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Do you want to become more fluent in English and Hindi? If so, then you should download the Sonma Typing Expert application. Not only will the application help you speak these languages better, but you’ll also learn to type them out faster as well. Bilingual typists always have trouble staying accurate in their writing because of the varying alphabet of each language. That problem is corrected here.

You don’t need to currently speak or write these languages that well in order to use the Sonma Typing Expert for PC. The whole point of using the application is for someone with a little bit of fluency to become more fluent. The best part is that you can learn very quickly too.

The desktop app is different than other typing programs, such as TypingMaster and Typing Test, because it offers help in the Hindi language and English language. Those other programs don’t offer Hindi.

The Program is Easy to Use

You won’t find an easier typing application to use than Sonma Typing Expert. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets you improve your typing skills on the keyboard quickly and simply. There are numerous exercises included with the application that focuses on enhancing your typing speed and accuracy. You can choose whether you want to take Hindi or English exercises. That will give you a chance to advance your typing skills in both languages.

How to Use the Software

What is truly fascinating about the program is that it points out the variations between the standard QWERTY keyboard of the English language and the digital keyboard of the Hindi language. That way, you can improve your skills in either language by understanding the differences in their keys.

The typing software gives you exercises of varying difficulty. You’ll start out with the easy stages and then slowly progress to the more difficult stages. If you want to switch between different types of exercises and languages at any point, you can do so by clicking the right buttons with your mouse.

As you use the program, it records your progress along the way. Then you can look at statistics regarding your typing accuracy and speed. Based on these statistics, you can see which areas you need to improve your performance. Once you’ve achieved perfect statistics, the software lets you print them out so that you can give them to potential employers.

The user interface is so simple to manage. You’ll have no problem learning how to type accurately in a short amount of time. Whether you’re a student who is new to typing or someone looking to refresh their typing skills, the app is made to help you improve your typing skills. All you need to do is follow the steps of each exercise and complete them.

It is free to download the Sonma Typing Expert. Then you can select whatever keyboard you want. There are several different exercises to choose from with varying degrees of difficulty per exercise. Every exercise has a focus on characters, word groups, and sentences. You’ll be asked to type the same letters and words in the same order repeatedly in many of the exercises. This is supposed to help train your mind to remember where those letters are located on the keyboard. The more you practice typing them, the fewer mistakes you will make.

Several Languages with Several Exercises

The Latin alphabet is used in the Hindi and English languages. However, It lets you improve your Hindi skills with the Hindi digital keyboard and your English skills with the QWERTY keyboard. It is easy to alternate back and forth between the two. It just takes the click of the mouse.

The program offers comprehensive tests that include letter groups, words, and sentences. Some tests might be more difficult than others, so don’t be afraid to spend more time on the difficult ones. Keep practicing until they are easy.

When you make typos, it factors into the calculations of your speed and accuracy. You are allowed to correct an error right after you make it, but you cannot correct multiple errors that you made previously and left uncorrected.

Test Scores

The latest version of Sonma Typing Expert lets you record your scores and then print them out after the tests are over. This gives you the opportunity to constantly evaluate your progress and to continue improving it. You can access the different typing tests by entering certain details about yourself, such as your name. You can make the duration of a test anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes. If you need to pause the test while you take it, you can do that too.

You’ll find a user-friendly interface available with the newest version of the software. Beginners can easily improve their accuracy and speed at typing with this version. If you have Windows installed on your computer, then it is free to download and install the typing software.

You will get the free unrestricted version too. All the tools and features will be available for you to enhance your typing skills in Hindi and English.  With all the positive reviews the software has received, it will likely change your life by giving you some valuable new skills. You just need to stick with it and not give up.


There are a lot of great typing applications on the market, such as Typer Shark Deluxe, Typing Master, and Rapid Typing Tutor. However, Sonma Typing Tutor is unique because it trains users on the different types of keyboards for Hindi and English. No other typing tutor software does that. For this reason, Sonma Typing Expert is the best.

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