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SMTP Email Relay

SMTP Email Relay

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SMTP is a complete email delivery suite with the goal of getting emails into subscriber inboxes. The company maintains an impeccable IP reputation among ISPs and provides the best email sending services. They have in-house experts to answer all questions. Purchase an SMTP Email Relay plan now!

SMTP.com is a premium email delivery and email relay web app that enables users to send and track high volume emails with ease. The sign-up process is quick, and users can start sending emails within minutes. The service scales effortlessly, from a few thousand emails per month to billions, ensuring timely and reliable sending. For over two decades, businesses have relied on SMTP's unmatched deliverability rates and reputation among mailbox providers.

Reputation Defender proactively monitors users' email list health and safeguards their domain and IP reputation by suppressing invalid email addresses before sending. This ensures delivery rates and inbox placement improve incrementally over time.

High volume senders have unique needs, and the app provides them with a rapidly scalable, on-demand solution for their sending requirements. Like all customers, high volume senders benefit from SMTP's excellent deliverability and 20+ years of email expertise.

Features and Highlights

It offers the following features for all of your email sending needs:
  • Notifications: Users can send follow-up emails in sync with web or mobile service notifications.
  • Registration Emails: The service reduces opt-in confirmation latency, leading to increased sign-ups and improved onboarding metrics.
  • Authentication Emails: It ensures that authentication emails are delivered on time, keeping users safe.
  • Order Confirmations: Users can build brand value and credibility by sending order and billing details on time.
  • Status Updates: The service sends on-time status updates on users' account and product usage, bringing them back to the website or app.
  • Policy Change Emails: It ensures that critical policy change information emails get in front of users.
Why choose SMTP service?

SMTP Email Relay for Windows PC helps users get their emails in front of their audience's eyes and offers superior inbox delivery for high volume campaigns, transactional emails, and marketing platforms.

The service offers scalable infrastructure that effortlessly adapts to changing email delivery needs, whether users send billions of emails a month or prioritize speed of delivery.

It has an industry-leading delivery record, and thousands of businesses have relied on the service's unmatched deliverability rates and reputation among mailbox providers for over two decades.

SMTP.com provides expert support with an in-house team of experienced email delivery experts with decades of collective expertise, ready to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter.


Affordable SMTP and email relay API services

  • 50,000 emails/mo
  • Shared IP
  • Email Relay API
  • Reliable Expert Support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Reputation defender (add-on)
GROWTH PLAN - $300/mo
  • 500,000 emails/mo
  • Dedicated IP
  • Email Relay API
  • Reliable Expert Support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Reputation defender (add-on)
HIGH VOLUME SENDERS - Get a custom quote
  • Minimum of 250 million emails/mo
  • Dedicated instance of the SMTP platform
  • A 100% dedicated IP and MTA
  • No shared mail queue
  • Dedicated and scalable API, callbacks/webhooks, notifications
  • On-demand statistics aggregation
  • Efficient way to send emails in bulk or to multiple recipients.
  • Allows for centralized email management and delivery control.
  • Can improve email deliverability by bypassing local email server restrictions.
  • Provides flexibility in routing emails through different SMTP servers for load balancing.
  • Can be used for sending transactional or marketing emails, newsletters, and notifications.
  • Requires proper configuration and maintenance to avoid being used for spamming or abuse.
  • May introduce additional points of failure in the email delivery process.
  • Requires thorough security measures to prevent unauthorized access or abuse.
  • May have limitations on sending volume or frequency imposed by SMTP relay providers or email service providers.