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Toggl Track Desktop

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Toggl Track Desktop

  -  5.6 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version

    Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.445 (64-bit) LATEST

  • Review by

    Juan Garcia

  • Operating System

    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

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  • Author / Product

    Toggl Team / External Link

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Toggl Track Desktop is a small desktop application that will help you track time more conveniently. It sits quietly in your system tray and when you need it (to start/stop/edit your work), it’s quickly accessible. It does what it’s designed to do best – tracks time.

Toggl Track for Windows is a native Windows application that can be installed on your computer. It works seamlessly with the web version of Toggl, syncing data on the fly. Toggl for Desktop PC works also offline. It stores data locally and sends it to the Toggl server once you’re back online.

Tracking time with the desktop agent is as simple as it could possibly be. Just fill in the details of the job you’re doing and click on the green “Start” button to start the timer. If you start the timer first and wish to add the details later, just click on the timer and a window appears where you’re able to edit the description, start/stop times and the project. You’re also able to add tags and decide whether the entry is marked as “Billable” or not.

Features and Highlights

Color-code your projects
It makes time-usage graphs colorful and adds spice to time tracking.

Add sub-projects
Gives you wiggle room for job tracking.

Divide teams into user groups
Great for companies with many different departments and teams. Makes the project manager’s life a lot easier. View the dashboard: Compare current tracking data with the previous week to see who’s Employee of the Week.

Set billable rates
Because some hours are worth more than others.

Also Available: Download Toggl Track for Mac

  • Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.445 (64-bit) Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.445 (64-bit)
- Fix the crash when trying to auto-update the app without proper permissions
- Disable back the per-monitor DPI as it caused Edit View to not being displayed sometimes
- Fix Autotracker list barely visible on low res or high scaling displays

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.442 (64-bit)
- Timeline UI - Fix autoscrolling to the first time entry
- Timeline UI - Fix click&drag time entry creation for 'end time' time ending setting
- Idle detection - set idle state while PC is locked
- Mini Timer - add 'Show Toggl Track' menu option to show main window

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.418 (64-bit)
- Timeline UI - context menu for time entries: continue, start from end of this entry, delete, overlap resolving
- Timeline UI - gap time entry between last time entry and current time line (if no running time entry)
- Timeline UI - bug fixing
- Fix crash that appeared while running tutorial
- Start timer on first Enter key hit if autocomplete popup is opened but nothing is selected

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.403 (64-bit)
- Timeline UI - fix time entries may be dispalyed as overlapped when they are actually not
- Display time entry syncing error in UI
- Fix application may not start bug on Windows 7

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.394 (64-bit)
- Timeline UI - show currently running time entry
- Timeline UI - click and drag to create a time entry
- Add a setting for showing autotracker notification while a timer is running
- Timeline UI - different small UI fixes
- Use more secure hash algorithm for signing binaries
- Timeline UI - update start/end and duration while resizing
- Timeline UI view (available only for part of all users now)
- Autotracker - showing suggestion also when there is a running entry
- Autotracker - possible to start tracking automatically without showing the suggestion
- Added awareness of 'First day of the week' setting
- Fix icon colors
- Fix SSO login for Microsoft Store users

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.363 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.295 (64-bit)
- Change application icon
- Add possibility to ignore certificate verification

Toggl Track Desktop 7.5.46 (64-bit)
- Fixed sub-entries display
- Fixed the issue with Reports link not logging the user in
- Fixed Constraint Violation errors
- Fixed a failure to sync after PC comes back from Sleep
- Fixed some potential memory leaks

Toggl Track Desktop 7.4.1092 (64-bit)
- Introduced in-app messaging functionality
- Fixed failure to run Store app on startup
- Added F5 as Sync hotkey
- Added nicer tray icon tooltip
- Stability improvements

Toggl Track Desktop 7.4.1023 (64-bit)
- Hotfix: revert bug with duplicating entries introduced in the previous hotfix

Toggl Track Desktop 7.4.1022 (64-bit)
- Show precise time on tooltip of duration, start, stop time textbox
- Stop running entry on computer sleep/shutdown doesn't work on shutdown
- Attempt to resolve the SQL Constraint issues
- Fixed the sync issues when it makes a lot of request to the Toggl Track Server

Toggl Track Desktop 7.4.1015 (64-bit)
- Added Signup with Google
- Fixed issue with app window being stuck in the tray after PC restart
- Fixed system proxy detection to make it work with proxies of apps like Fiddler, Freedom, etc.
- Fixed various crashes when opening browser links or logging in with Google
- Fixed issue when similar time entries on different workspaces were grouped together
- Fixed occasional crash when displaying notification
- Made 'Show/Hide Toggl' bring the window to the front if it has no focus
- Tiny UI improvements to Login/Signup page
- Fixed crashes when having huge amount of tags

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