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RescueTime is a streamlined time and activity tracker application that can help users to more easily focus on their productivity and filter out an incredible amount of distractions that are just one click away.

Instead of wasting time on social network feeds, chain-reading Wikipedia entries, responding to never-ending chat messages, or wasting time on YouTube and other video hosting sites, RescueTime for Windows PC can help anyone to better organize their time, turn off distractions for just a bit or even longer, and produce comprehensive reports about the time spent doing the productive work.

RescueTime is distributed online not only as a standalone app but also as a Chrome extension. The core feature of the app is its ability to monitor the activity in all programs on the user's PC, enabling it to provide incredibly detailed analytics and reports on the daily productivity levels and presence of distractions.

For example, users can see reports about each of their workdays, how they have spent their time during each hour, and when their attention has drifted away from work apps such as Photoshop, coding apps, or reference/learning sessions to the entertainment and casual browsing. The app promotes the overall productivity score and can list all the activities it has ranked as distracting.
  • Automatic Time Tracking (No Manual Entry!)
  • Detailed Reports, Trends, and Insights
  • One-Click Offline Time Tracking
  • Block Distracting Websites - Rebuild Your Focus!
  • Set Smart Goals and Real-Time Alerts
  • Integrate With Your Favorite Apps
To focus on more productive activities during their working day, It can actively prevent users to drift away from their work apps. This protection can be done automatically via a built-in scheduler that can detect distracting websites, apps, and services, or manually by setting FocusTime timer to let’s say 30 minutes during which RescueTime will actively block the loading of distractions.

The app can even build better habits by reminding users how they have improved their work goals and attention over the previous period.

FREE “Lite” version of RescueTime offers basic support of most used features that can help anyone to set up their own distraction-free environment both at home, school and work. Premium tier of service unlocks a full suite of tools that can help dedicated professionals to track work on projects and documents, get advanced reporting, real-time alerts, block various distractions (with a scheduler), and track their improvement with daily highlights, full historical data, and in-depth reports.

The full version of RescueTime can be tested for FREE during the initial 14-day TRIAL period.

Note: 14 days trial version.

Also Available: Download RescueTime for Mac

What's new in this version:

- Changes: Fixes crash

- Fix for Windows installations without administrator access

- Change log not available for this version

- Changes: Additional fixes for filesystems with non-ASCII file paths

- Changes: Added fix for Windows installer