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Substance 3D Designer

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    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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    Adobe Systems Inc / Substance 3D Designer

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Adobe Substance 3D Designer is the Ultimate 3D Material Authoring and Scan Processing Tool. It has become the standard in the entertainment industry for PBR material authoring. Edit complete texture sets instantly and produces Substance textures and MDL materials that will be directly handled in your renderer or game engine. Get Adobe Substance 3D Designer as part of the Substance 3D Collection plan for just US$49.99/mo.

This app is part of Adobe Creative Cloud (20+ Apps and Services). It’s FREE for first 7 days, Try Now!

Process scans thanks to filters and tools in an adapted photogrammetry workflow. It features a complete set of tools and filters including: Crop Tool, Color Equalizer Tool, Extract Channels filters (Multi-angle to Albedo, Multi-angle to Normal, Normal to Height), Smart Patch Clone Tool, Smart Auto Tile Tool.

Import procedural sbs and sbsar files, hand-painted images, photographs, scans and geometry (.fbx & .obj). No need to worry about tiling, either – Substance Designer handles it automatically.

  • Discover the power of procedural creation
  • The industry standard for material authoring
  • Endless possibilities, infinite combinations

Use the real-time PBR viewport to preview your work exactly as it appears in Unity and Unreal. Match any other game engine via custom shaders. Create photo-realistic renders with Iray path-trace technology while working, embellish your work with Yebis post-production effects, and share portfolio-ready materials directly on ArtStation.

It features 4 graph types: Tiling textures, MDL materials, Math Functions, and Noise Editor. Edit complete texture sets instantly with the procedural node-based non-linear workflow. Want to change something while you’re working? Make changes to any previous step while keeping your current work intact. Combine a large number of pre-set filters and tools for Procedural and Hybrid Workflows.

An ever-growing library of content
Access hundreds of nodes and filters. Create any surface with unique and randomizable noises and patterns.

HDR lighting creation
Create parametric lighting stages using procedural lights or 360° photos.

Color management
Take advantage of Pantone and OpenColorIO support.

MDL support
Create MDL materials with the dedicated shader graph.

Send materials and filters to other Substance 3D applications, allowing you to iterate in context with Designer.

Parametric modeling (beta)
This graph lets you generate customizable and dynamic 3D models.

Bake quickly and easily with a complete set of bakers. Create non-uniform (non-square) bakes up to 8K resolution with a Substance Designer. The bakers include AO, normal, ID, height, curvature, position, polypaint, Bent Normals, Color Map, UV to SVG, Opacity Mask, Thickness, Transfered Texture, World Space Direction, World Space Normals.

Note: 7 days trial version.

Also Available: Download Substance Designer for Mac

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