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Squid Game is a free Windows PC action, horror and survival game, developed and released by Trendsetters Game studios as a free mod for a popular sandbox title Roblox. The game is based on the highly popular TV show of the same name that has captivated modern audiences when it appeared on streaming service Netflix in late 2021. Play this PC game on Roblox for FREE now!

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It features the same concepts found in the show, recreated with great detail, and perfectly optimized for extended gameplay sessions. Even though after the premiere of the Netflix series, Roblox immediately received several Squid Game adaptations, this one is truly special and it is closest to capturing the core of the show.

Play Roblox Squid Games:
  • Red Light Green Light - Roblox Squid Game Mod
  • Sugar Honeycomb Umbrella Cookie - Roblox Squid Game Mod
  • Tug of War - Roblox Squid Game Mod
  • Glass Bridge / Glass Tiles - Roblox Squid Game Mod
  • Marbles - Roblox Squid Game Mod
  • Shapes - Roblox Squid Game Mod
  • Flood Escape - Roblox Squid Game Mod
The goal of the game is to win the series of challenges in imaginative online arenas, during which active players will slowly but surely be eliminated one by one, enabling just one contender to survive. On the surface, this concept is similar to other popular multiplayer titles such as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but here instead of the fun and festive environments, the players are faced with a much more tense and uneasy atmosphere that was popularized by the TV show.

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Squid Game on PC challenges are represented in a form of innocent childhood games, perfectly recreated from those seen in the Netflix series, and include Red Light Green Light, Honeycomb Cookie Cutting, Tug-o-war, Glass bridge, and others. While the game’s visual style is trying to be as closest to the TV show as possible (of course by still following the technical limitation of the Roblox game engine and level-editing tools), the Squid Game app does NOT feature blood and gore. So it is perfectly safe to be played even by the youngest PC gamers!

And as an added bonus, once players are eliminated, they can be respawned. The game is completely free for play, but it features premium in-game unlocks for enabling more respawn slots and has unobtrusive paid advertisements.

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System Requirements

Because it is delivered as a FREE mod for Roblox, this engaging horror survival online title can be experienced on almost any Windows 7/8.1/10/11 PC that is running today. All that is needed is an online-connected PC, a bare minimum of processing hardware, and an active Roblox account. Developers of this game from Trendsetter Games are promising regular updates in the form of new cosmetic items.

  • Faithful adaptation of popular show.
  • Offers varied challenges.
  • Safe for young players.
  • Free with optional upgrades.
  • Low system requirements.
  • Limited to Roblox platform.
  • Lack of originality in concept.
  • Presence of paid advertisements.
  • Limited updates beyond cosmetics.

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What's new in this version:

Squid Game (20th October 2021)
- Made the Flood Escape buttons server sided (only one person has to press it)
- Increased the time from 135 seconds to 160 seconds
- Patched a bug with flood escape where the water close effect would still be playing
- No more push tool, considering flood escape to be a team game
- You now are godded when at the top

Squid Game (19th October 2021)
Major Update:
- Added Flood Escape as a game!
- You no longer see other players while cutting in sugar honeycomb!
- Contributor Board Added!
- Bug Fixes

Fixed Spectating:
- Tug of War after game pulling patched
- No longer can drop bats / push

Squid Game (16th October 2021)
Minor Update:
- Sugar Honeycomb Umbrella Cookie added (finally)
- Sugar Honeycomb time increased from 40 seconds → 45 seconds
- When spectating you can’t use tools

Bug Patches:
- Tug of war spawn bug patched
- Tug of war unbalanced teams patched
- RLGL spawn camera bug patched
- Sugar Honeycomb spawning and moving bug patched
- Spectating UI on mobile overlapping bug patched

Squid Game (15th October 2021)
Minor Update:
- Player Shirt has been changed and random player numbers have been added!
- +2 Marbles gamepass has been added
- Marbles attempts to match you with another player more accurately
- Glass bridge break effect improved
- Added 2 new skins to the squid ops crate
- Squid Ops crate rarities changed (exotic reduced)
- Bat downward smash damage increased 5->7
- Bat equip bug patched (again)

Chaos Mode:
- Admin reverted

Squid Game (14th October 2021)
Minor Update:
- Glass bridge now smashes itself after the time has run out
- Equipped skin is now indicated in your inventory
- Notification system now also posts the message in chat!
- New Gamepass Icons!

Bug Fixes:
- Trail purchase bug patched (where if you had the exact amount of cash as the trail’s cost, you couldn’t purchase the trail)
- Glass bridge survival bug patched (where if you landed on the glass you stepped on, you could survive)
- Sugar Honeycomb Camera bug patched
- Sugar Honeycomb cookie orientation patched
- Sugar Honeycomb collision mouse position bug patched (where if you hit)
- Potentially fixed the revive bug (needs to be confirmed fixed!)

Squid Game (12th October 2021)
Minor Update:
- Tug of war button now actually indicates when you press it
- Tug of war Click Per Second cap changed 15 → 10 (since a lot of people still think that autoclicking works)
- Some anti-cheat protection in RLGL added
- The chance for brighter lights in lights out has been increased

Bug Fixes:
- PewDiePie bat having no image in the inventory patched
- Golden bat has particles
- Spiked bat now works
- Not getting a win after purchasing a revive.
- Color crate minor text bug patched

Squid Game (11th October 2021)
- An emergency hotfix was released in order to fix an inventory bug where you could obtain an extremely high amount of a particular skin.

Squid Game (10th October 2021)
Minor Update:
- Added another crate: Squid Ops (It has a cool spiked bat)
- Cross Server Notification System Created
- New pink group member trail
- Xbox sugar honeycomb tooltip
- Rarities have been re-balanced (so you can actually get the golden bat)
- Golden bat now has particle effects

Bug Fixes:
- Bat not equipping bug patched
- Oversized PewDiePie bat bug patched

Squid Game (8th October 2021)
Major Update:
- Skins have been added to the game, we have added a basic color crate for now! We intend on adding more as time goes on, as well as custom weapon skins which may change how you use your weapons!
- (VIP Rainbow has been moved to the inventory)

Minor Updates:
- Lobby Interval reduced from 3minutes → 2minutes!
- Sugar Honeycomb camera bug patched? (If you had a small body / head it would break)
- Bat equip bug patched (Where you couldn’t swing upon equipping)
- Added Cash Purchasing
- UI has been developed to be more streamlined and has room for to grow!
- Donation board has been disabled, it will still remain to see the top donators, but for the time being it’s been turned off.
- Little pewdiepie thank you sign in the main lobby

Squid Game (4th October 2021)
- Star and Triangle Cookies have been fixed (some of the hitboxes weren’t properly set)
- Spectating to the end does not give you a win or cash
- Fixed a bug where the timer would go down twice as fast on the second game
- Square guard text (when translated) should be fixed!
- Sugar Honeycomb time reduced 45 → 40

Squid Game (3rd October 2021)
- Fixed the star cookie not being anchored. It caused an interesting bug to say the least.

Major Update:
- Added Sugar Honeycomb! Cut the cookie without breaking it otherwise you will be eliminated :eyes:
- Games have been rearranged:
- Red Light Green Light → Honeycomb → Intermission → Tug of war → Glass bridge → Intermission → Marbles → Intermission (for now until we release the final game!!)

Minor Updates:
- Added new tags [SG|TC] for the translation committee and [SGSF] for Squid Game Special Forces! (Which you should totally join!)
- Fixed some translation errors
- XBox support increased thanks to us turning on the xbox virtual cursor

Squid Game (2nd October 2021)
Minor Updates:
- You now are guaranteed to die if you get shot in red light green light (even if you were laggy)

- Patched the UI not showing up for respawn
- Patched some spectating UI bugs
- If you respawn on the last round, you just respawn
- If you clicked the tp button before it was visible, it would tp you. Has been fixed. (same applies to the other buttons)

Squid Game (1st October 2021)
Minor Update:
- Doll now turns her head
- Ticking sound of the clock in the background
- Adjusted various sound volumes
- Time to get bats in the first intermission has been reduced
- New bat replication has been added, so you can hear things now
- Ragdolls stick around instead of despawning

Lobby Updates:
- Instead of a boring alarm, it plays the beginning of the song Unfolded
- With that some of the light transitions have been changed as well!
- New UIs made by new team member: Crackop

Squid Game (30th September 2021)
Minor Update:
- Marbles for marble game increased from 4->5
- This is just a bit of nerfing, which means you can’t lose on the 3rd round if you get unlucky. It still requires that you guess right twice though!
- A few tug of war front spawns have been removed, so you no longer are really close to the edge
- Tug of war CPS cap is now 15 cps
- Glass bridge time slightly reduced 90 → 75
- Minor UI position updates
- You’re no longer able to climb on the intermission walls (and ceiling)

Chaos Game:
- !team [Team Name] command fixed
- Basic sound replication, so you can hear the people swinging bats (not longer dead silence!)

- Marble game infinite yield bug patched
- Fixed if you didn’t choose something you now lose marbles guaranteed

Major Update:
- Marbles Gamemode The third game (excluding intermission) is now Marbles! Choose if you think there will be an even or odd amount of marbles. If you’re correct, you will gain marbles, if wrong you will lose them. :eyes: The game is 4 rounds!

Chaos Mode:
- New command !team [string] to set a nametag GUI above your head!