conduct your business. You have the built-in MSI Configurator and Remote Install tools at your disposal in order to push-install the program across your network or use Active Directory group policies.

Remote Utilities provides plenty of options to accommodate even the most demanding requirements. The MSI installer file is available right away — you can take advantage of the MSI Configurator tool and pre-configure your program installer before the deployment.

Remote Access:

Remote access over LAN or VPN
Establish a direct connection to a remote PC using its IP address or DNS name. You can also seamlessly deploy the program in an Active Directory network.

Remote access over the Internet
Use Internet-ID connection to bypass firewalls and NAT devices when connecting over the Internet. No complicated network configuration is necessary.

Unattended access
Deploy the Host module for 24/7 access to remote workstations and servers. The Host starts automatically as a system service.

Attended access
Provide spontaneous remote support over the Internet using the Agent module. No installation and administrative rights are required.

UAC support
User Access Control (UAC) prompts can be controlled remotely and are no longer an obstacle (using Host instead of Agent is required to override UAC).

Use Remote Utilities as the transport to start an RDP session over the Internet when the remote PC is not accessible directly by an IP address.

Unlimited one-to-many sessions
Multitask by connecting to multiple remote PCs at once from the same machine.

Self-hosted server
Use the self-hosted server for remote connection, address book sync, and authorization.

Proxy server support
Configure Remote Utilities to connect through your company's proxy server.

Connect through Host
Use a single PC on your LAN as a gateway through which to connect to its peers on the same network.

Note: 30 days trial version or demo license with a 10 remote PCs limit.

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What's new in this version:

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Hide the connection alert banner on the Viewer side
- Improved handling of Viewer settings loading if the file is corrupted
- Fixed bulk application of Logoff bug when connection grouping is disabled
- Restoration of the Host service after a fatal crash
- Smart sorting in columns by Host name and by the last IP address

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Added Kerberos authentication support in the Windows version
- Fixed a UI bug related to using the Power Control and Send Message connection modes on multiple connections
- Resolved an issue with the mass application of the Logoff command
- Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of user groups in the server console
- Implemented fixes for clipboard synchronization issues
- Improved the sorting functionality in the address book on Viewer and address book manager on RU Server
- Added the ability to export a saved RU server certificate on the Viewer side
- Optimized and slightly accelerated server authorization processes
- Applied fixes for integration issues with firewalls
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- issues with displaying the folder tree and the address book contents
- sorting of users and groups on RU Server
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Significantly improved display of the folder tree and list of connections on the Viewer (main window) and RU Server (the Address Book Manager) when using large address books that contain hundreds and thousands of connections and folders.
- In the Terminal mode the problem with the transmission of the Shift, Ctrl and Alt key presses has been fixed. This is noticeable when working with programs such as FAR Manager. Also the problem with entering passwords that contain capital letters has been fixed.
- Added compatibility of sending/receiving the clipboard contents on the new Viewer with older versions of Host
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Fixed the issue with Host showing an error message when copying rich content on the remote computer

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Added new clipboard transfer mechanism that supports additional formats such as HTML, RTF, EXCEL, images
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Fixed the bug with Viewer quitting unexpectedly with an error on Windows XP
- Minor improvements to RU Server license registration mechanism
- Minor improvements to the Terminal mode
- Other fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- A persistent connection alert window shown for trial and free license users was restricted to Internet-ID connections only. This alert is not shown for direct connections.
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- The Terminal mode has been improved—added full command line support and ability to run advanced console apps such as FAR Manager. Windows 10 and later only.
- The Wake-On-LAN command can be sent via an intermediate Host
- A new type of package—Host EXE— has been added to MSI Configurator
- You can now launch Viewer with a URI. Use our URI Generator to build a URI link with the necessary parameters
- Support for Windows 11 interface has been improved
- A new customer notification system has been implemented in Viewer. Critical alerts and messages about important updates will be delivered directly to Viewer in a non-intrusive manner. The alerts can be dismissed or turned off completely in Viewer options.
- The Online option—which produces a digitally signed Host or Agent package— in MSI Configurator is now only available for paid users
- A persistent semi-transparent connection alert is now shown at the bottom right corner of the screen for trial and free license users
- RU Server now requires registration with a valid Remote Utilities license key
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Fixed: Issues with settings not applied properly for Agent modules built using the MSI Configurator
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Some connectivity issues (hanging "worldmap" screen) caused by the screensaver with a black screen running on the remote computer
- Some issues caused by file overwrite prompts in File Transfer mode
- Modal prompts in the File Transfer mode blocking the entire application
- Some issues with the Remote execute connection mode

- The "Do not ask for confirmation before installation" checkbox/option in the MSI Configurator has been removed. Now manual installation of the Host from a custom package always requires an explicit user consent.
- Displaying the search results when doing search in the address book

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- License file drag-and-drop onto the drop area in License key storage didn't work in some cases
- Minor issues when uninstalling the product
- Minor issues with Arabic and Hebrew translations

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Full Control and View mode indefinitely showed the "Connecting" screen ("worldmap") in certain conditions
- The Ask user permission feature didn't work when the "Ask only if user logged on" checkbox was enabled
- Various commands in the File Transfer mode, such as Edit (F4) and Execute (F9) did not work properly. This also included issues with overwriting remove files
- The Remote Execute mode protocol has been revamped. Fixed issues with running files and programs as a given user. Both Viewer and Host must be updated for this fix to apply
- Dragging-and-dropping files onto a remote desktop did not work
- Restarting Agent as did not work in certain conditions
- The Monitors dropdown list on the Full Control mode toolbar did not work if the remote desktop was showing the Logon screen
- Simple update mechanism logging improved, plus minor fixes to the mechanism itself
- Viewer main window froze when receiving multiple notifications from RU Server (e.g. about new address books found and license keys available on the server)
- A bug with mouse cursor position when clicking

- Improved: Mouse cursor shape for mobile clients
- Added: Greek interface language
- Minor fixes to localization files
- Other fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Fixed: An issue with the Host's "Close remote session if idle" feature that caused remote connection to drop unexpectedly

Remote Utilities - Viewer
New features and improvements:
- Centralized license key management on RU Server. You can add license keys on RU Server and deploy them across connected (signed in) Viewers
- Import of Active Directory computers into RU Server address book on schedule. The server address book can be synced with Viewers using the address book sync role
- Ability to disable syncing of certain connection properties. This allows multiple techs to have unique properties for the same connections in a synced address book
- Host log can now optionally be written to Windows event log
- Program interface now fully supports high DPI resolutions. No ugly scaling on 2K/4K monitors anymore
- Added Viewer command line parameter that allows you to send username in the command line
- New blank remote screen mechanism with the ability to add custom text to the remote screen when it's blanked
- Sending emails with access credentials using the "SMTP" feature (see configurator) now supports TLS 1.
- Clipboard transfer can now be disabled in Host settings for added security/privacy
- Maximum address book thumbnail size is now 1024px instead of 250px
- Added port manager in RU Server settings that allows for more granular port settings. For example, different roles and IP filters can be set for different ports
- Signing in on a self-hosted server is now in background with the status shown in the status ba
- Viewer-to-RUServer and Host-to-RUServer authentication is now TLS 1.2-based instead of RSA, which makes authentication on the server significantly faster
- Viewer now automatically signs back in on a self-hosted server if connection is interrupted
- The "Send clipboard as keystrokes" feature has been added. This may help with entering passwords on a remote Windows welcome screen
- Host log now displays the originating IP address of the Viewer
- Overall improved Host, Agent and RU Server logging

- The remote File Transfer folders now open much faster. Note: this feature requires updating both Viewer and Host to the new version
- Fixed memory leak issues when running Host/Agent on certain configurations that could cause Host/Agent to freeze
- Fixed NTLM authentication issue in Viewer running on a computer with online Microsoft account
- Some issues that could make RU server freeze during custom server security authentication or when viewing active/idle connections in the Admin Console
- Fixed issue with some keys (Enter, Shift) not working on a remote computer in some circumstances
- Fixed some issues with the advanced mouse scroll

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Fixed an issue that caused the system to crash when applying Windows updates KB4503293 and KB4501375 on some systems. It is advised to first update Remote Utilities before applying those Windows updates
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Fixed an issue that caused connections in the address book to briefly go offline and back online even on a stable Internet connection
- Fixed Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Host service to stop after authorization

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Synchronization of large address books via the self-hosted server (RU Server) was improved
- Keyboard input model in Viewer connection properties can now be explicitly selected on the Keyboard tab
- Fixed an issue with RU Server which would sometimes cause client authorization to drop
- Fixed an issue with email notifications not sent via SMTP when using non-Latin characters in computer name
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Fixed an issue with certain keyboard shortucts not working after the previous program update
- Fixed an issue with blank remote screen feature not working on Windows 10 in some cases
- Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer
- Added Ability to switch to the legacy keyboard input model in Viewer connection properties
- Fixed an issue with certain Windows hotkeys and key combinations not working

Remote Utilities - Viewer

- Ability to specify your own SMTP settings in the MSI Configurator for the "Send email" feature. Note: This feature has replaced the old mechanism of sending emails via our hosted service
- Added Local cursor now takes the shape of the remote cursor. This lets the program display different remote cursor states (such as column resizing arrows) correctly

- Fixed Fixed an issue with some Settings protection checkboxes not saving in Host configuration window
- FixedRemote printing now works with apps such as Edge and Photos
- FixedSession video recording consumes less CPU resouces on the Viewer. Session videos now show the remote cursor
- Fixed Fixed an issue with RU Server's Auto-import feature which caused RU Server service to hang/freeze in certain conditions
- Fixed Switching to the main Viewer window is now possible even when an authorization prompt window is being displayed. The authorization prompt window is no longer modal
- Fixed Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause switching the typing focus away from the mini-chage window in Full Control connection mode
- Fixed Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer

- Added authorization methods — Single password, RU Security, Windows security and Custom Server Security — can now be enabled simultaneously using checkboxes
- Added 2-step verification has been added. You can use Google Authenticator or any other similar app to receive the security code when connecting to a remote Host
- Added The self-hosted server can now be protected with a PIN-code against unauthorized use of the Internet-ID feature by strangers who happen to find out or guess the server's address and port
- Added You can now remotely restart the Agent as administrator (provided you know the credentials) in order to perform the necessary tasks during a remote session, such as installing programs and interacting with UAC prompts
- Added The use of the self-hosted server's Internet-ID feature can now be restricted to authorized users only (i.e. permission-based use of the Internet-ID)
- Added Single-password security is now more clearly separated from Remote Utilities Security in connection properties on the Viewer side. Namely, the password and username/password can be saved separately for each of these two authorization methods
- Added Data encryption protocol has been changed to a more modern TLS 1.2
- Added Host authority is now verified automatically based on certificates. If Host certificate has been changed the Viewer receives a warning
- Added New and more streamlined Host settings interface with a Dashboard that summarizes the most important details
- Added The remote screen transfer speed of dynamically changing content (e.g. videos) over slow connections has been increased
- Added New "Log off on disconnect" option added to connection properties
- Added "Force custom server security" option can now be enabled for a user account on RU Server. This option, when enabled, forces this specific user to connect to Hosts using Custom Server Security only (provided the user is signed in on the server)
- Added Left-hand mouse support
- Fixed Remote Utilities monitor driver (the one used for blanking remote screen) now works on Windows 10 with secure boot enabled
- Fixed Data transmission protocol for the remote sound feature has been updated. The new protocol is not backward compatible with older versions
- Fixed A bug that would cause a folder in an address book to disappear when dragged onto itself
- Fixed A bug that would cause the notification panel to stay on the desktop even after remote connection was closed or terminated
- Fixed A bug that would cause the address book file to get corrupted in some cases after closing the Viewer
- Fixed A bug that would cause the Viewer to show a warning when trying to unbind hotkeys in Viewer options
- Fixed Minor fixes and improvements

Remote Utilities - Viewer

- Custom Host installers built with the MSI Configurator can now be digitally signed

- Minor fixes and improvements