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    Sublight 5.4.1009 LATEST

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    Sophia Jones

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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Sublight is popular and easy to use Windows application for automatic searching and downloading subtitles for your movies and series. It automates multiple boring tasks into single double-click action and saves your precious time.

⚠️ Note: This product is not developed anymore and might not function properly.

Don't understand spoken language? Are you learning new language? Don't understand quiet dialogs or having hearing problems? Sublight is perfect companion for you!

Why Sublight?
  • Saves you a lot of time and frustrations. Drag & drop video file to the app, double-click subtitle and it automagically works!
  • Out of the box support for third party subtitle databases: Podnapisi.NET,,,,, (ex-Yugoslavia subtitles), (Dutch subtitles), (Swedish subtitles), (Chinese subtitles), (Russian subtitles), SubSynchro and
  • Auto-detects 500,000+ movies and TV series.
  • It can be integrated into Windows File Explorer so you can have quick access to subtitles by simply right clicking video file.
  • It has multilingual user interface (crowdsource translated by Sub light users)
  • Possible to log in with your Google account so you don't have to remember another password.
  • It is actively developed and try to listen users.
  • and much more...
Note: 30-day trial period. Once the evaluation period is over, you can continue using the application with: only one subtitle language allowed, only one external subtitle database allowed and no batch mode.

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What's new in this version:

Sublight 5.4.1009
- Change log not available for this version

Sublight 5.4.1007
- Fixed Subscene plugin

Sublight 5.4.1006
- Cosmetic updates

Sublight 5.4.1005
- Disabling SubDivx plugin due to high CPU usage

Sublight 5.4.1004
- Removing obsolete subtitle databases
- Plugin improvements

Sublight 5.4.1003
- Monitored folders functionality now honors recursive search option (batch / advanced options)

Sublight 5.4.1002
- Minor improvements

Sublight 5.4.1001
- Fixing startup crash on some graphics cards

Sublight 5.4.1000
- Faster startup
- Trying to fix startup crash for some users

Sublight 5.3.1006
- Batch improvement: videos without subtitles are now searched more frequently
- other minor improvements

Sublight 5.3.1005
- Sublight could crash on startup in some cases

Sublight 5.3.1004
- updated components
- compiled with C# 7

Sublight 5.3.1003
- trying to fix batch download crash which affected some users

Sublight 5.3.1000
- various improvements

Sublight 5.2.1008
- updated plugin:

Sublight 5.2.1007
- updated components to newest versions
- updated translations

Sublight 5.2.1006
- multithreading optimizations

Sublight 5.2.1005
- Windows border was not rendered in some cases
- Dutch support for

Sublight 5.2.1004
- background poster was not updated
- optimizations
- updated translations

Sublight 5.2.1003
- minor improvements

Sublight 5.2.1002
- updated translations
- more improvements

Sublight 5.2.1001
- improved OpenSubtitles plugin

Sublight 5.2.1000
- Monitored folders bugfix: Sublight could occasionally switch to batch mode, even if you didn't use monitored folders at all
- Chinese translation was added

Sublight 5.2.0
- monitored folders improvement: monitored folders are now by default rescaned every 60 minutes (you can change this is batch / advanced options / rescan monitored folders every X minutes
- various optimizations

Sublight 5.1.1
- fixed Sublight poster bug

Sublight 5.1.0
- fixed Google search
- optimizations
- minor improvements

Sublight 5.0.2010
- improved plugin

Sublight 5.0.2009
- updated language pack

Sublight 5.0.2008
- added new translations
- better support for high resolution displays (for example Microsoft Surface tablets)

Sublight 5.0.2007
- Sublight 'about' page: added Sublight Trophy Case
- optimizations
- updated translations