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Atomic Mail Sender

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Atomic Mail Sender is a professional, high-performance mass emailing software for your email marketing campaigns. It enables you to create and send a large number of electronic messages to an unlimited number of recipients.

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Bulk email sending is widely used by email marketers as a method of constant communication with potential and existing customers. Mass emailing allows you to spread information about your products or services to a large audience in a short period of time.

After you learn how to send bulk emails, your clients will be more informed, which instills loyalty. Follow the best mass emailing practices to ensure your messages reach your recipients. Since Atomic Mail Sender for Windows 11/10 is a program created to distribute emails, you need an SMTP server to send your mail. Email sending software supports an unlimited number of SMTP servers and has flexible settings that help your messages get delivered.

It is possible to insert Facebook and Twitter widgets in your letter. A fixed link to your social media page is hidden under the widget. Using this option, you attract more people to your social channels, and they will probably share your information with their friends inside this social group. In addition, a letter with inserted widgets will pass through spam filters with fewer problems.

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 1

Mail Sender for PC works with a plain-text format as well as HTML. The user is limited in some editing capabilities with text mode. The user works with an alternative text part, which automatically synchronizes with the HTML part. This feature is necessary for old email clients with no HTML support.

There is an option to review the statistics of your sent campaign. You can look through the email open rate, the most clickable links, CTR, and much more. It is possible to use this feature with Atomic Email Tracker, a web-based service for tracking sent email messages.

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Email delivery Into “Inbox”
With its many features, such as personalization, the use of spin-text, unsubscribe links, and social networking widgets, your mail is more likely to fall into the recipient’s “Inbox”.

High Sending Speed
AtomPark software sends emails quickly at any speed, depending on your SMTP server. Moreover, you can add an unlimited number of SMTP servers for even faster delivery!

Unlimited Mailing Lists
Email sender does not limit the number of recipients per mailing. This is a great advantage as there maybe hundreds of thousands of prospects and customers to send to. Simply create your newsletter and send it to everyone at once!

Unsub-scribe Wizard
Every bulk email software has an integrated unsubscribe wizard. But software wizard lets you remove unsubscribers in multiple ways – by uploading a file with email addresses, by connecting to your email server, or with your very own unsubscribe form.

Automatic Delete Bounces
A bounce is a returned message sent by the recipient’s server saying that the requested email address is unavailable or does not exist. This software’s email sender will delete those addresses from your mailing lists automatically.

Built-in Spam Checker
Do you want to know if your email is likely to be delivered to the “spam” folder? Use the built-in spam checker, powered by SpamAssassin. It analyzes your email and gives you a spam score. The lower the score, the better the chance of your email getting to the inbox.

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Main Features
  • Bulk Email Sending: Send personalized emails to a large number of recipients simultaneously.
  • Email Tracking: Monitor the performance of your email campaigns with detailed statistics on opens, clicks, and conversions.
  • Email Templates: Create professional-looking email templates with customizable designs and content.
  • Contact Management: Organize your contacts into lists and segments for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Autoresponders: Set up automated email sequences to engage subscribers and nurture leads.
  • SPAM Compliance: Ensure compliance with anti-spam regulations with built-in features for managing opt-ins and opt-outs.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other marketing tools and platforms for enhanced functionality.
User Interface

It features a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and robust functionality. The dashboard provides easy access to all key features, allowing users to create, manage, and analyze their email campaigns with ease.

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 3

Installation and Setup

The installation process for Atomic Mail Sender is straightforward and does not require any technical expertise. Simply download the software from the official website or FileHorse, follow the on-screen instructions, and you'll be ready to start sending emails in no time.

How to Use
  • Create a New Campaign: Start by creating a new campaign and defining your target audience.
  • Design Your Email: Choose from a selection of pre-designed templates or create your own custom design.
  • Import Contacts: Upload your contact list or connect with your CRM system to import contacts.
  • Personalize Your Message: Customize your email content and personalize it for each recipient.
  • Schedule and Send: Choose the date and time to send your email campaign and hit send.
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Is Mail Sender compatible with my email service provider?
Atomic Mail Sender is compatible with all major email service providers, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your existing marketing workflow.

Can I track the performance of my email campaigns?
Yes, it provides detailed statistics on opens, clicks, and conversions, allowing you to monitor the performance of your campaigns in real-time.

Is Atomic Mail Sender compliant with anti-spam regulations?
Yes, it includes built-in features for managing opt-ins and opt-outs to ensure compliance with anti-spam regulations.

Can I automate my email marketing campaigns with Mail Sender for PC?
Yes, it offers autoresponder functionality, allowing you to set up automated email sequences to engage subscribers and nurture leads.

Does Atomic Mail Sender offer customer support?
Yes, it provides customer support via email and live chat to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter.

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It offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Pricing starts at $89.90 for a single license and varies based on the number of users and features included.

System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 512 MB or more
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB or more
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Detailed analytics
  • Automation capabilities
  • SPAM compliance
  • Limited to Windows operating system
  • Some advanced features may require additional setup

Overall, Atomic Mail Sender is a highly effective email marketing software that offers a wide range of features to streamline and optimize your email campaigns. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive functionality, and robust analytics, it's an ideal solution for businesses looking to engage their audience and drive results through email marketing.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, it provides the tools you need to succeed in today's competitive market.

Note: 7 days trial version. The demo version does not allow you to save or export data.

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  • Atomic Mail Sender 9.61 Screenshot 3
  • Atomic Mail Sender 9.61 Screenshot 4
  • Atomic Mail Sender 9.61 Screenshot 5

What's new in this version:

Atomic Mail Sender 9.61
- Change log not available for this version

Atomic Mail Sender
- option individual sender name for each SMTP
- file for initial import of SMTP settings
- setting to disable NOOP

- Fixed errors after importing a file in the "Addresses" section
- Changes have been made to the Tracker service

Atomic Mail Sender
- New email templates added
- Implemented segmentation of mailing lists (the Recipients tab - Create new segment). Added the option of custom attachments for each segmented email list
- Fixed a gradient issue in the HTML editor
- Resolved an issue that prevented an email campaign resuming after it's been paused

Atomic Mail Sender
- We have implemented the 7 days of trial period to free Atomic Mail Sender evaluation. After the trial period ends, you will have to activate the program with the purchased registration key. Otherwise you won’t be able to create and send bulk email messages

Note that Atomic Mail Sender demo includes the following restrictions:
- You are allowed to send up to 50 email messages only
- You cannot save projects you have created
- Now you can delete incorrect email addresses in the Address book while creation the mailing list. Each incorrect email address is highlighted with red color too detect and exclude easily from the recipients list. Thus, the percentage of delivery errors will be significantly reduced

Atomic Mail Sender
- Change log not available for this version

Atomic Mail Sender
- Bug when adding account into Bounce Analyzer fixed
- Create and send a bug report to the customer support when software registration issues take place

Atomic Mail Sender
- New Mail Sender 9.41 includes pre-defined SMTP servers