File manager and displays files and folders using two-pane layout

SpeedCommander (64-bit)

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Download SpeedCommander 17.50 Build 9100 (64-bit)

SpeedCommander (64-bit)

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What's new in this version:

SpeedCommander 17.50 Build 9100 (64-bit)
- SpeedEdit: Multiple selection by additionally pressing the Ctrl key while selecting text with the mouse
- SpeedEdit: Simultaneous entry and deletion of characters in column markers as well as multiple selection
- File operation: Free-floating progress window could be inadvertently closed by clicking the close button
- Multiple renaming: When using the name token for the last characters [n, -x, y] the characters were partially calculated incorrectly
- RAR: No error message when displaying a RAR archive if an incorrect password is entered when opening the archive
- ZIP: Crash when opening a ZIP archive if a file name in the archive is longer than 1024 characters

SpeedCommander 17.40 Build 9000 (64-bit)
- List view: After switching to a higher-level folder via the breadcrumb bar, the subordinate folder is focused
- MFC update (Visual Studio 2017 - 15.6)
- Context menu entry of Bitdefender 2018 is not displayed
- Hook for GetModuleFileName was not correctly removed when quitting SpeedCommander / FileSearch
- Pro version: When copying to HiDrive, the time stamp for the last change was set to 1.1.1970
- Pro version: OAuth login to HiDrive stopped working
- List view: SpeedCommander stopped responding when a new folder was created in an empty folder window and pressed in the empty input field
- SpeedView: Under certain circumstances, background was not completely drawn when zooming in / out images

SpeedCommander 17.30 Build 8900 (64-bit)
- Quick View: Improved support for certain BMP / JPG / PNG image files
- File storage / burning projects: "Folder - Jump to - Link destination" changes in the opposite window to the path name of the entry
- Pro version: Switching the callback url for the Google Drive login to HTTPS
- SpeedEdit: Update Scintilla to version 3.7.4
- RAR: Update unrar to version 5.58
- FTP: Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.2m
- List view: Temporary fix for the mouse jump problem when selecting files with the mouse under Windows 10 (1709) (Preferences dialog: Advanced - Special)
- RAR: RAR5 archives were displayed in Quick View with version number 20.0
- FTP: Icons of program files on FTP servers may not be displayed correctly on Windows 10 (1709)

SpeedCommander 17.20 Build 8800 (64-bit)
- Environment variable% SCXMLDIR% points to SpeedCommander's setup directory
- SCBackupRestore: Automatically back up the configuration when exiting SpeedCommander using the AddIn SCBackupOnExit
- Possible crash when loading a layout
- Quick View: Menu commands in the Quick View window were disabled when clicking with the mouse in the docked Quick View
- Quick View: "Go to page" dialog in the PDF viewer has been centered with the main window instead of centered to the Quick view
- Multiple Rename: "SC.Extension" contained invalid characters for filenames without extensions
- ZIP: For ZIP archives created under Linux, the ZIP64 file information (files larger than 4 GiB) was not detected correctly
- 7z: Time stamp for the archive file in the confirmation dialog before overwriting was displayed incorrectly (2h offset)
- SpeedEdit: Some icons in style 'Office 2003' have not been displayed correctly
- FileSearch: Text search for individual characters could crash if "Detect all occurrences" is activated

SpeedCommander 17.10 Build 8700 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

SpeedCommander 17.00 Build 8600 (64-bit)
Dockable information windows:
- Quick View, Folder Information, and Drive Status can be displayed docked or free-floating

Main password for passwords and passwords:
- The passwords for FTP sites and access caches for cloud connections can be encrypted with a self-selected main password

Unlocking Bitlocker Drives:
- When you click on an encrypted bitlocker drive in the drive bar, the Unlock dialog is automatically displayed

Direct access to cloud and WebDAV providers:
- The Pro version can be accessed on Box and HiDrive as well as on MagentaCLOUD, 1 & 1 MediaCenter, GMX MediaCenter and other WebDAV providers without any additional additional programs

Group the columns in the field selection dialog by categories:
- The available columns in the field selection dialog are sorted by categories for a better overview and can be found more quickly

Quick filter for instant filtering:
- The Quick Filter window allows you to dynamically filter entries in List view

Improved progress window for file operations:
- In the docked state, the progress window is now displayed over the entire width. Source and destination folders are displayed with the complete name

Separate folder history for each tab:
- Each individual tab has its own folder history

Revised filter dialog:
- Filters can be marked as view and / or file operation filters. Color and font style for view filters can be customized directly in the filter dialog. Filters can also be duplicated

Metadata as filter attributes:
- Extended file properties (eg image size, bit rate, recording date) can be used in a file filter

Easier filtering of dates:
- Date information can be in the form today , yesterday, this week , last week , this month , last month , this year and last year

Easier filtering of text elements:
- The filtering of text elements (eg file names) can contain the attributes and does not contain synonymous without substitute characters. The attributes is regular and is not regular allow the use of regular expressions

New key exchange, signature and MAC algorithms for SFTP:
- The key exchange algorithms diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256 , ecdh-sha2-nistp256 , ecdh-sha2-nistp384, and ech-sha2-nistp521 are supported. Also new is the support for the signature algorithms ecdh-sha2-nistp256 , ecdh-sha2-nistp384 and ecdh-sha2-nistp521 and the MAC algorithm hmac-sha2-512
- Enhanced macro support for file operations, archives, FTP servers, and add-ins
- New objects allow you to start file operations as well as access to archives, FTP servers, and add-ins via the macro interface

Help objects for the macro interface:
- The Path object contains help functions for the simple handling of path names. The AppHelper object facilitates access to the ping and sleep function as well as to the clipboard

Revised macro editor:
- Line numbers in the macro editor increase the clarity of longer macros. Automatic correction for the case sensitivity of functions, keywords, constants, and operators has been improved. Debugging is now also possible in the 64-bit version

Transfer folder attributes and folder timestamps when synchronizing:
- When synchronizing in one direction using FileSync or FileSync command line (fsc), folder attributes and timestamps of the source folders can be transferred to the target folders

Search for empty folders:
- The Find Empty Folders option in FileSearch allows you to find empty folders easily
- Search for different text formats in a search run
- The search for different text formats (ANSI, ASCII, Unicode) takes place in a single search. Text files in UTF-8 format are also supported

Text search via the IFilter interface:
- FileSearch also uses the IFilter interface of Windows and can now also find text in Office and PDF documents

Search for extended file properties:
- FileSearch supports the use of file filters and can also search for extended file properties (eg image size, bit rate, recording date)

Easy to search / exclude:
- Searched filenames can also be entered in FileSearch without the use of proxy characters

Improved display of Unicode text:
- SpeedEdit uses the Direct2D DirectWrite technology to display Unicode text better

Storage in various text formats:
- SpeedEdit displays a selection field for the encoding in the file open / save dialog. In addition, the current encoding of the text document is displayed in the status line

New file icons for linked archive files:
- Archives files associated with SpeedCommander are displayed with a new file icon

SpeedCommander 16.41 Build 8600 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

SpeedCommander 16.40 Build 8500 (64-bit)
- Pro version: Switch to Dropbox API 2.0
- Pro version: Maintain timestamps when uploading to Google Drive and Dropbox
- Pro version: More detailed error message when accessing cloud storage
- Modified file filters were not updated when applications ran in parallel
- List View: Settings for MaxImageThreads and MaxSubItemThreads were reversed (Advanced – Tweaks)
- List view: “Copy file name to clipboard” did not work within virtual shell folders
- File operations: Error message when pasting files from the clipboard when the source files did not exist (VMWare)
- File operations: The confirmation dialog before copying/moving files did not display file names with a length over 50 characters
- Pro version: Under some circumstances, default project settings for burn projects were not saved
- Pro version: Timestamps in the default project settings for ISO media were not initialized properly
- Pro version: After updating a burn project, the error dialog displayed the OK button too far to the left
- SFTP: Filenames beginning with a space would not be displayed properly and could neither be copied nor deleted
- AddIn: Option “Overwrite all files without prompting” in confirmation dialog did not work as intended
- CAB: CAB archives were not created properly
- RAR: Crash when deleting files from a RAR 2.9 solid archive
- TAR: Possible crash when creating TGZ archives
- UUE: Filenames with spaces within UUE archives were not displayed properly
- SpeedEdit: No prompt for saving changes when closing files with a middle mouse click
- fsc: No check whether source and target folder were accessible before starting comparison
- SCBackupRestore: Backup times were not displayed if the base folder contained the string ‘-backup’
- SCBackupRestore: Minor limitations during use if the ‘Windows Management Instrumentation’ service was deactivated

SpeedCommander 16.30 Build 8400 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

SpeedCommander 16.20 Build 8300 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

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