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SpiderOak CrossClave

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Download SpiderOak CrossClave 22.0

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    SpiderOak CrossClave 22.0 LATEST

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    Windows 10 (64-bit) / Windows 11

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    SpiderOak Inc. / SpiderOak CrossClave

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SpiderOak CrossClave is a privacy-focused platform that allows users and teams of all sizes to collaborate on projects via file sharing, chatting, and video conferencing in a fully secure environment.

Built on top of the highly evolved SpiderOak cloud service that started its life in 2007, this service has today grown into highly competent solutions for businesses and teams who value privacy.

  • A place to share
  • Store, share, and collaborate on anything you want
  • Chat, voice and video freely with no limits

CrossClave focus on privacy is so complete that even employees at SpiderOak do not have access to users’ data or usage patterns. The full data managed by users is encrypted end to end and is shared between authorized users without built-in trackers or ads. The extensive collaboration tools are enhanced with various background services that monitor the file integrity and access privileges, ensuring that no file will ever be lost or that any data will end up to the unauthorized user.

This is true even for chat and video calling services, which are fully encrypted during transport and can facilitate collaboration sessions of all sizes, from 1-on-1 to group discussions.

  • Zero-trust and distributed ledger
  • End-to-end no knowledge encryption
  • Cryptographic compartments
  • Enforced need-to-know
  • Irrefutable logging

Feature listing of CrossClave for Windows PC app covers every aspect of secure collaboration –app version control, retention of all known versions of all files, selective sharing, team owner and administration policy management, flexible user access tools, full support for sharing, syncing, and collaboration on a global scale, local or cloud server deployment, instant notifications, mobile access via native apps, and deployment to many modern platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android (as of the time of this review, iOS native app was also in full development).

These and many other features make CrossClave a much more appealing collaboration solution than very other competing products, and advanced security options such as on-premises data servers, insider threat detection, policy engine, and immutable distributed ledger, make it industry-leading and without direct competition.

SpiderOak CrossClave can be accessed in one FREE and three premium tiers of use. The FREE tier unlocks a basic set of features to 1-3 users and just 5GB of storage. Premium tiers (Basic, Pro, and Enterprise) are priced in accordance with the number of active users, and they unlock a wide set of security features, support levels, and more.

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