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What's new in this version:

- Fixed bug in cleanup of old data that could result in cleanup of new data, if custom folder location was used
- Localization updated German, Japanese
- Fixed miss bugs found in ver 8.5.3

- Fixed bug in cleanup of old data that could result in cleanup of new data, if custom folder location was used

- Detect old RoboForm user data on local computer and offer to clean it up
- Import: fixed import from 1Password, KeePass, Dashlane and Opera
- Authentication group has been removed from RoboForm Identity
- Enterprise: improved logging of data access in groups
- Use VS-2017 for all builds
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Sharing and UI

- Fixed AutoSave for Netflix
- Replaced email with in RoboForm messages
- Improved 'Contact Support' command, so user logs in to support system automatically
- Import: fixed import from 64-bit Firefox
- Localization: updated Italian, Japanese, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm User Interface

- Start Page: new Login and Safenotes Editor, implemented in JS + HTML
- Start Page: new Identity Editor, implemented in JS + HTML
- Fixed problems in Chrome and Firefox extensions on High DPI
- Fixed vulnerability that made possible RF installer loading malicious DLL already present on computer
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Options dialog

- Chrome: Fixed integration with Chrome 66 Basic Auth window
- Added support for per-monitor DPI
- Fixed crash during RoboForm installation
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing, Import, Backup/Restore
- Localization: updated German, Swedish

- Installer: re-design RoboForm Installation dialog
- Installer: improve installation procedure for RoboForm browser extensions
- Options: Re-designed RoboForm Options dialog
- Chrome: Fixed integration with Chrome 65 Basic Auth window
- Localization: updated German, Japanese, Serbian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing, Import, Backup/Restore

- Edge integration: Added Edge extension installation to RoboForm installer
- Localization: Added Greek, updated German, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing, Import, Backup/Restore

- Fixed freezes in Chrome and Internet Explorer

- Start Page: Better navigation and filtering in Start Page
- Start Page: better search bar appearance and auto-complete
- Start Page: new communication scheme with RF and extensions, makes it faster
- Better integration with RoboForm extension for Microsoft Edge browser (needs new Edge ext)
- New design for lower toolbar in Firefox and Chrome
- Allow user to enroll a device just for 15 minutes in One Time Password dialog
- Localization: update Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish
- Bug fixes and performance improvements in RoboForm Editor, Sharing and Emergency Access

- Change log not available for this version

- Detect RoboForm 7 data that was added/changed after the account was migrated and offer to import it
- Firefox integration: Changed Firefox add-on install to use listed Roboform Firefox AddOn
- Import: Added import from KeePass XML, 1Password CSV
- Localization: updated German, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Serbian
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing and Emergency Access

- Options: sync portable user options during RoboForm data sync
- Import: Added import from Keeper, Enpass, PasswordBoss, Zoho, TrueKey and StickyPassword
- Check data for duplicates after user changed RoboForm data
- Form Filler: fixed it for and
- Menus: improved and rationalized RoboForm menus
- Miscellaneous small fixes

- Fix incorrect handling of RDC Login window in Windows 10
- Fix wrong positioning of RF toolbar on high DPI screen in Chrome and Opera browsers
- Fix problem with wrong RF filling of Basic Auth window in IE
- Fix Clear Search history command of RF toolbar does not work in Firefox
- Fix RF Fill Forms command may crash IE in some rare cases
- Fix Chrome may ask to restore tabs after wrong termination by RF installer in some rare cases
- Fix installing RF extension into Firefox-based browsers when official Firefox is not installed
- Fix RF Auto Save is not offered on sites,
- Fix RF shows wrong UI and asks wrong questions when Master Password is changed from another device
- Fix Sync command does not show Sync progress window when automatic sync is already running in background
- Add a command into RoboForm Options dialog to reset all suppressed warnings
- Rename "Weak" tab in Security Center to "All"
- Fix several bugs in UI

- Firefox: Switch to new Firefox extension based on WebExtensions API
- Firefox: New extension is Chrome style, so it does NOT have RF toolbar
- Firefox: New extension may work without Desktop RoboForm installed, such as on Linux
- Bug fixes and speed improvements

- New design for RoboForm Start Page
- Installer: Use '%localappdata%RoboFormProfilesDefault Profile' as RoboForm data folder for new users
- Installer: fix closing applications during RoboForm installation/uninstallation
- Licenses: update design of license notifications and conditions when they should be shown
- Toolbar Menu: fix a bug with RoboForm toolbar menu appearance on tablets
- Localization: add Portuguese, update German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Serbian, Swedish
- Backup/Restore: implement common dialog for Backup and Restore operations
- Import: add support for more columns of 1Password and LastPass
- Password Generator: add password strength indicator
- Firefox Integration: do not inject RoboForm DLL into Firefox as Firefox will not allow it soon
- Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing and Emergency Access

- Fixed bugs and crashes

- Turn On new Ver 8 license enforcement
- Now Everywhere license is required for Sync only, with 30 day trial period
- Show 'Buy' and 'Renew' items in RoboForm 8 Help menu
- Make Emergency Access UI officially available in RF ver 8
- Fix bugs in RF 8 licensing on client side
- Fix bugs in sharing User Interface

- Do not create 'RoboForm Online Account' passcard for new users
- Chrome: better design for vertical toolbar
- Logins menu: do not show a Login twice in 'Most Popular' section
- Form Filling: fix form filling on some banking sites such as
- Import/Export: misc fixes in import and export procedure

- Installer: misc fixes in RoboForm Installer
- Installer: fixes in upgrading from RoboForm 7 to RoboForm 8
- Installer: move licensing agreement and privacy policy to the first screen
- Sync: detect when RoboForm account is deleted and offer to user to create an account
- Search Box: show RF Search Box when user moves mouse over the RoboForm Task Bar Icon
- Desktop Shortcuts: fix RoboForm files desktop shortcuts
- Menu: add 'Set Reminder' command to RoboForm Login's context menu
- Editor and Sharing: misc fixes in RoboForm Editor and Sharing
- Security Center: fix Sort Order in RoboForm Security Center
- Language Editor: fix working on High DPI displays
- Firefox: new signed XPI

- Search: change default search engine from Bing to Yahoo, user still can use any search
- Installer: improve upgrade RoboForm 7 to RoboForm 8 sequence
- Firefox: new signed XPI for Windows and Mac
- Editor: misc fixes in RoboForm Editor
- Form Filling: misc fixes in form filling
- Login UI: rework RoboForm Login (Master Password) dialog, using new design
- Export/Import: improve CVS export format

- Editor: fix crashes caused by reading grayscale icons with alpha channel
- Replace http:// with https:// in all URLs that RoboForm opens
- Update German and Polish localization
- Fix auto-login problems caused by earlier Wells Fargo fix

- Fix RoboForm Downloader GUI can hang up when Internet connection is very fast
- AutoUpdate Install: make installer ask no questions on version update
- Fix Japanese localization
- Setup: Fix RoboForm setup has wrong layout when user changed MP on RFO and RF detected this during Sync
- Start Page: Newer RoboForm versions are allowed both HTTP:// and HTTPS:// prefix for
- Start Page: RoboForm Start Page JS now redirects HTTP:// to HTTPS:// for newer RF versions
- Start Page: set Bing as default web search on the RoboForm Start Page
- Start Page: Search for RoboForm data names appears above web search

- Setup: fix crash when user upgrading from RF 7 to RF 8
- Setup; fix crash when user changes Master Password and checks 'I forgot' checkbox
- Editor: fix Deleted item remains in tree if it was the last item in folder
- Editor: fix Folders in tree require two clicks to expand if editor was started while not logged in

RoboForm 8.2.5
- First production (non-beta) release of RoboForm ver 8
- Increase max number of charatcers in Master Password to 80.
- Fix a rare crash in RoboForm Setup dialog.
- Periodically check with RFO server, to check fore received files, invitations, etc.
- Change version check URL for AutoUpdate
- AutoUpdate: make it easier and more automatic
- Start Page: use as RF Start Page URL instead of
- Editor starts with Home item closed if there is no recently viewed items.
- Editor: change passcard title view, so that site icon is shown in one row with URL
- Security Center: misc fixes
- Import and Export: misc fixes

- Chrome, Firefox: fix RF does not login to
- Chrome: fix AutoFill dialog remains visible after switching to another tab
- Firefox: Login using the wrong passcard, not the one that was clicked
- Firefox: fix AutoFill dialog sometimes remains visible after navigating to another page
- Editor: fix context menu in folder tree does not opened after pressing VK_APPS key
- Fix auto-update issues related to
- Fix saving Login to a specific folder saves to Home folder instead
- Password Generator: fix clicking on disabled Generate button clears password list
- RF2Go, Firefox: let it attach to Firefox 50, drop support for Firefox 40
- Localization: Update German, Danish, sb-Serbian, sc-Serbian

- Fix RoboForm for Windows sometimes does not accept One Time Password
- Opera: Fix high CPU usage by Opera/rf-chrome-nm-host.exe processes
- Editor: fix wrong window position after restoring from maximized state

- Chrome: fix SearchBox dropdown jumps to top left screen corner while typing into SearchBox
- Chrome, Firefox: Fix SearchBox issues, with pasting, etc
- Chrome: fix RF does not work on some sites with IFRAME
- Chrome, Firefox: fix filling from Identity is too slow on some sites
- Chrome: Fix RF toolbar ignores 'Enable popup RoboForm toolbar' setting if started while not logged in
- Firefox: fix keyboard shortcuts for opening menus from toolbar do not work
- Firefox: fix RoboForm toolbar appears even if unchecked in Firefox
- Firefox: fix RoboForm toolbar appears but does not work in private browsing mode
- Firefox: fix RoboForm does not attach to Firefox in some cases
- Firefox: fix RoboForm does not show AutoFill window on Firefox Sync Sign In page
- Firefox: Fix AutoSave with AutoSave-bar sometimes prevents navigation from happening
- Fix RoboForm does not match Logins for sites with the name that starts with 'cgi' or 'www'
- Fix filling of visible elements whose parents are invisible
- Fix form filling when frames with aborted loading appear, such as in MetLife
- Fix not filling form at and other sites that reset password on focus
- Fix form filling on
- Fix RF menu popups and BA toolbar are positioned incorrectly on systems with high DPI
- Fix some rules in form filling from Identity

- Firefox: Fixed RoboForm toolbar does not work in Private browsing mode
- Firefox: Fixed RoboForm toolbar appears even if unchecked in Firefox
- Firefox: Fixed JavaScript exception is shown in error log when disabling RF extension
- Firefox: Fixed RF extension sometimes does not load in browser startup
- Chrome, Firefox: Fixed background activity in a not shown tab may not be handled by RF
- Firefox: new signed XPI for Windows and Mac, version 7-9-21-5

- Form Filler: throw more JS events, to better emulate user form filling in IE, Chrome, Firefox
- Form Filler: the above fixes form filling at Microsoft account, Apple, Wells Fargo
- Firefox, Chrome: make RoboForm filler work in Strict JS mode
- Internet Explrer, Windows 10 Anniversary: make RF fill the new Basic Authentication dialog
- Firefox: Fix a rare crash during JS callback
- Firefox: Fix RF extension does not work if Multiprocess mode (aka Electrolysis)
- Firefox: Fix RF saves wrong URL on
- Firefox: Fix RoboForm does not fill local file pages in Firefox
- Firefox: Fix RoboForm add-on for FF does not load in Pale Moon
- RoboForm2Go + Firefox: make it work in Firefox ver 43
- Login menus: fix incorrect layout in toolbar menus

- Improve Internet Explorer form filling for placeholders
- Firefox: fix some rare crashes
- Firefox: Add support for Firefox 47 to RoboForm2Go
- Improve Site Icon management
- Improve Spanish localization
- Login Menu: fix sub-menu disappearance when moving mouse close to display edge

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